Lord Ayyappan Is A Revered Divinity In The South Indian Regions

Lord Ayyappa is a popular Hindu deity who is said to be the son of the mythical enchantress Mohini and Lord Shiva. He is also known as Hariharputhra or Hariharan Puthiran. According to legends, Lord Vishnu created Ayyappan for saving the world from annihilation. Other holy scriptures state that Lord Ayyappan is the embodiment of Sree Dharma Sastha and is the head of the Pandya Royal Clan.


Worshipping the deity

Paying homage to Shree Ayyappam should be done early in the morning, between 4:00 a.m to 5:00 a.m. Performing the Nirmalya Darshanam, Neyyabhishekam must be completed before noon. Worshipping this revered deity requires the adherence to some essential strictures.

Performing strict austerities enable your participation in the Ayyappa Deeksha. Following the rituals of ascetic austerities or Vratha for 41 days is required. Detachment from temptations and wearing beaded Rudraksha mala before performing the puja is required. Chanting the name of Lord Ayyappa and Sri Sasta Ashtakam completes the rituals.


Certain staunch beliefs

Devoting your prayers to Ayyappan by singing his Bhajans helps you in getting rid of Shani Dosha. Worshipping this venerated lord removes the problems of Ashtama and Kandaka Shani, Sade Sati and other fears. Eliminating the evils of Shani Dosham becomes possible after offering Niranjanam to the Lord on every Saturday.

Popularity of festivities

The Sabarimala temple festival in Kerala’s Pathanamthitta District in Preunad grama is celebrated with an annual pilgrimage. This holy pilgrimage occurs from November to January and takes place atop the Sahayadri Mountains in the Sabarimala Mandir.

Invoking the lord by intoning Saranam Ayyappa brings the hills alive The idol is adorned with precious jewels from Melshanthi and Thandri. This is then followed by the Maha Aarthi. Primary rituals take place during Makara Sankrathi and conclude during the Mandalam Pilgrimage.

Benefits of Worshipping Annapurna

The benefit of worshipping Mother Annapurna is to get out of poverty. The mother Annapurna is the provider of food and all earthly belonging and is also worshipped for prosperity.

Places dedicated to the Lord

Sabarimala in Kerala is dedicated to Swami Ayyappa where pilgrims flock in during the Mandala season. Other temples devoted to Lord Ayyappan include Aryankavu Sree Sasta Kovil and Ponnambala Medu Sasta Kovil. The Kanchi Kamakshi temple in Tamil Nadu is another holy site, dedicated to Ayyappa. Holy places in Chennai where this revered deity is venerated are Annanagar Ayyappan temple and Mahalingapuram Ayyappan temple. Regions in Tamil Nadu’s Southern District where Ayyappa is worshipped are Sorimuthu Ayyanar temple and Tirunelveli.