Baglamukhi Yantra

About The yantra

The Yantra Of Power, Baglamukhi Yantra

The term ‘Yantra’ derives from Sanskrit referring to a mystical geometric diagram that abets meditation in the performance of a, typically, tantric worship. Baglamukhi Yantra is the contention in the span of this treatise symbolizes power and authority. It is used to thump triumph over evil and foes, while establishing self at the helm of affairs. Baglamukhi is the deity that has her Divinity in the sphere of power and control. This goddess charges the Yantra with supernatural forces. Yellow is the color of this presiding goddess.

Importance Of Bagalamukhi Yantra

If you are finding yourself pushed back or cornered, then you are going through a lean phase where your opponents are getting the better of you. It can be in the field of your work or academics or any other arena. Here, the main culprit is the factor of time that is letting you down in all your spheres. In other words, the planet related to strength and vivacity is in an unfavorable position. You may suffer from hazardous health as well in a situation like this. With this premise in view, you can go for Baglamukhi Yantra to take care of your lowliness as this performance protects you from being submissive and meek. The importance, in a nutshell, is as follows:

  • Revival of unfavorable time
  • Gaining in strength
  • Overpowering antagonists
  • Injecting vigor and determination in biological system
  • Abolition of evil powers
  • Instant Results

Ways to worship

Aligned to the method of worship as per convention, you should follow the below-mentioned guidelines:


  • The cornerstone of this Yantra demands you to have an ablution and proceed with a pristine frame of mind.
  • You should, ideally, select a suitable place on the floor and place the Altar facing East.
  • Apply Turmeric or juice of Dhatura flowers to the Yantra.
  • Light a ghee lamp or an incense stick.
  • Consequently, offer a fresh flower and a fruit putting it on the Altar
  • Then place the Yantra and the deity together on the Altar.
  • You are now ready to focus on the Goddess and ask for bestowing her blessings to fulfill your wishes and desires.

The beej mantra for this Yantra is "Om Halim Baglamukhi Sarvdushtanam Vacham Mukhan Padam Stambhya Jhivyam Kilaya Budhim Vinashaya Halim Om Swaha|".


Geometrical Importance

The complex geometrical pattern of the Baglamukhi Yantra is sacred. It consists of two interlocked triangles with lotus petals along the apices of the triangular figures. Triangles represent Shakti or strength. The lotus petals stand for prosperity while upwards pointing vertices of the triangles indicate triumph over adversaries in attaining spiritual aspiration. There is a Yantric contour delimiting the Yantra acting as the perimeter. It prevents escape of mystical power that the central structure contains at its core.

When And For Whom

You have to carry out this Yantra at a specific time. It is about an exact star and moment when the planet called Mars generates maximum power. With Sun in the realm of Capricorn at Chaturdashi on Tuesday is typically auspicious for sthapana of Baglamukhi Yantra. You need to know this precise time frame from beforehand so that you are ready with all necessary arrangements for the performance of rites and rituals revolving around Baglamukhi Yantra. The performer must make sure that his or her attire is yellow in color and should choose a yellow asana. The offerings of flowers and beads are also yellow.


Benefits Of yantra

It is now evident from the scope of the preamble to the topic, that you worship Goddess Baglamukhi for being blessed with strength and dominance. You can emerge jubilant from any situation or scenario in the successful performance of this Yantra. The merits are as follows:

  • Evolve victorious in a court case
  • It is a perfect way to attract opposite sex and create a strong hold over their mind and body
  • Gain domination over a situation
  • Emerge as a leader with full authority
  • Do away with your rivals
  • Crush your competitors superlatively