Augarnath Temple

About The Temple

Introductory Note On Augarnath Temple, Meerut

Shiva is known to have immense powers. If you wish to destroy unhealthy attributes from your life such as egoism and ignorance, you must worship him for seeking his blessings. For this, you can visit Augarnath Temple Meerut that is located in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh near Westend road. It is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Exact information regarding the date and engineer of this temple is obscure.

Gaining knowledge about cultural and religious significance:

You will be surprised to know that the Revolt of 1857 commenced right from the augarnath temple, meerut. Its proximity to the camps of Indian army provided a safe location for various freedom fighters and they visited this place for their surreptitious meetings. The importance of this temple mainly comes out from its devout prominence and for its role in the freedom struggle of India. In this place, a saint used to reside who had requested Indian soldiers for taking initiatives in the destruction of the British Empire. Visit the shrine for knowing more about its importance.

Main deity of the temple:

The main deity of this sacred temple is Lord Shiva who is also known to be the inhabitant of the mountains. Shiva is known by several names such as Rudra, Purusha and many more. This particular temple is regarded as one of the oldest temples of Shiva in Meerut. A plethora of worshippers have stout belief in this place of worship, for which hundreds of devotees and lovely Kanwariyas are seen flocking the place on Shivaratri.

Details of the deity:

A great yogi, Lord Shiva is worshiped by devotees in the holy temples, as mentioned above. Only he can perceive things that are distant with his third eye. Also, in this temple, you will be able to see a shivalinga. The revered deity is also adulated for his big trishul that symbolizes three important aspects of life that are man, divine and woman. Devotees worship him in various forms.

Revealing the presence of new structures:

There is no existence of the structure of the old temple. A self-manifested Shivalingam is present in the augarnath temple meerut. It has been substituted by a modern version. In the current times, you can find two temples in the area that are recently built, Shri Krishna Mandir and God Shiva Mandir. Augarnath temple timings are 6:00 AM to 8:30 AM from Monday to Sunday.

Knowing about the nature of worship:

In the morning, the priest starts the day with morning arati that is performed once in the evening as well. Devotees have the belief that by pleasing Shiva through their worship, they can obtain blessings, and attain salvation. Inside the augarnath temple puja, footwear is not permitted. You must dress appropriately when entering this holy place. Cell phones must be avoided as well. You must engage in taking a ritual bath in the morning before entering the place of worship. By wearing fresh clothes, you can worship Shiva with all your heart for obtaining spiritual growth. In the abhishekha, the priest uses honey, sugar, milk, water, ghee and many other things.

Few important religious events:

Either you can visit the temple for taking the blessings of Shiva, or else you can also visit the holy shrine during important religious events. There are several celebrations that take place during the month of March, and also in the Shravan month. If you have never visited this temple and wish to gain knowledge about the various festivals performed here, you can always take valuable information from the Internet. You can also visit the place of worship during the Annual Utsav.

Devotees offer bael leaves to Shiva on Shivaratri that is held at March every year in this temple. For understanding the true essence of this festivity, you must fast the whole day, and engage in jagaran the whole night. This festival is related with the conjugation of Shakti and Shiva. This special event also rejoices the night when ‘Tandava’, the cosmic dance was performed by Lord Shiva.

Understanding the spiritual significance:

There are times when you wish to gain an insight into the divine, and for this visiting the temple as mentioned above is a must. Start your pilgrimage today by planning the trip accordingly and attain immense peace of mind. Know the actual implication of consecration by visiting this shrine.

How To Reach

By roadways and railways, Meerut is properly linked to other chief cities. From Delhi, it is seventy kilometers away. This is again linked to the other metropolises by airways.


  • By road – Road transportation is pretty comfortable and affordable when it comes toreaching Meerut. The location is easily accessible by a proper system of roads from various cities like Delhi, Varanasi, Agra, Jhansi, Kanpur and many more. Buses found under the Uttar Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation ar5e well connected to these cities for reaching Meerut. Traveling is highly relaxing in all the luxury buses.
  • By air – The nearest airfield to Meerut is the Delhi Airport. A plethora of public and private carriers are present that fly to and fro from the airport on a regular basis. On reaching the airport, hiring a cab will be the best option as it takes only half an hour to reach Meerut.
  • By Rail – In order to get to Meerut Cantonment Station, the railways is the best option. On the Delhi-Dehradun line of the North Central Railways, this station is situated. A plethora of super-fast trains are available that link Meerut to the other cities and towns of Uttar Pradesh.

Additionally, to the modes of transport mentioned above, you can also arrive at the temple premises through taxis and other private transports. Average taxi fares may range around Rs.2500.


Nearby Attractions

Prosperity and wish fulfillment are the two most important things that attract more and more devotees for visiting augarnath temple UP. Once you have offered your prayers to your heart’s content to Lord Shiva, you can allocate some time for visiting the other significant places of interest as well. Some of the attractions are as follows:

  • Kailash Parvat – With seventy-two temples along with three stages, Kailash Parvat is highly popular among pilgrims that is a 131 ft high temples located close to Meerut. Each stage comprises of twenty-four temples that characterize the Jain Tirthankaras. The gorgeous shrine consists of doorways, carved ceilings, panels, pillars and many more.
  • Barnawa – An important role has been played by the location Barnawa in Mahabharata as it only thirty-six kilometers from Meerut. The village’s chief attraction is Lakshagraha mount where Kauravas attempted to burn Pandavas. To the local people, the village is also known as Lakha Mandap. Here, you can even witness the canal that was built by Pandavas for protecting themselves.
  • PRC Gurudwara – This gorgeous gurudwara is situated just behind the Augarnath temple.
  • Dev Temple – In the outer side of Meerut, this is regarded as the most peaceful place. The serene surroundings are a complete treat to the eyes and soul.
  • Parikshitgarh – This place is linked to King Parikshit who was Arjuna’s grandson and rules Hastinapur. The name of the place is derived from this ruler.
  • Shakti Dham – Situated at Lal Kurti, this temple is a must visit if you plan a trip to augarnath temple.
  • Other important places – Some other places that you can visit are Suraj Kund, Chandi Devi temple, Mansa Devi temple, Sardhana and Baleni and many more.

History Of Temple

Believing Lord Shiva to be your idol calls for a visit to this holy place for which learning about the augarnath temple history is also very important. As per the legend, a ‘shiv linga’ is entrenched in this place of worship and people believe that it has appeared on its own. This is also considered as a miracle that is the main reason for which thousands of devotees are attracted to the place. The local priests believe that this temple was the place where famous Maratha rulers worshiped for getting blessings before heading towards their victory processions.

Locally, this temple is known as Kalipaltan Mandir. This is the location where all war operations were planned by freedom fighters of the Revolt of 1857. The temple also has a memorial that has been built in honor of all brave martyrs. This temple is a legacy of tradition and culture.

The old temple has been swapped with a modern version. The recently built Shri Krishna Mandir in the premises is also gaining a lot of recognition among devotees. The Shiva Mandir is always full of followers and disciples who also gather on the night of Shiv Ratri to gain the blessings of the great lord.

All kinds of accommodation are present in Meerut. A plethora of budget and luxury hotels are found. Pick as per your budget and size of the family. You will attain great prosperity after offering your devotions to all the powerful deities.