Keep Your Family Healthy With Dhanvantari Homam
About homam

Havans are sacred rituals that are performed by priests for the purification of soul and body of a native. No matter what your troubles are, you will surely find a solution for it through these rituals. The holy fire of the havan kund is the most important part of any such ritual, as it is the element that builds a connection between the divine and the native who seeks his blessings. It is believed that the fire is the representation of the energy of the sun. This is the reason all havan samagris are offered to the fire.

The birthday of the Lord falls two days before the auspicious deepawali, so it is the best opportunity to pray to the Lord and seek his blessings. Special dhanvantari homas are performed every year by thousands of devotees on this occasion. But as it is meant to rid the devotees of ailments, they do not have to wait for this particular day. There are many other days in every month that are considered to be auspicious by the priests. These days are ashtami, trayodasi, ekadashi, and amavasya so if you are suffering from any physical or mental problems, then you can hold the havan on any of these days. Apart from all these special days Mondays are also considered to be beneficial for anyone who wants to seek blessings from Lord Dhanvantari.

The Rituals Of The Sastra

There are many rituals that are included in the homa is dedicated to the Lord Dhanvantari. All the samagris that will be offered to the lord are placed on the floor in the right order by the priests. Along with every chant and swaha each samagri is offered to the Lord through the holy fire. Lawang, elaichi and one hundred and eight medicinal herbs are used as a samagri in this homa. The herbs were specially selected by the sages who originated the havan because of their healing properties.

Due to the ritual of offering samagris to the fire of the havan kund, herbs burn in the holy fire and a smoke is emitted from the kund which is beneficial for any human who is present at the havan. So if you have any loved one who is suffering from any illness for a long time you need to do this homa. The smoke that rises from the sacrificial fire will relieve any person from their physical ailments. But it is not necessary that you have to have a sick person in the family to do this yajna. Anyone can perform this ritual to overcome or avoid any diseases that may affect their health in the near future. Through this yajna Lord Dhanvantari will not only cure your ailments, but will also protect your health so that you are not affected by anything in the future.


Items/samagri required

There are so many ingredients that are involved in a havan and each and every one of them has a significance which is why you should be careful while making the arrangements. The various things that you will need are

  1. Turmeric and sandalwood powder
  2. Kumkum, incense sticks, and camphor
  3. Betel leaves and nut
  4. Whole dry coconuts
  5. Rice
  6. Ghee
  7. Sugar candy
  8. Panchapatra
  9. Achmani
  10. Panchmeva
  11. Honey
  12. Gangajal
  13. Rosewater
  14. Saffron
  15. Kale til
  16. Tulsi leaves
  17. Jau

All these items have significance and helps to connect the native with the divine. As dhanvantari is known as the one who promulgated the concept of ayurveda all the samagris that are chosen for the havan have some kind of medicinal properties. These samagris and herbs that are used during the homa of the divine will not only revive your soul but will also heal your health. The blessings of the Lord dhanvantari and the medicinal properties of the samagri will surely cure any ailment that you may have. This havan can also be done for any person in the family who is suffering from any long or short term illness.

Procedure of performing Dhanvantari homam

The starting of the homa is done with the aachamananam which is followed by the sankalpam. The main ritual is the dhanvantari dhyanam where mantras are chanted by the priests to please the divine.

  1. But before the vidhi of dhanvantari dhyanam, the priest needs to perform samprokshana and ultimately it ends with the avahana.
  2. It is important to chant each and every mantra with a lot of faith and precision and all steps of the havan should be according to the vidhis that are mentioned in the shastras.
  3. All these slokas and vidhis make this such a powerful homa that will surely take away all your physical pain and sufferings.
  4. Once the samagris are offered and the final mantras are chanted the priest will offer everyone with Prasad. The Prasad is believed to have the blessings of the Lord and is really helpful for any ailing person.

It will fill your insides with all types of positive vibrations and will shield you against any health problem. There is so much strength and power in this yajna that it will be the perfect remedy to any kind of illness. The homa for Lord Dhanvantari is like a spiritual therapy for everyone who is not well or is suffering from log term diseases. The main deity of this unique and powerful homa is Lord Dhanvantari who is said to be the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Some Vedic scriptures even refer to Lord Dhanvantari as the divine physician due to the extreme healing powers that was possessed by the divine.


The mantra for the homam is

धन्वन्तरी मंत्र

ॐ नमो भगवते

महा सुदर्शना

वसुदेवा धन्वंताराया ;

अमृता कलसा हस्थाया

सर्व भय विनासाया

सर्व रोका निवारानाया

थ्री लोक्य पठाए

थ्री लोक्य निथाये

श्री महा विष्णु स्वरूपा

श्री धन्वन्तरी स्वरूपा

श्री श्री श्री

ओउषता चक्रा नारायणा स्वाह

The mantra in English

Om Namo Bhagavate

Maha Sudharshana

Vasudevaya Dhanvantaraye;

Amrutha Kalasa Hasthaaya

Sarva Bhaya Vinasaya

Sarva Roka Nivaranaya

Thri Lokya Pathaye

Thri Lokya Nithaye

Sri Maha Vishnu Swarupa

Sri Dhanvantri Swarupa

Sri Sri Sri

Aoushata Chakra Narayana Swaha


If you want to invoke the blessings of the Lord to cure you and your loved ones then you need to adhere to all the strict vidhis and slokas that are stated in the sastras.

  • This havan will bestow the grace of the divine on the ailing person and heal him fast.
  • The slokas and the offerings that are made to the sacrificial fire release a lot of positive energy which is absorbed by the ailing person.
  • It is best to get this havan performed at your home once in every year to keep all ailments away from your family.
  • People suffering from any psychological, mental or physical problems would benefit immensely from this ritual.
  • It is especially effective in case of children who are suffering from any health problems.

The blessings of Lord Dhanvantari will not only cure your ailments but will also rejuvenate your soul and body and increase the longevity of good health. There are no limitations to the number of times one can perform the havan so you can do it every time you think that your family needs the blessings of Lord Dhanvantari.