Shri Brahma Sarovar Temple

Overview of this holy tank

Some people has this misconception that Brahma Sarovar is a temple, but this is not exactly the case. This is primarily defined as a holy tank, located in Kurukshetra and you will come across the first cradle of civilization. This place is extremely holy, even though the name behind the construction is still unknown.

Spiritual and cultural importance:

As per the history goes, Lord Brahma is known as the creator of universe and from the land of Kurukshetra. This entire session took place after going through a huge yajna. This Brahma Sarovar Kurukshetra is considered to be the cradle of the entire civilization. This sarovar has its name mentioned in 11th century AD memoirs, as presented by Al Beruni. There is also a sacred shrine, which stands within the sarovar and dedicated to Lord Shiva. This temple is well accessible with the help of a small bridge. People believe that bathing in this sarovar helps in increasing the sanctity of people to perform the major “ashvamedh yajna.”

Presiding deity over here:

If you talk about Brahma Sarovar, you will not be able to find any idol in this tank. But there is a shrine located within this shrine and it is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Therefore, this place is the mark of Shakti and power of Lord Shiva, and also the famous presence of Lord Brahma. The scriptures talk about the importance of this holy tank, where taking a bath is more like rejuvenating your inner self for a better you.

Details of the holy tank:

You have been clear and determined to know more about the details of the chosen idols. Well, there is no such idols presented within the tank, even though; a shrine located nearby is dedicated to Lord Shiva. However, this holy tank is 1800 feet long and even 1400 feet broad. As per the Hindu Mythology, this tank was built by the creator of the universe, lord Brahma. Lakhs of people, gather around this tank during the festive seasons to pay tribute to Lord Shiva and enjoy the beauty, this holy tank holds.

Other shrines located nearby:

Apart from the major attractive holy tank, there is a holy shrine of Lord Shiva located within the tank. This temple can be reached by the devotees by just crossing a small bridge. The feeling is exciting and the view will just take your breath away. While crossing the bridge to reach the temple, you might even see some migrating birds flocking over here, in season.

Nature of worship over here:

You might have checked out the bathing scene, while going through the Brahma Sarovar image over the internet. There is no such rituals taking place in this holy tank, but you can check out the aartis in the presiding temple of Lord Shiva. Morning and evening aartis are the two important aspects, which are taking place on daily basis, and by the main pujaris or Bhramins, what you call them. The morning aarti starts quite early, and the evening aarti takes place after close sunset. During any festival or when any festivity is nearing by, you will come across various major lightings surrounding the place.

Celebration and religious events held here:

There are various major celebrations, which you are likely to come across with Brahma Sarovar. After the renovation of this sarovar, solar eclipse is followed over here with great grandeur. During this point of time, the tanks are crowded. It is mainly beleieved that taking a dip during this point of time can help you to wade off of all sins. This platform is also defined as one of the largest ponds, made by men now. the ritual will vary of this solar eclipse and the lakhs of people from various corners of the world gather over here just for a single dip.

Apart from this point of time, lakhs of people also visit this holy tank during the time of Somavati Amavasya, which happens to be a no-moon day. During this point of time, taking a dip in this water means freeing your life from any sin and enjoy the cycle of re-birth.

Pilgrimage forum for you:

As the holy tank makes a completely new feel of religious belief in mind, therefore; this Sarovar is nothing short than a pilgrimage area itself. A trip to this place means a first-hand visit to this Brahma Sarovar. You will get to feel an inner relief to match your choice now.

Way to reach it

If you want to be a part of this holy tank, after flipping through Brahma Sarovar timing, you need to get to the place of Haryana first. Once you have come across this place, reaching Brahma Sarovar is not going to be a problem anymore. Well, to get acquainted with more ways, wait no further and go through the details, mentioned below:


  • By Air: The primary domestic airport available in Chandigarh is served mainly by national carrier and is well connected to Mumbai, Delhi and Leh. Once you have reached Chandigarh, moving towards Brahma Sarovar is not going to be a problematic task for you.
  • By Rail: Haryana is known to be well-connected with the convenient trains, coming from various parts of India. You will also come across long distance trains, which are crossing the state and linking up the east-west and southern and northern areas of this country. After landing on ground, you can always opt for pre-paid auto, rickshaw, taxis and more.
  • By Road: The best way to travel to Haryana from any neighboring areas is through road. These roads are always in good condition and driving is the best mean. Apart from that, the highways can always see some state run buses and other private buses. There are other taxis and auto rickshaws available.


Some other important tourist attractive spots

There are various important tourist attractive spots, which are located closely to Brahma Sarovar. Once you have planned for a trip over here, and have got with Brahma Sarovar darshan, it is not a good idea to go back to your hometown the next day. You are likely to come across some of the best and other tourist attraction hotspots, which will seriously blew your mind off. Want to know more about some of them? Go through the lists noted below:

  • Kingdom of Dreams: If you are willing to retreat to an evening time of family feel, nothing can beat the importance of this area. It has also receive Certificate of Excellence from Trip Advisor and have always be on the higher ranking scale.
  • Cyber Hub: Defined as the best example of modern technology hitting Haryana, Cyber Hub is always important if you are willing to spend some relaxing time alone. Do you have a group of friends and need a place to hang out? Well, for that, this place is just perfect.
  • Heritage Transport Museum: As understood from the name itself, this museum is likely to showcase the beauty of heritage transport and how this place has changed to grasp some new meaning. This is not just an awesome museum but a beautiful place to visit.
  • Sai Ka Angan Temple: located just like in the midst of Haryana, this temple is enough to provide you with a soothing feeling. This temple is mainly constructed like a village temple and without much improvisation towards the modernized scale. This temple is completely dedicated to Shri Sai Baba.
  • Ambience Mall: After you have reached Haryana, you are asked to check out the Ambience mall. This is considered to be a well-structured mall and the location is also just perfect! This is defined as one of the better malls, which are currently located in Gurgaon.


Historical evidence of Brahma Sarovar, your holy tank

Indian people have loads of important mindsets, when it comes to Brahma Sarovar history, and the stories associated with it. There are various types of people, who make it a point to visit this place at one point of time or the other. Brahma Sarovar is not just a holy tank, but it shows the cradle of civilization of the world. According to the legend, this Sarovar is mainly designed by Lord Brahma, also defined as the creator of this Universe. This tank is mainly dedicated to Lord Siva and the values, which are associated with this field.

You will be surprised to know that this tank was even mentioned in the 11th century AD civilization, of memoirs of Al Beruni. This memoir is named as “Kitab-ul-Hind.” There is a sacred shrine, which is dedicated to lord Shiva and it stands within this sarovar. This temple is well accessible for the devotees, who need to pass a small accessible bridge to get to the temple. As per the scriptures, taking a bath in this sarovar will increase the present sanctity of an individual and he will be granted to perform the “ashvamedh Yajna.”

Apart from these historical points, this holy tank comprises of a breath taking view, which cannot be showcased with any other values. the celebrations of Gita Jayanti takes place over here and with special style and grandeur. Aarti and deep daan are two other aspects of this holy tank. During the winter seasons, you will witness migrating birds, flocking near this tank.