Dakshineswar Mandir

About The Temple

Come Alive With Religious Beliefs With Dakshineswar Mandir

Dakshineswar kali temple is stated as a Hindu temple, which is located in Dakshineswar, nearby to Kolkata. Located on the eastern side of Hooghly River, this is a presiding temple of Bhavatarini, that is, Maa Kali. Here, this deity of Lord Parvati is meant to be one person, who liberates her devotees from the samsara. This temple was known to have been built by Rani Rashmoni, who was known as a devotee of Maa Kali and a philanthropist, at the same time.

Religious significance of this temple

Other than being an integral part of Bengal, dakshineswar kali temple kolkata is a perfect mixture of Bengali culture and immense religious significance. This temple mainly notes symbol of power. This temple was also noted to be in close connection to India’s freedom movement, and played a pivotal role during British attacks. Rani Rashmoni challenged British rulers and built this temple as a mark of that said challenge. Later, it was found out that Vivekananda was highly influenced with this temple and started his work with Hindu religion introductory means.

Learn more about presiding deity

The main idol, which resides over this area, is of Maa Kali, followed by several Lord Shiva Linga. The idols was said to be installed on Snana yatra day, which is again considered to be an auspicious day of Hindu life. Later, on 31st may, 1855, more than 1 lakh Brahmins were invited from various corners of the country, to check the graceful installation of idol. This temple comprises of Sri Sri Jagadiswari Kalimata Thakurani idol, which is nicely embellished with red apparel and minimal jewelries.

Details of the idol

While your trip to dakshineswar temple, you will come across a single murti of maa kali. This black idol of maa kali is the resemblance of power and to showcase ways to drive off evil spirit. Embellished with golden ornaments, you are likely to feel the power of Goddess kali, after entering the place. The idol is well decorated with sandal paste, red colored apparel and garlands of hibiscus flowers, to show respect and pay tribute from devotees.

Other shrines located in this segment

Close to the main temple of dakshineswar kali mandir, you are likely to come across row of twelve temples of Shiva, exactly identical. These are built, facing the eastern type of the Aat chala of the architecture, solely predominant in Bengal. These are built mostly on either side of the Hooghly River.

Nature of showing your devotion

Whenever the main concern lies with dakshineswar temple, people are likely to come in terms with the tantra traditions, which can be seen quite closely with this segment. Visited by devotees on a thousand scales, there are simple yet powerful rituals used for showing your devotion. The entire ritual procedure is quite simple and you do not have to work for it, more. You have to stand in a queue, with thali, comprising sweets, kumkum, garland, hibiscus floral and incense sticks. You have the liberty to smear maa kali with red kumkum as a sign to how tribute. A visit to this place is enough to rejuvenate your mind and soul.

Some special rituals to look forward

Even though, dakshineswar temple is always open, people make it a point to get in touch with this temple during mainly amabashwa timing. As history and legend unfolds, it has been stated that the power of maa Kali doubles during amavasya, when she gain power to drive off evil spirit. The temple has a serene outlook, which makes people, flock around the premises during this point of time, only. Legend also stated that people always perform such rituals during night time, when their desires are quickly fulfilled by goddess Kali.

Some of the most promising festivals, which are associated with this temple, are kali puja, snana yatra and kalpataaru day. Snan yatra is considered to be a perfect way, when Maa Kali was considered to be taking her holy bath. There are so many other festivities, which you are likely to come across, while focusing towards this segment.

Pilgrimage spot for you

When you are visiting Kolkata for the first time, a trip to this kali mandir is quite important. There are so many devotees, who make it a point to travel from various corners of the world, to visit this mandir. A trip to this mandir can always help in making our mind full of peaceful serenity.

How To Reach

Whenever you are planning to take a trip to dakshineswar temple kolkata, you have to book for your tickets beforehand, to reach the City of Joy. There are loads of transportation services, waiting for you, which will not make the service absolutely bad for anyone of you.


  • By air: Kolkata is known for having its own international and domestic airports, making it really easy for both local and abroad visitors, to visit this place. The international airport, better known as Subhash Chandra Bose International airport connects the city with some other major states and continents.
  • By railway: Sealdah and Howrah are the two major railway destinations, which is associated with this place. Both these options are situated in this city itself and are well connected with some of the most promising areas. Therefore, you can always reach your Kolkata destination through railway lines, well and with a good timing segment.
  • By road: when it comes to rad service, Kolkata has loads of options, stored right in front of you. From AC and Non-AC bus to other taxi services, there are loads of options available. Moreover, there are various other rickshaw and local tram line, which can create a cultural note to it.


Nearby Attractions

Apart from your point of focus towards kolkata dakshineswar mandir, there are so many other tourist attraction spots, which you are likely to come across. You just have to take some time in your hand and look for the values, which you have in store for you. Some of the reliable names and places to visit are listed below:

  • Eden gardens: Defined as one of the most famous cricketing ground in the world, Eden gardens showcase some of the best matches, you can come across.
  • Akashwani Bhavan: A perfect place to meet all your favorite RJs, you are always welcome to come in direct contact with the radio station, through this building.
  • Fort William: Take a close look at the military lives and their families, after getting a ticket of Fort William. From separate market to impregnable British Citadel, there are so many options available. You have to get in touch with a ticket first.
  • Victoria Memorial: Located in the southern fringe of Maidan, this building is considered to be one of the major monuments, placed under eighth wonder of the world. A trip to this place will help you to understand the reason why.
  • Shobhabajar Rajbari: You are always asked to take some time out and spend your views for Shobhabajar Rajbari, defined as the ancestral house of Raja Naba Krishna. He was considered to be one of the richest locals of all time and was known to have taken side of Lord Clive.
  • Jorasanko Thakur Bari: Also defined as the residential place of Tagore family, Jorasanko Thakur Bari is here with some promising notes, which you can never forget. There is everything, which you need to know about Tagore family, residing in this place.

Apart from the places, which are already mentioned, there are so much more, which you have to see, while on your trip to Kolkata, the City of Joy. Some of those must mentioned names are Parashnath Jain Temple, Marble palace, The Howrah Bridge, Birla Industrial & Technological Museum, Calcutta Golf Club and there are more to be added, in the list.

History Of Temple

Some legends unfold for you

There are various interesting legends, which you are likely to come across, while your trip to kolkata dakshineswar kali mandir, the ultimate spot for some peace and serenity. The best part with this temple is that it is located just beside River Ganga, and you can soothe your mind and soul, whenever the right time comes. This place is also here to help you get rid of problems and queries, which your life is going through. You can always try and take a look at the legends, which have a strong power and implication on this temple. As t is a known fact that this temple was a mark of rebellion of Rani Rashmoni, against the cruel British Empire. It was her challenge to the British Empire, which make this temple a perfect way to showcase your strength to other parts of the world.

There are various forms of festivals, which you might come across, while dealing with this temple of your choice. Celebrated in grand style, this temple has loads of positive attributes, making this place a perfect solution for all. From sindoor khela to snan yatra, this temple has it all. It is the best way to showcase your love and devotion to Maa Kali, along with other Shiva temples, located within the same proximity.