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Ayush Homam Puja

Ayusha homam is performed in honor of Ayur Devata, the God of life. The word Ayush means age and this homam is performed to attain a long and healthy life for a person. On many occasions, this homam is performed after the birth of a child in the family on the day that the child completes one year of age. The homam eradicates the evil effects caused by tithi or the day of the fortnight, the vara or the day of the week and nakshatra or the constellations. This homam in honor of the God of life will ensure that the new born is blessed by the God with a good healthy and long life that will be free from all aliments.

Benefits of Ayush Homam : 

The powerful Ayush homam can help counter the negative forces that may influence your birth-chart. This homam is performed to get rid of all negative impacts that your birth-chart may indicate on your health as well as life span, it will improve the quality of your life.

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