Cancellation and Return Policy

1. When and how can I cancel my order?

You can cancel your order before it reaches the “order shipped” status, which is the same day of order placement. The following points will help you with an understanding about our cancellation and return procedure. For further details, do get in touch with our customer support.

2. The order may be cancelled before shipment due to any of the following reasons:

• In case the specific product/service is unavailable.
• The product could not be shipped within the specified timeline.
• On request of the customer within the same day of placing the order.
• The shipping address is not serviceable.
• Any other reason beyond the control of or our products and services related partners.

3. The orders may be cancelled post shipment and delivery due to any of the following reasons:

• Defects in the product, which we are not able to either, replace or repair.
• Correct product could not be delivered.
• Products damaged during transit and delivery not accepted.
• Products delivered much beyond the promised delivery time.

4. Conditions for return:

• You need to attach a note along with the product returned. The note should clearly state your name and address, contact number and order number. Please describe the nature of concern in your own words. Without your order details processing return/replacement will not be possible.
• The return courier AWB/tracking number has to be intimated to the customer support team or else the order will not be eligible for return/replacement.
• The order returned must accompany all the accessories (including freebies) which were serviced along with the order.

5. We do not accept a cancellation/return in the following scenarios:

• The customer does not like the product after the shipment.
• The recipient refuses delivery of the product.
• The customer does not cancel the order on the same day of placing the order.
• If the product cannot be delivered to the shipping address due to the absence of recipients.
• The product is returned in a poor and unusable state.
• The product is returned beyond the required return date or you have not informed us about the concern during the warranty period (if any).
• The above process does not apply to books, rudraksha, saligram and yantras.
• The order returned does not accompany all the accessories (including freebies) which were sent along with the order.
• Any other product which deems fit from time to time.