Bohra Temple

About The Temple

Introductory note to Bohra temple:

Known to be nearly 350 years old, Ganesh Temple in Bohra was said to be a part of Bohra cast. The exact people behind its structure is unknown, till date. This temple is located near Mohanlal Sukhadia University, where the main center of attraction is the dancing standing idol of lord Ganesha.

Spiritual and religious enrichment:

According to the people of Udaipur, no festive season or monetary task is said to be complete without devotional prayer at Bohra Ganesh temple, residing for more than 350 years now. This temple is most famous for its Ganehsa idol, which belongs to the Udaipurites. Sometimes, stated as Borganesh, the whole neighborhood area is stated after the name of this temple, that is, Bohra Ganesh. It is a place, where Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated with grandeur and other festive seasons, too. There are other auspicious events, which are celebrated within the boundary wall of this temple, as a mark of paying respect to Lord Ganesha.

More about the presiding deity:

As defined previously, this temple is entirely denoted to Lord Ganesh, the God of wealth and prosperity. The main idol stands tall inside the temple, and has been placed over there for nearly 350 years now. It is a symbol of love, where you will keep all your worries at bay, while entering the shrine. The temple has its own beauty, which enhances more with the presiding deity. The idol od Lord Ganesha is as old as the temple with regular maintenance.

Details of the idol:

This idol of lord Ganesh in this Bohra temple is somewhat unique from the other idols, you have seen so far. This is a standing idol and in a dancing posture. To make the idol even more culturally induced, pagri or the traditional turban is placed on Lord Ganesh’s head. The body is mainly silver quoted with expressive eyes. The idol resides in a safest center of the temple, and visited by thousands of devotes, all over the year now.

Other shrines, if any:

The temple is the one and only shrine around here standing tall with pride. All the festivals and other occasions are celebrated over here with extreme devotion and love. However, when it comes to other shrines, there is no such podiums presented within the complex, to be mentioned over here.

Nature of worship:

All the normal rituals, as followed during Ganesh puja are followed over here, in Bohra Ganesh mandir, as well. All the devotees make it a point to get their flowers in a bunch, before visiting the idol of Lord Ganesh, over here. Morning and evening aartis take place over here, as a mark or sign of love. These aartis have special timings on weekdays, and a different timing on weekend. All the devotees have free access over here, and are cordially invited to show their love, too. The aartis are followed with incense sticks and flowers, along with some sweets, as a complete bunch.

Special celebrations waiting for you:

Various types of Indian Ganesh rituals are followed over here, and before any other rituals. Among various types of celebrations, which can be seen around here, Ganesh Chaturthi is considered to be the apt celebration over here, marking your devotion towards Lord Ganesha. It is also marked as an auspicious event in this Bohra temple. On this auspicious day, the temple is likely to stay open from midnight till early in the morning. Recent study shows that nearly 2 to 2.5 lakh devotees make their journey to this temple, during this time of the year.

Apart from Ganesh Chaturthi, Annakoot is another auspicious celebration, posted within the same boundary. During this day, devotees offer “Chappan Bhog”, meaning 56 dishes to Lord Ganesha. At early dawn, the ritual of “Aangi” takes places, after which the festivity of Chappan Bhog takes place. During evening, priests are known for performing the “Maha Aarti,” followed by Prasad distribution.

Pilgrimage spot for many:

India is known for its pilgrimage areas, and this temple is considered to be one such example. A visit around here, at any point of time, is a mark of great relaxation. However, devotes make sure to visit this area only during the Ganesh Chaturthi time, where the entire city comes alive with lights and festive mood.

How To Reach

Reaching Udaipur is not a daunting task, especially if you have set up your mind to visit Bohra Ganesh darshan, as your main intension. There are various types or forms of routes available for you to choose from, and make way for the best route, which is less time consuming and cheap for you. now, you do not have to wait for Bohra Ganesh puja much.


  • By Air: Debock Airport is considered to be the major airport around here and 24 kms from the main center of this city. daily Indian airline flights connect Udaipur with other parts of India, through this airport terminal. You can even take help of Maharana Pratap Airport as another important option.
  • By Rail: If you cannot afford the expensive air tickets, how about trying your luck for the railway routes? Sounds interesting, isn’t it? And to make your dreams come true, you have various high end railway lines, connected Udaipur with other parts of India.
  • By Road: Widest network of bus service is available over here, if you want to take the road trip. There are different other auto rickshaws available here, for visiting other parts of Udaipur. For some local transports, you have city bus, tongas, regular form of state run bus service and unmetered taxis.


Nearby Attractions

Udaipur is a land of cultural heritage, and there is so much things to see and do over here apart from visiting Bohra temple. After you have made your trip to this temple and purchased your lot of Bohra Ganesh Prasad, it is time for visiting other hotspot areas, over here. It is basically a land of beautiful delights and some ancient forts and palaces, making you feel like you are in the middle of a war!

  • City palace: A trip to Udaipur is never complete unless you visit the City Palace, also known as Udaipur Palace. Built in 1559, this palace was put up by Maharana Udai Mirza Singh. This palace is considered to be a perfect blend of medieval, European and Chinese architectural styles.
  • Bagore Ki Haveli: It was constructed during 18th century, and it later became the residential area of Maharana Shakti Singh of Bagore. Further, it was transformed into a museum, preserving the cultural heritage o entire Udaipur within its boundaries.
  • Lake Picchola: This area is defined as another manmade wonder. It was created in the year 1326 AD and later extended in 16th century by Rana Udai Singh. This lake is known for its picture perfect beauty and surrounded by magnificent palaces, huge hills and temples, followed by bathing ghats. It is a place of ultimate delight.
  • Kumbhalgarh Fort: Located right on top of a hill top, Kumbhalgarh Fort looks like just out of your history book. It was a mark of 15th century’s architectural beauty. It is defined as one of the strongest and highest forts in the whole of Rajasthan. The sight of this fort is enough to stun you.

History Of Temple

Historical evidence dealing with it:

Once you have planned to be part of Ganesh Bohra temple, you need to be aware of the present historical evidence related to it. For the first point, it is well to be stated that this temple was built nearly 350 years ago or even more than that. It was a significant part of Bohra community, even though; the name of the real constructor is still unknown. Visiting this temple needs a lot of patience, as there are separate timings to visit this place. Be well aware of the Bohra Ganesh timing first and prepare for a trip accordingly.

Legend unfolds that this temple was a mark of wealth and prosperity, as Lord Ganesh himself used to reside over here. It is said that anyone, who was in dearth of money, used to visit this temple, write the amount in a piece of paper and place it in front of the Ganesha idol. Their monetary problem used to get solved within a jiffy. However, there was a twist associated with it. After your monetary needs are over, you have to return the amount with interest, or bad luck would bestow upon you.

It is no doubt that Bohra Ganesh history is quite interesting. However, modern times do not see any such happening taking place, within the temple’s complex. The entire place lit up in life, only during Ganesh Chaturthi and during Annakoot, as these two are considered to be the best celebration time, around here. Here, love and devotion mingle together to enhance people’s belief over Lord Ganesh.