Shri Bhairav Aarti

About Shri Bhairav Aarti

About Shri Balaji Aarti

Bhairav is a form of Lord Shiva. He is mainly the fierce manifestation of Lord Shiva and often depicted with angry eyes, frowning and tiger teeth. If you want to please Lord Bhairav, then nothing can beat the importance of Shri Bhairav aarti.

Time for the main ritual

Mainly, the Shri Bhairav aarti takes place during evening time, when the main puja gets over. Sometimes, Yagna takes place after the main aarti gets over. It will take 15 to 20 minutes for completion of this aarti.

Why it needs to perform

If you are suffering from b\negative vibes or want to get rid of evil, nothing can beat the importance of Shri Bhairav aarti. It is the best way to please Lord Shiva and take his power to safeguard your life from evil.

Benefits to go with it

Once you have performed the well-known Shri Bhairav aarti, your life is free from any problems, you have been suffering from lately. It is the best way to get rid of tension and enjoy a worry-free life.

Shri Bhairav Aarti

Jay bhairava devaa, prabhu jaya bhairava devaa,
jay kali aura gauraa, devi krita sevaa,
jay bhairava devaa…

Tumahi paapa uddhaaraka, dukha sindhu taaraka,
bhakton ke sukha kaaraka, bhishana vapu dhaaraka,
jay bhairava devaa…

Vaahana shvaana viraajata, kara trishuula dhaari,
mahimaa amita tumhaari, jaya jaya bhayahaari,
jay bhairava devaa…

Tuma bina sevaa devaa, saphala nahi howe,
chaumukha dipaka darshana, sabakaa dukha khowe,
jay bhairava devaa…

Tela chataki dadhi mishrita, bhaashaavali teri,
kripaa kariye bhairava, kariye nahin deri,
jay bhairava devaa…

Paava ghuungharu baajata, aru damaru damakaavata,
batukanaatha bana baalakajana, mana harashaavata,
jay bhairava devaa…

Batukanaatha ki aarti, jo koi nar gaave,
kahe dharanidhara nara, manavaanchhita phala paave,
jay bhairava devaa…