Performing Chandra Puja Helps In Alleviating Malefic Effects Of The Moon
About puja

Vedic astrological texts refer to the moon as Chandra. It is often termed as the astrological body that allures or delights. Chandra captivates Jeeva, who hungers for different objects offered by this world. The Moon is considered a closely positioned celestial body. Amavasya or New Moon Day occurs when the moon obstructs the path of Sun and Earth. It interrupts the passing of Sun rays to Earth. The different phases of Moon correspond to Tithi or Lunar day. Seers proclaim that the Moon occupies a pre-eminent and significant place in Indian Astrology. Chandra looks after the mental evolution of human beings.

Chandra Mahadasha and Dosha can have a significant impact on your health, career and personal life. For soothing Chandra’s adverse effects, it is essential to utilize certain remedies and perform Chandra Shanti Puja. A priest can help in propitiating Pratyati-devatha Jala, Adi-devatha Uma, and Chandra on your behalf. These procedures will help you in controlling your sub-conscious and conscious mind. It will enable you to focus better in the varied prospects of your life.

Importance of Chandra

Conducting the Grah Shanti Chandra Puja can be beneficial for you. It enables the correct positioning of Moon as per your horoscope. Sanskrit texts denote Chandra as a bright and shining celestial body. The Moon is often denoted as Soma, which essentially means a sacred drink that was used during Vedic sacrifices. Positive vibrations from the Moon provide a soothing and calm effect in your life.

Chandra holds a significant position in Hindu Vedic astrology. Moon is the ruler of water signs. It has the capability of influencing individual personalities, considerably more than the Sun. It is perceived as a mark of truth and purity and is noted as the expression of wisdom and divinity. Chandra is also renowned to express dreams, fantasy, charm and beauty. You can wear pearl gemstone for reducing the malefic effects of the Moon. The color that is usually associated with Chandra is white.

Position in astrological hierarchy

Aspects of bright moon are considered to be beneficial while the dark moon is deemed as malefic.

  1. Moon is known to be the ruler of the zodiac sign, Cancer. It exalts the sign of Taurus and falls in the zodiac sign of Scorpio.
  2. It is imperative to remember that Chandra is the most comfortable and beneficial in the Fourth House of Astrological order. It is specifically favorable for ascendants belonging to the water sign like Scorpio, Cancer, and Pisces. The Chandra is fundamentally in the water state.
  3. Chandra is supposed to be the indicator of overall well-being, beauty, femininity, happiness, memory, mind, and eyesight.
  4. Chandra is the signifier of senses and their inherent ability to perceive life in all its glory and splendor. Praying to Lord Chandra can help in resolving problems associated with the mind.

Some beneficial remedies

Vedic astrology denotes that the Moon depicts the state of brain, mind, sensitivity, softness, emotions, feelings and imagination. It has been already mentioned that the waning moon is said to be malefic while the waxing moon is deemed as benefic. Chandra is the Ruler of three Lunar mansions or Nakshatras, which are Shravana, Hasta, and Rohini. Chandra dominates the Karka or Cancer sign. For overcoming problems associated with Antardasa or Dasa of moon, you can take aid of the following remedies –

  1. Reciting the Annapoorna Strotam can prove to be beneficial. You can even worship the ruling deity i.e. Lord Shiva.
  2. Chanting the mool mantra of the Moon for ten thousand times within forty days will certainly bring positive results.
  3. Recitation of Chandra Stotra can be useful. Other helpful attributes are observing fasts on Monday, wearing moonstone or pearl gemstone along with two Mukhi Rudraksha.
  4. Another recommended step is performing jaap of eighteen malas. Performing puja on Moon Hora and Mondays will bear affirmative results. Other important days for conducting the puja are Pournami and Chaturthi Tithis.
Procedure and vidhi of Puja

The most important procedure of Chandra Puja is the Murthy Sthaapna and praying to different Gods and Godesses.

  1. Murthy Sthaapna of Lord Ganesha, Devi Lakshmi, Lord Chandra Dev, Lord Brahma, Lord Agni and Navgraha or nine planets takes place. Kalash Sthaapna then follows this process.
  2. Priests then recite the Navagraha Mantra Jaap, which is essentially one mala for each celestial body.
  3. The Chandra Mantra Jaap is chanted for eleven thousand times. After this, Puja of Lord Shiva takes place.
  4. An important aspect of the Chandra Shanti Puja is the Chandra Homa. Necessary requirements for Chandra Homam are til, ghee, sugar, sandalwood powder, Navagraha Samidha, Ashtagandh, and honey. The next step includes performing of Purnahuti, Aarti, and Pushpanjali.
  5. Providing Chandra Shanti donation is necessary along with the distribution of Prasad.

According to certain Vedic texts, there is a significant myth behind the various attributes of the Moon. When Sukracharya requested Lord Vishnu to distribute Amrutham, an asura in the disguise of a Deva drank the nectar. This felony was noticed by Chandran and Suryan, who reported it to Lord Vishnu. A livid Vishnu severed the asura into two pieces with his Chakrayudham or discus.

As the Asura had consumed Amrutham, the severed body pieces grew into Rahu and Kethu Bhagavan. These two bodies then sought revenge from Suryan and Chandran. Rahu consumed Chandra, who then sought blessings from Lord Shiva for protecting himself. Chandra is another aspect of Lord Shiva and, for this reason; we have the waxing and waning moon.

Mahadasha and Dosha of Chandra

The Moon’s position is closest during an individual’s Nakshatra. This aspect expedites the creation of Chandra Mahadasha. This condition renders an individual to be intuitive, emotional and concerned. In Vedic astrological texts, the Moon symbolizes Mother, nourishment, public life, fertility, and emotions. Chandra Mahadasha induces a person with receptivity, good memory, affluence, and sensitivity. Strong Chandra during the period of Mahadasha will make you more creative, emotionally balanced, knowledgeable and imaginative. However, a weak moon can bring forth quiet frailty and mental weakness. It also brings physical issues like drowsiness, kidney problems, menstrual problems, depression, lethargy and fertility issues.

Chandra Dosha is essentially known as the Moon’s weaker side. It affects relationship between other people and causes mental tension, diseases, personality disorders, difficulties and emotional disturbances. Performing certain critical remedies can prove to be beneficial. For appeasing the Moon Lord and getting rid of Chandra Dosha, you can donate white cloth, white sandal and flowers, conch, silver, camphor, rice grains, curd, pearls and sugar. Worshiping Goddess Parvati with Lord Chandra will also bear beneficial outcomes. Gauri-Shankar are considered to be ruler of Chandra. Worshiping the Ardhnareshwar form will bring your positive consequences.

Mantras and Yajnas

Gayatri mantra is deemed to be beneficial for appeasing the Moon Lord. You can also chant certain other incantations like Purnakota Mantra and Bija Mantra. Count of each incantation should be six thousand times. Depending on your dosha in the horoscope, mantras can reduce malefic effects for a few years. For getting rid of inauspicious consequences of Chandra planet, havan or yagya can be an essential remedy. For performing a yajna, it is fundamental to use essential roots and herbs in the ahuti. The ashes from burned herbs in the sacrificial fire remove ill effects and diseases. The Yagya is then followed by incanting of mantras, havan, and tarpan. Prevalent wood that is used during Havan is Palash.

Advantageous points of rituals

Conducting Puja for Lord Chandra is recommended for eliminating malefic impact of Mahadasha and Antardasha effects along with Chandra Dosha. It aids in strengthening the power of Moon and helps you in facing problematic issues in life.

  1. Chandra Puja removes negative energies from your environment.
  2. It safeguards you from intestinal problems, stomach infections, and ulcers.
  3. A positive point is that yajna and homam can relieve you from stress, personality disorders and emotional trauma.
  4. It provides you with better eyesight and better, sharp memory. You can also attain mental peace and become emotionally stronger by paying obeisance to Lord Chandra.