Amba Maa

Pray To Supreme Power Kneel Before Amba Maa

The Amba Maa is the manifestation of the Adyashakti. It is said that the Adyashakti is the supreme power behind the creation. According to the Hindu religious text, the Mahalakshmi is the original power she has form, and she is formless. She created three pairs to The Brahma, the Vishnu and the Maheswara. She also created three female powers the Saraswati, the Laksmi and the Parvati. The Saraswati married the Brahma and known as the Brahmani; the Lakshmi married Vishnu and known as the Vaishnavi, and the Parvati married the Maheswar and known as Maheshwari.

The legend is that in the Yagna organized by the Daksha all gods are invited except the Shiva or Maheswar. Sati, the consort of Maheswar, attended the Yagna where the Daksha slighted the Maheswar, and Sati entered into a sacrificial fire unable to bear the insult. Enraged Maheswar reached Yagnabhumi and carried the corpse of the Sati and rampage the Trilok in grief. To save the creation, Vishnu interfered and with his Chakra cut into fifty-two pieces. The places where the pieces fell are known as the Satipith. The heart of Sati fell in Ambaji and here on the Girnar Mountain. Here in the hills the mother revealed herself and left her footprint. A temple is constructed on the site, and the deity is known as Amba Maa.


Beliefs of worship

The Amba Maa is the symbol of the supreme power, and she is the reason for the Existence. The legend is whatever a devotee prays to the mother is fulfilled. This is the main reason for the worship of the Amba Maa.


How to worship Lord Amba Maa

n the Ambaji temple, there is no idol or deity it only has a Shree Yantra. This Yantra is dressed up as a virgin Kumari Devi in the morning, a blonde in the noon and an old woman in the evening hours. She is worshipped in Vedic ritual with Aarti and Annabhog and this is the only place where anyone can pray irrespective of his cast and creed.


Festivals based on Amba Maa

A traditional Nava Chandi Yagna is held every eighth of the month. And the main festival is Navaratri.

Benefits of Worshipping Amba Maa

The Amba Maa is the manifestation of pure energy, and she has the power to fulfill the prayers of her devotees.

Regions where the Amba Maa is worshipped

Mata Ambaji has no imagery, the gold plated Shree Yantra at Ambaji temple cannot be photographed and the priests can offer their Puja with eyes blindfolded. Therefore, the only temple of Amba Maa is in Junagadh Gujarat.