Shri Chilkur Balaji Temple

Details Of The Temple

Cultural And Spiritual Side

People come to visit God Draksharamam, the incarnation of Lord Shiva. If you visit then the temple, you will get to see the beautiful art, which will take you back in the era of 11th century. You will gather knowledge about the art and culture of the local are. The clean inner compound of it will make your mind calm.

Cultural And Spiritual Side

Local people believe Lord Balaji fulfills the wishes of his followers. This temple is situated on the outskirts of Hyderabad, and working people come to visit this temple, to wish for a better working life. If you visit the temple, you will get the chance to see the devotees from all across the country come here, and pay visit to the temple. The exterior of the temple is very colorful, and this will describe the colorful mindset of the local people. As the temple is one of the few temples that do not accept the large sum of donation, people feel more attracted to this temple.

The Presiding Deity

The chilkurbalaji temple in Hyderabad has Lord Balaji as its chief presiding deity. The idol of the deity is made of black stone. And people come here to have a glimpse of him. Balaji is also known as Venkateswara. It consists of two words, one is Venkata, which is a name of a hill and another is iswara that means God. Legend says that the God has an extra eye on the sole of his foot. As this is an Avatar of Vishnu, people can chant Vishnu Chalisa in front of him.

Details Of The Idol

The Idol is made of shiny black stone and covered with ornaments. This resembles all the other idols of Balaji in India. Some of them are made of real gold. Balaji of Chilkur is famous for fulfilling the wish of his devotees, and for this reason, you will never see the temple empty. You will have to stand in a line, to offer your prayers, and you can bring flowers and sweets while visiting the temple.

The Other Shrines Available

You can find many temples in the district of Telengana. But you cannot find any other shrines inside the prelims of the temple. The Chilkur Balaji Temple stands alone and welcomes all devotees. You need to have faith in mind and positivity, and with the help of his blessings, you will certainly reach your goal.

Rituals To Follow

People come here every day to have the blessings of Balaji. The temple does not accept any kind of donation. If you are visiting the temple with car, you can pay the temple with your parking fee. The entire temple is maintained by collecting the fees of the parking cars only. So there is no specific ritual, and you can visit the temple all around the year. You will not have to do any particular work, you just have to keep faith in your mind, and you will have to learn the chanting for your success. You should chant Om VashatkaaraayaNamha while you are seeking success in business and Om AksharaayaNamha for good studies.

Special Religious Event

The most popular event celebrated in this Temple is the Brahmotsavam festival. This is observed every October. As the legends says that Brahma, the Creator God, started this festival. The main theme of this festival is to show gratitude to the Lord Balaji, to watch over the mankind and protect them. If you are planning to see the local culture and how the people worship the deity, this is the3 best time, you should visit. The Deity is also known as the visa, God. When people desperately want to get their visa done for the foreign country and scared of getting rejected, they should always have the faith on the ChilkurBalaji. Every year thousands of people come and visit this place, to pray to the lord for having a smooth visa process.

Pilgrimage Value

You may have seen chilkurbalaji temple image, and there you can find it is never empty, as it is surrounded by the devotees all around the year. People from all across the India, come and visit this place, to fulfill their wishes. If you have something in your mind and you think that it has to be fulfilled, you should definitely visit this temple.


How To Reach Your Destination

If you are planning your trip to Telengana to have chilkurbalaji temple darshan, you have to think about getting the list of the places, which you should visit, in the trip. You take out time from your busy schedule and plan to pay a visit to Lord Balaji. You should know the details to reach your destination. If you plan properly, you will be able to save your time, and your journey will be hassle free. The temple is in a small village in hydrabad, so you need to find the nearest destination to reach.


  • By Road: If you are planning to travel by road, you can take the road, connecting Hyderabad to vizag. The bikers love this way, because it is smooth and you can drive safely.
  • By Train: Most of the people, who want to visit the temple, opt for the train. It is pocket friendly, and will take lesser time in travelling. The biggest station near Telengana is Ananthgiri. If you reach their, you can book a car, or taxi to reach to the hotel or the temple.
  • By Air: if you want to save your time, and reach to your destination in a hassle-free way, you have to opt for the flight. You have to get down at the Vishakhapattanam airport, and Ananthgiri will be 100 kilometers away from there.


Nearby Attractions

While you are planning to visit the other places in the area of Telegana, you should keep in mind the ChilkurBalaji timings of the temples, and plan accordingly. There are few places you should visit:

  • Ram Sita Temple: If you are a religious person, then you have to visit the Ram-Sita temple. This is one of the most famous temples in here, and the people come to get blessing for having a healthy family life.
  • Osman Sagar Lake: If you are planning to spend some time alone with nature, you should visit the Osman Sagar Lake.
  • Gayatri Mandir: getting blessing to have a happy family is truly bliss. You can get it if you visit the GayatriMandir.
  • Hanuman Mandir: The elder of your family will love to visit the Hanuman Mandir. This will calm your mind and will give you the positive energy, so that you can progress in your life.
  • Mrugavani National Park: if you are a nature lover, you need to visit the Mrugavani National Park. You will feel free and refreshed.

If you are traveling with elder people with you, then coming to this place will make them happy. They will get to visit many temples. If you are a Shiva Bhakta, You can find many Shiva Temples in this area. The accommodation is excellent, and you can find convenient ways to visit the central spots. Local tour guides are available.


History Of The Temple

If you are planning to visit the temple, you need to know chilkurbalaji temple history. This temple was built almost half a millennium ago. Thousands of pilgrims visit this place every year and collect the blessings. This temple is one of the oldest temples in Hyderabad. And it is built during the time of the uncle of BhaktaRamdas, Madanna, and Akanna. The temple has gone through many obstacles, and finally, it finds its way to establish its worth in human life. People get to visit this temple every year, whenever they face any problem regarding the visa.

The temple does not take any donation, but they earn the money through the parking fees. This idea elevates the faith in people’s mind, and makes the temple crowded.

There is an interesting story behind the temple. As the story goes, a Balaji Devotee could not go to the Tirumala temple in a year, for his bad health. But he used to go there every year. Then the lord appeared in his dreams, and assured her, not to be sad, as he is nearby. The devotee found a molehill at the place, where he saw Balaji in his dreams. He kept digging the whole with axe, and it stuck into the chest of the idol. The idol began to bleed, and with the advice of Lord, the devotee had to put cow milk on that molehill. On that special area, the temple was built. So if you want to pay a visit. Keep this interesting story in mind.