Shri Kali Aarti

About Shri Kali Aarti

A Symbol Of Power With Shri Kali Aarti

Known for her power and empowerment, worshipping Goddess Kali is the revelation of power and high spirit. To emphasize more on the powerful effect of Maa Kali, Shri Kali Aarti takes place ark at night. Kali is said to have appeared as early in Atharva Veda.

Time for it to perform

Shri Kali Aarti takes place during the annual kali puja celebration, which is also defined as Dipanwite Kali Puja. It is mainly performed during evening time, after the darkness hails on Earth.

Reasons to perform

Preferably performed dead at night, Shri Kali Aarti is mainly used as a symbol to get rid of evil spirit and empower life with peace and happiness. It is the best way to get out the spirit in you and use the power for some benefits.

Benefits associated with it

Defined as a way to destroy evil forces, Shri Kali Aarti is performed as a sign of power. She is here considered as manifestation of power, which brings good luck and charm in life.

Shri Kali Aarti

Prema Sahita Nita Karuun Aaratii
Mahaakaalii Maiyaa Ki
Ari Dala Daranii Mangala Bharanii
Dukhaharinii Sukhadaiyaa Ki
Tuma Hii Agama Bhava Bharane Waali
Tuma Hii Jagata Laya Karane Waali
Tuma Hee Kashta Lakhi Nija Bhaktana Para
Aakara Turata Sahaiyaa Ki
Tumhin Prabala Ho Hari Kii Shakti
Rudra Bhava Shankara Kii Bhakti
Tumhin Janani Patavaara Banii
Ika Sevaka Sundara Naiyaa Kii