Brihaspati Yantra

About The yantra

Brihaspati Yantra For Pleasing Planet Jupiter And Enrich Your Lifestyle

Willing to please Planet Jupiter for the rise of wealth, prosperity, intelligence and pacification? In case, the answer is towards positive side, nothing can beat the importance of Brihaspati Yantra, as the one stop solution. This yantra is installed and at the same time worshipped to appease the planet Jupiter. It is related to ancient Vedic norms and have been used from that time onwards. It is considered to be a Karak planet, which houses 2nd, 5th, 9th, 10th and 11th horoscope house, with control grip over this segment. It is the planet for Pisces and Sagittarius, and it is exalted in Cancer and debilitated in Capricorn sign.

Important notes dedicated to this yantra

There are so many plus points, which are to be associated with Brihaspati Yantra and you are asked to know more about it, before jumping for the primary step. As it is dedicated to lord Jupiter, therefore; all the norms and benefits as mostly related to this planetary moves.

  • It offers complete blessings over power and prosperity, which people mainly craves for in the first place
  • This yantra is a perfect aspect of authority, rank, wealth and also abundance
  • It is a perfect way to strengthen up weak Jupiter with the help of mantra and puja
  • Worshipping this yantra means worshipping Jupiter, and indirectly the entire world


Ways to worship

There are some simple and easy to follow steps, which are to be related to Brihaspati Yantra. Some of the important materials used as a part of this yantra, are leaf, water, flower, fruits, ghee diya, incense sticks and the yantra.


  • You need to start the prayer with fresh mind and pure heart. Wash your hands and legs beforehand
  • Place the yantra on the floor and top of the mat and north east
  • Take out the deity and place it with the isht god
  • Place some fresh flowers in front of it and with fresh fruits
  • Lit up a diya or incense sticks to create an aromatic feel
  • Start chanting the beej mantra “Om Graang Greeng Graung Sah Gurave Namah” and you will get a feeling of happiness from within


Geometrical Importance

This yantra is mainly drawn on copper plates and with small nine squares. Each square has its own number, inscribed on it. It helps in achieving rank, authority, wealth, prosperity, power and business. It helps in removing illnesses and other pain, s related to daily life. This yantra is known for offering spiritual happiness and with deep meditation from within.

Who can use it and when

This yantra is meant for all, whoever believes to start changing their luck towards the good frame. You have to place the yantra facing north east direction, and Thursday is considered to be the powerful option for you. The presiding deity is Planet Jupiter and this option is always here to offer some positive option on your behalf.


Benefits Of yantra

Benefits comes a long way, when it comes to Brihaspati Yantra. There are so many important points, which are to be associated with this segment. Listed below, are some of the important structures, which mark the benefits of this yantra.

  • This yantra is mainly used for erasing negative aspects of Jupiter and provide your life with complete power, rank and authority
  • This is considered to be an apt option for any kind of business and for any kind of notable profession
  • This yantra is mainly defined as a plus point, which is related to major businesses along with some profession
  • The main target is to eliminate bad effects on your mind and health and provide you towards the path of success