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Santan Gopal Mantra Jaap

Often couples suffer from mental agony and are upset for not having a child.Your yearning for a child will come true with Santana Gopala Homam.During this puja, Krishna is in the form of a child. Couples, who desire to have a child, can perform this homam, are blessed with a child, and leave a contended life.With this puja, they can get rid of obstacles, delays and different complexities that women have to go through during pregnancy.

Benefits of Santana Gopala puja

The Santana Gopala puja is the key to obtain blessing from Lord Krishna and evade different complications during pregnancy. It ensures the child is delivered in a healthy condition. It is considered an effective way of resolving fertility issues of married couples. For couples, who cannot conceive a child, this ritual is a beneficial one. Many parents also perform it, for the welfare of their children.