Ganesh Yantra

About The yantra

Ganesh Yantra, Yantra For Knowledge And Wisdom

Lord Ganesha is the God of Wisdom. Fundamentally, obstacles and hurdles are common in living our daily life. These difficulties hinder the progressive advancement of the populace. Ganesha is the God to come here as your savior. Ganesh Yantra is not an arduous task. It is established to do away with negative forces so that the process of your spiritual, as well as material evolvement goes on smoothly. Therefore, make a practice to offer prayers to the Ganeh to gratify Him to make His blessings come to your difficult path in the journey of life.

Importance Of Ganesh Yantra

Ganesh Yantra is the form of a device radiates sacred energy. Its performance injects within you the strength to concentrate and stimulate to achieve. The yantra acts as a stimulator to revive your positive spirits and a confidence booster. Ganesh Yantra, among all holy rituals, enjoys the principal privilege of getting invoked first. Your ardent prayers to this yantra have the potency to lead you to experience positive echoes in your living space. Significance of Ganesh Yantra helps in the following:

  • It enhances your wisdom
  • It sharpens your mathematical skills
  • It hones tour analytical skills
  • It gives you confidence
  • It creates an air of positive energy around you
  • It smoothens the creases that disturbs a smooth flowing life

Ways to worship

Yantras are made of copper. You need to focus and give undivided attention to the idol of Lord Ganesha and the Yantra. You need to recite the mantra that is specific to this particular Yantra 108 times with utmost dedication. Some guidelines to follow are as follows:


  • Take a shower prior to starting to worship
  • Place the Yantra in a sacred Altar directing toward North or East
  • No one else should touch the Yantra besides the performer
  • Pour rose water or milk on the Yantra from time to time and follow up wiping it dry and clean
  • The power of the Yantra will not dilute even if the color of the yantra changes after some time
  • Apply sandalwood to the corners of the Yantra and also in the center
  • Light a candle or an incense stick
  • Offer fresh flowers and fruits before the Idol on the Altar
  • Then offer your prayers and worship while chanting the mantra

‘Om Gum Ganapathaye Namaha’ is the mantra for the Ganesh Yantra at the time of worship.


Geometrical Importance

The Yantra comes in the form of sacred geometrical structure with varied complexities. It comprises of triangles and circular figures. There is a pattern of interlocked triangles surrounded by a circle. The vertices of the triangles facing upwards indicate spiritual gain while the circle denotes rotation or movement indicating Macrocosmic evolution. It also stands for perfection and creative void that is blissful in nature. There is a Yantric contour as the perimeter of the pattern that stops the supernatural power of the Yantra to escape and vanish into oblivion.

When And For Whom

Every home is recommended to establish Ganesh Yantra on an auspicious day on the exterior door or wall in an attempt to drive away all evil forces from the vicinity. It is for all those who want to start new business ventures or flourish on the whole in the domain of being intelligent and wise.


Benefits Of yantra

Yantra channelizes energy acting as cosmic conductors. It aids to promote harmony, success, prosperity, and good health. The crux is that Ganesh Yantra overlooks your overall well-being. If you religiously worship the Yantra with a pristine mind, you are sure to reap success. The benefits are as follows:

  • Smooth flow of different projects
  • Easy flowing of life streaming to glorious ends
  • Success in business endeavors and other official attempts
  • Accomplishment in Examinations
  • Happy conjugal life for those who seek so