Chandi Homam For Ushering The Positive Forces Of The Universe
About homam

Chandi is the form of primordial energy that is responsible for the Creation, Sustenance and Destruction of the entire universe. The form of Chandi is the sum total of all energies in this universe. Worship of the Goddess Chandi is the invocation of the sum total of spiritual powers in the universe. Performing the Maha Chandi Homa frees one from all forms of evil curses, negative energy and obstacles and blesses the person with health, wealth and prosperity.

Importance of performing the homam

The Veda Shastras indicate the path that will lead you to attain happiness in this life. These Shastra also provide the guide to remove obstacles in life and achieve worldly goals. According to the Vedas homam is a spiritual technique that will obtain blessings and mental peace when conducted with full faith and the purest frame of mind. In the Chandi homam Godess Chandi is invoked as the embodiment of all cosmic energy through the japa mantras so as to obtain the blessing of this cosmic energy.

Fire has the capacity to eradicate negative forces and reach the respective subtle energies that we give the names of the deities that we worship. Offerings made to the fire reach these deities or subtle energies and bring about the fulfillment of those desires by removing the negative energies that surround you. the chanting of the mantras during the offering to the fire enhances in this process of ushering the positive and removing the negative forces.


Items/samagri required

Ingredients required for the homam are:

  1. Holy water
  2. Sindoor or vermillion
  3. Chandan or sandalwood paste
  4. Small pieces of Banyan tree
  5. Milk mixed with floral scented oil
  6. Rice
  7. Flowers
  8. Fruits and sweets
Procedure for Chandi Homam

The main procedure of performing the Chandi Homam involves the entire recitation of the thirteen chapters of the Durga Saptashati for nine consecutive times. This is then followed by the Homam which is performed during the tenth time reading of the Durga Saptashati. The Durga Saptashati contains seven hundred secret and powerful mantras that are recited in praise of the Goddess Durga that narrates her victory over the various demons. With the recital of each of the seven hundred slokas, an ahuti or offering is made to the sacrificial sacred fire or the homam fire to seek the blessings of Chandi.

Other rituals for Chandi homam include the Puja of Lord Ganesh to seek his blessing for the successful completion of the homam. This is done at the very beginning of the puja procedure. The Kanya puja or puja of a young girl within the age of six and ten is another important aspect where Devi Chandi is invoked as the primordial feminine force.


Chandi Homam Mantra

Aim, Hrim, Klim, Chamundaye, Vichhe.



Ushering in the positive


Performing the Chandi homam will help you invoke positive energy from the deity that will help you to master your earthly life. Goddess Chandi also called as Durga and the chief deity of worship in this homam will bless you with her Divine power to find a balance between your passion and dispassion within yourself, and the indulgence and denial process that stem from it. Her unique blessings will enable you to manifest the part of the Divine in you that will unite selfishness and selflessness in your person.

No problem in this universe will be able to touch this real self of yours and nothing in this material world will appear to be unattainable to you. If ever the issue of how to remove obstacle and attain happiness in life arises in your mind, rest assured that the Chandi homam will lead you to the path of success.

Warding Off Negativity

Since Durga in her Chandi form is the mother of all the positive powers in this universe, her blessings through the Chandi homam will is bound to clear all the unwanted hurdles and obstacles that seem to hinder your path to success in life. Moreover, the performance of the Maha Chandi homam will definitely free you from all kind of black magic spell, evil eyes, and negative energies around you. It will remove all evil deeds done against you and bless you with a long lasting health, wealth and prosperity.