Dwarkadhish Temple

About The Temple

A Little Introductory Point Of Dwarkadhish Temple

A temple dedicated to Lord Krishna, dwarkadhish temple is located in the eastern part of Mathura city. Built by the famous Seth Gokul Das Parikh, this temple came into existence in the year 1814. Devotees from different corners of the world make it a point to gather here and show their love and respect towards the idol of Lord Krishna and Radha.

Spiritual and religious enrichment:

Whenever the main concern lies with dwarkadhish temple Mathura, it is all about love and devotion. It is basically an inexorable part, as related to the religious shrines of the world famous Mathura city. Easily accessible by any local means, this temple is a mark of Lord Krishna and his love towards mankind. The shrine was erected in order to commemorate the deity, that is, Lord Kanhaiya. This temple is mainly administered by followers of devotees of the Vallabhacharya sect. The temple has an elegant architectural splendor which will leave you spellbound.

More about presiding deity:

This main shrine of the temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna and with him, stands his beloved partner of love, sad times and happiness, Radha. Other than the main image of Radha Krishna, this temple also comprises of images of some Gods, who hold major part of Hindu Pantheon. It is bond of eternal love and with architectural beauty, which are hard to resist. A trip over here will accentuate your mind and soul and help you to love people.

Details of this deity:

As mentioned earlier, this temple is mainly dedicated to Krishna Radha and their bond of eternal love. The idols are more or less similar like any other idols of this heavenly pair. The soothing eyes and mental setup of Lord Krishna is enough to melt hearts of millions of devotees, even today. Moreover, standing quietly beside him is Radha with her eternal beauty. It is not just beautiful, but holds the power to attract devotees in thousands, every year.

Other shrines present:

The entire temple is dedicated to Krishna and Radha, but there is a large prayer place, just in front of the deities’ idols. The place is extremely clean and well maintained by head priests, followed by some other keepers of this temple. You will love the soothing art and architectural beauty of this place, for sure.

Nature of worship to follow:

Before you are planning to dedicate time for paying your devotion, make sure to know more about dwarkadhish temple mathura timing and work accordingly. Just like any other big temples, aartis take place two times in a day. One is stated as morning aarti, which takes place within 6 to 8 am, and another one takes place during evening timings. The entire temple is well decorated with beautiful floral motifs and cleaned on a daily basis, before starting off any ritual. Just visiting this temple will soothe your mind and helps in offering you with some amazing refreshed feel, for all.

Some special occasions for you:

It is always advisable to visit this temple during the auspicious time of Janmashtami. It is considered to be the maj or festival, which takes place within the campus of this temple. Devotees, from various corners of the world gather over here, which is also considered to be the birthplace of Lord Krishna. The temple is well decorated with flowers, incense sticks and small festivals are held within the same complex.

Apart from Janmashtami, this temple is also a great place for celebrating the festival of color and lights. One is stated as Holy and another one is marked as Diwali. The entire temple compound is well decorated with amazing lighting during Diwali. On the other hand, during Holi, you can see color everywhere and everyone is smeared in it. These are not just considered to be festivals of love, but it is the best way to show your love and bond towards other and the main deity, as well.

Pilgrimage value to follow:

As Mathura is considered to be the birthplace of Lord Krishna, therefore; this temple is undoubtedly a preferred platform for pilgrimage, from various corners of the world. You will love the important feel, once you have stepped within the complex of this temple. It is a must visit place, at least once in your lifetime.

How To Reach

It is always important to book for your tickets previously, while you have made up your mind and planned to visit dwarkadhish temple mathura UP, and rejuvenate both your mind and soul. If you are planning to visit the temple during peak hours, pre-booking your communication and hotels is a must for every traveller.


  • By Air: The easiest way to reach Mathura is by taking help of airways. The nearest international airport, which you can avail in this platform, is situated in Delhi and it covers a distance of 147km. On the other hand, for the domestic airport segment, Kheria in Agra is your best option to look for.
  • By Rail: If you are not comfortable with airway, you are always welcome to take help of the railway service. Mathura railway junction is a reliable option, in this regard. This helps in connecting this city with some of the other metropolitan areas, like Delhi, Mumbai and more. Railway is considered to be the most cost effective and convenient way to reach this birthplace of Lord Krishna.
  • By Road: There are some state run bases, waiting for you to deal with. Moreover, deluxe buses are also available and run by some private operators, which help in connecting this city with some other areas.

Additionally, to the modes mentioned above, there are unmetered private vehicles and private taxis, plying on the roads to the temple.


Nearby Attractions

Other than your trip to dwarkadhish temple mathura puja, there are so many other places for you to visit. Therefore, whenever you are planning or a trip over here please be rest assured to keep some extra days, on hand. This will help you to check out some of the additional values, waiting for you. Some of the major places among so many other options are:

  • Government Museum: This temple is mainly defined as the richest and biggest museum in Asia, when it comes to Gandhar and Mathura sculptures. This museum also comprises of the finest collection of the interesting facts and archaeological elements. You will also find some rare items of Kushan and Gupta periods, over here.
  • Jaigurudeo Temple: This place is also considered to be a perfect place, constructed by some great saints Baba Jaigurudeo, whose inspiration gave the name of this temple. This temple is known for representing Taj Mahal and also stated as Naam Yog Sadhna Mandir, by some people. It is made out of white marbles, majorly.
  • Krishna Janma Bhoomi: In this complex there are two major places for you to visit. For the first attraction, you will come across a prison cell, meant for Devaki and Vasudev, who are majorly known as parents of Lord Krishna. This place is located towards the left side of this complex. This place is also considered to be the most devotional area, as this prison was the birthplace or Krishna Kanaiya.
  • Bankey Bihari Temple: Another major temple in Mathura, after visiting Dwarkadish, a trip to this temple is also stated to be another important plus point for you to follow. Many devotees, even the VIPs have to wait in a long queue to get inside this temple and pay homage to Lord Krishna. There are so many other amazing paces, all waiting for you to see.


History Of Temple

There are so man y historical beliefs, which make this temple a jewel for all the Lord Krishna devotees. Built in the year 1814, this temple is a perfect segment of artistic and architectural beauty. It is constructed by the Gwalior estate’s treasurer, Seth Gokul Das Parikh, who is a reliable devotee of Lord Krishna. He was mainly influenced to erect the idol of Lord Krishna in order to commemorate the deity available. At this present moment, this temple is mainly administered by Vallabhacharya sect’s followers.

The architectural beauty of this temple is just amazing and with architectural values, all meant for your use. This temple is considered to be an interesting platform with some beautiful paintings and carvings. You will also love the dwarkadhish temple mathura history, for more detailed info. These are all dedicated to enhance the beauty of that time, when everyone was in love with their culture and spiritual enhancements. Various major festivals are now celebrated within this temple’s complex, and some of those are Holi, Diwali and more. Among so many options available, Janmashtami or the birthday of Lord Krishna is celebrated with great grandeur and style.

It is always advisable to visit this place during the peak season when these celebrations are at their best. Other than that, you can be a part of aarti session, any day you take a trip over here. Moreover, as the temple is well connected with best roadways, therefore; reaching the main destination will not be a problem, anymore. From amazing architecture to the beauty of this place, everything is right here, under one umbrella.