The Adyashakti Durga

Worship the Supreme Power and The Adyashakti Durga

Durga Puja is now an autumn celebration though according to the legend it was a spring celebration. The Goddess Durga is created from the pure combined energy of the Trinity if the Hindu religion the Brahma the Vishnu and the Maheswar to destruct the buffalo demon Mahisasura. Not only that the moment Goddess Durga appeared the assembly of gods presented her with their best weapon including her mount. She has ten hands, and her mount is the lion. She asked Mahisasura to a duel, the demon laughed and asked her hand. The Goddess Durga’s refusal enraged the demon and he attacked the Goddess with all his might.

After a fierce battle, the Goddess Durga vanquished the demons and from that day she free world from the tormentors. The legend says the Rama before attacking Ravan at Lanka asked the blessing of Goddess Durga. The ritual demands 108 lotuses. But, the Rama could lot collect more than 107 lotuses. Then Ram decided to gauge out one of his eyes to complete the Puja. The moment he tried to gauge it out with his bow and arrow the Goddess Durga appeared and blessed him to be victorious. The ceremony was held in the autumn and known as Akalbodhan. The modern Durga Puja is also known as Akalbodhan.


Beliefs of worship

The Devi is worshipped for giving all out protection. She is the mother to protect the creation from evils. She is worshipped to get her protection, get her wisdom and knowledge ; wealth and courage


How to worship Durga

The Goddess Durga is worshipped for five days in Durgapuja version and for nine days in Navaratri celebration. The festival starts on Shuklasasthi when the deity is worshipped, it is known as Bodhan or the start, it then continues for next four days. The last day is called Vijayadashami; it is the day when Mahisasura was slained. IN other parts of India the day is celebrated as Dussera.

Festivals based on Durga

The durgapuja and Basanti Puja are two ceremonies on in autumn and the other in spring.

Beliefs regarding the deity

It is believed that worshipping this deity on the auspicious day of Dhanters will not only save you from an untimely death but will also take away all your sorrow.

Benefits of Worshipping Durga

The Devi is the mother of all she is the concept of supreme power. So, if she is pleased she will protect the devotee from all evils and bestow him with knowledge, wisdom and wealth.

Regions where Durga is worshipped

Durga Puja is celebrated all over India and a special event of Bengal. Navaratri and Dussera is celebrated though the length and breadth of India. Durga Puja is celebrated in all neighboring countries including Bangladesh Nepal and Myanmar. It is also celebrated in European countries in USA and Australia.