Ananta Vasudeva Temple

About The Temple

A perfect dedicated temple to Lord Krishna, ananta vasudeva temple is situated in Bhubaneshwar, in India. It was constructed in 13th century, which was built by Queen Chandrika. She was queen of the Eastern Ganga dynasty, and was the first person to prompt and construct this temple. This is a dedicated temple for devotees on a global basis.

Religious importance of this temple:

Constructed in thirteenth century, this ananta vasudeva temple Bhubaneswar is a perfect platform for Lord Krishna, who is a well-known avatar of Lord Vishnu. There are complete idols of Balarama, Krishna and Subhadra, which are also worshipped here. Subhadra is seen here holding pot of jewels, and lotus in her hands. The temple offers you with the best religious aspect, for peaceful living and eminent values. People from various corners of the world come here to show their tribute and love to lord Krishna, the god of love and power. This temple is considered to be one of the oldest temples, and the image of Vishnu was also considered to be of the ancient times.

Presiding deity of this temple:

As mentioned earlier, this temple is a platform for Lord Krishna or the avatar of Lord Vishnu. He is the main idol worshiped over here, and this image is considered to be one of the oldest forms of Vishnu. Moreover, other than this main idol of Krishna, devotees are also going to check complete murties of subhadra, Krishna and Balaram. Each of these idols has different postures, which attract more people than ever before. It is a perfect place to show your love, devotion and value to your idols.

Detailed description for you:

The idol of Lord Krishna was considered to be the main one, which is worshiped over here for more than few decades now. Later, the idol of Balarama was seen standing under a serpent with seven hoods, which is another avatar of Lord Vishnu, just like Lord Krishna. Moreover, the murti of Subhadra is seen holding jewel pot in one hand and a lotus on another hand. Krishna is seen here holding a conch, chakta and lotus.

Other shrines for you:

This temple is mainly known for resembling Lingaraj temple, along with addition of Lord Vishnu’s sculptures. There are various forms of miniature shrines, hovering around the entire complex. The sculptures in the exterior portion of this temple, mainly focuses towards other temples of Bhubaneswar. It comprises of female sculptures too, which are wholly ornamented.

Nature of worship:

As this temple is mostly dedicated to Lord Krishna, therefore; there are various forms of rituals, taking place on daily basis to pay tribute to Lord Krishna. For the basics, just like any other temple, you will be able to enjoy aartis, two times daily, where devotees along with priests, show their love towards the idol of love. However, devotees with thalis of flowers, incensed sticks and kumkum flock in this temple, and place garlands around the major idol of Lord Krishna. They also pay their homage to other forms of Lord Vishnu, which are located within the same premise of temple.

Festivities for you to deal with:

As mentioned earlier, this ananta vasudeva temple india, is dedicated to Lord Krishna. People, from various corners of the world make it a point to come over here mainly during the time of Janmashtami, the birthday of Lord Krishna. There are special forms of bhajans, followed by the famous Janmashtami fair, which are organized within the premises of this temple. These bhajans are all associated with Lord Vishnu, and his avatar in the form of Lord Krishna. Devotees will also get to know more about the mythological beliefs, through these bhajans.

The entire temple is known to have been decorated in the most artistic manner, with flowers and lights to enjoy the birthday of Lord Krishna. People are known to have been visiting this place for quite some time now, and they readily make plans for this special celebration, on a yearly basis. Even though, there are other temples available as well, but nothing is as popular as this temple.

Pilgrimage value for you:

There are various pilgrimage values, which you are likely to come across, with this temple. As it is considered to be an oldest temple dedicated to Lord Krishna, therefore; it is known to be an ideal pilgrimage place for the visitors, from various corners of the world, and also locally, too.

How To Reach

Whenever you are planning for a trip to this temple, there are some points, which must be kept in mind. For the first step, you need to know more about the ananta vasudeva temple timing first (morning 05:00 to midnight 24:00 - All the days of the week) and plan for your trip accordingly. On the other hand, for the next step, you need to know more about the commutations, which are to be followed, at this point of time.


  • By air - When you are talking about Bhubaneswar, you are likely to get acquainted with regular airline flights to some of the other metropolitan areas of India. This airport is considered to be quite close to this town. You can avail the Indian Airline office, which is located at Raj Path, just near the bus stand.
  • By Rail - This city falls on the main line from Kolkata to Chennai, therefore; the railway line is also considered to be quite strong of this place. The main line is the Howrah Bangalore line and there is also Guwahati to Bangalore line, available. You can even try and take help of the Coromandel express line as well.
  • By Road - There are good bus and taxi routes, available to the clients from state. Reaching Bhubaneswar is an easy task these days, thanks to the airport and railway connectivity of this capital city of Odisha.


Nearby Attractions

After you have taken a trip to this temple and have collected ananta vasudeva temple photo, there are so many other places for you to visit. Therefore, do not waste your time and book for some trips, which are must for you to visit, while planning to focus towards Bhubaneswar. Some are located nearby to this temple, where else; for other, you have to travel few kilometers.

  • Lingaraj Temple: This temple is considered to be the biggest temple, which is located in this area. This temple is dedicated tone and only the Lord of power, Shiva. As per the archeological survey, this temple is considered to be a heritage site of this eastern area.
  • Mukteswara Temple: Another major specimen of architectural business, this temple is a perfect example of sculpture beauty along with architectural work. This temple is likely to rise as high as 35 feet, and it is also dedicated to Lord Shiva.
  • Brahmeswar Temple: Defined as one of the earliest temple of the lot, here you can see the proper usage of iron beans for its constructional beauty. This temple is also known for its pancha ratha temple, along with five special coats of plasters. These are used to provide a rounded appearance, to this temple.
  • Rajarani Temple: In case, you are looking for some other options, you can always take help of this temple, as well. This is a noteworthy monument of this place, and dating back to 1100 AD. Here, women are seen to be portrayed in various poses and moods.
  • Udaigiri and Khandagiri Caves: Defined as the best tourist attraction spot of this entire place, this is a collaboration of various major attractions. Some of the most promising ones to be mentioned here are Gupta Ganga, Akshay Ganga, Radha Kund and Shyam Kund.

You can even look for Ratnagiri and Chilka Lake, as some of the additional features for you.

History Of Temple

In case, you are planning for a trip to Bhubaneswar, this temple is always on the first ranking list. If you are planning to know more about ananta vasudeva temple history, make sure to go through the legend of this temple, as well. In this temple, you are likely to get in touch with idols of Balarama, Krishna and Subhadra. There are different postures of these idols, which you are willing to come across. When you are dealing with the western part of this temple, you can take a look near the Bindu Sagar Lake of this bank.

Every year, you are likely to come across thousands of devotees coming here to show their respect and love to Lord Krishna, and take a holy dip in this water. Vishnu is considered to be one of the major deities of Hindu trinity and he is mainly worshiped as preserver and protector of world. Moreover, you can also deal with this temple as a restoring place of Dharma. Vishnu is mainly known for his different avatars, and one of the most promising one is of Lord Krishna.

This temple is solely dedicated to this avatar of lord Krishna, which was built during 13th century. It was constructed by Queen Chandra Devi, who was also known as the daughter of Anangabhima III. This temple is the one and only Vaishnava temple, which is standing here, in the city of Bhubaneswar. Apart from paying tribute to Lord Krishna, this temple is also a worshiping platform of Subhadra and Balarama.