Shri Kalighat Kali Temple

Overview of this temple

Kali temple of Kalighat is defined as a major Hindu temple, located in West Bengal and completely dedicated to Goddess kali. It is considered to be one of the Shakti peethas, among the 51 ones, available here. This temple is more than 200 years olds and composed in 15th century and in 17th century. The original temple was just like a small hut, built by King Manasingha in 16th century.

Cultural and religious beliefs:

Defined as an ancient temple of all time, Kalighat Kali Temple Kolkata is believed to have well existed during the time of Chandragupta II. The main aim of this temple is to provide you with the best structure and with great Shakti, for which Ma Kali is mainly prayed at. The idol is just amazing and you will receive some of the best details of Ma Kali, once you have planned to take help of this source. Worshipping ma kali is like wading off evil spirits from your life and provide devotees with a blessed life ahead. It is a mark of focusing towards the best situation, dealing with a carefree life, free from worries and tension.

Presiding deity over here:

The presiding deity, who is located in this temple is none other than Ma kali. She is the symbol of power or Shakti, which is mainly the deity is known as. Maa Kali is known for signing off evils from your life, and fulfill your life with rich love and prosperity. There are different types of Kali images, which you might have come across, but there is a special significance of Kali temple. People will get attracted to Maa kali over here, for sure.

Details of this deity:

As defined previously, the look and details of maa Kali in kalighat temple is completely different from what you have seen at other places. The image is unique and not like any other kali images. The main idol is made out of touchstone and created by Atmaram Giri and Brahmananda Giri. There are three big eyes available and long tongue, constructed using gold. There are four hands, made out of gold, for enriching the beauty.

Other shrines located within the premises:

The temple is well constructed with various important shrines and compiled to form a single temple. If you are looking to know more about Kalighat Kali Temple image, wait no further and get along with the best shrines, which combine to form the main aspect. Some places are sosthi tala, natmondir, harkath tala and jor bangla.

Nature of worship followed:

This temple is known for have been visited by pilgrims from various corners of the world. Thousands of pilgrims now flock over here and bring them domestic problems to be solved in no time. There is a simple aarti time, which takes place two times in a day. The primary aarti takes place during morning time, and mainly around 5 to 6am. Later, an evening aarti takes place too, and mostly after the periodic sunset takes place. during summer month, evening aarti takes place around 7pm, where else; for winter seasons, the time shifts forward to 5pm. The time is flexible but devotion is not.

Special celebrations taking place:

There is only one special celebration, which can be seen over here and that is associated with Kalipuja. Being in kalighat and not attending the kali puja is a world of chance missed right now. This puja is celebrated with all grace and grandeur, as considered to be the major puja over here. This puja mainly honors the power of Goddess Kali and mainly showcase the power, which she has provided in front of her devotees. The entire temple is well lighted with colorful small and big lights, and people starts flocking over here from various corners of the world.

The kali idol is well decorated with hibiscus garlands and there are loads of important flower devotion, taking place over here. You will also come across Diwali or lighting festival, celebrated with same grandeur over here. During this time now, various types of crackers are bursts to showcase good over evil.

Pilgrimage values to look for:

As this temple is defined as one of the 51 shakti peethas, therefore; visiting this temple is like a mark of great belief. Visiting this place is extremely important and you can always rejuvenate your mind and soul, through this temple and the devotional life, associated with it. You will start to see your life rejuvenated.

Ways to visit this temple

Now, when you have planned to visit kalighat temple after checking out the Kalighat Kali Temple timing, it is time for you to know more about the ways, to reach Kolkata on time. Reaching Kolkata is not a daunting task, as there are various important commutations available over here. Still want to know more about it? Go through the points, mentioned below:


  • By Air: If you want to reach Kolkata as soon as possible, wait no further and get along with the air tickets, which are available. Both international and national flights are available here. Subhash Chandra Bose International airport is the leading airport here, located at DumDum.
  • By Train: Sealdah and Howrah are two important railway stations, situated in this area. These two important railway stations are now well associated with various important cities of country and help in solving your issues on how to reach Kolkata, as soon as possible.
  • By Road: Road is also well connected with various other cities of India, as roadways are quite well associated with Kolkata. Both state run and private run busses and taxis are available over here. For some local journey, autos and rickshaws are available too and for the betterment of commuters.


Other tourist attractive hotspots

Kolkata is a mesmerizing place and there are so many other important places to see, other than Kalighat kali temple. Once you have visited this temple for Kalighat Kali Temple darshan and now want to check out the other places, located near your hand, you have quite some options left. Listed below, are some of the important tourist hotspots waiting for you:

  • Belur Math Shrine: A spiritual public place for all, this temple is a mark of extreme beauty and delight. The dome shaped top part of this temple is just mesmerizing and with white stones, carving all around the body.
  • Dakshineswar Kali Temple: ust like Kalighat temple, Dakshineswar Kali Temple is another place to show tribute to Goddess kali. This temple premise is huge, and there are small shrines available for Lord Shiva.
  • Victoria Memorial Hall: Defined as one of the wonders of this world, if you want to see marble beauty, Victoria Memorial Hall is the primary aspect for you to visit, while coming to Kolkata. It is not just known for its cultural beauty but also for its architectural structure.
  • Eden Gardens: For all the cricket lovers out there, Eden Garden comprises of various important notes for the cricket players. You might have seen the ground in TV, but you will be mesmerized after your physical present over there.
  • Howrah Bridge: Defined as the major symbol, which marks the beauty of Kolkata, Howrah Bridge is also defined as a hanging bridge, just above the holy Ganga water. It is used to connect Kolkata with Howrah and it is one of the major commutation route of Kolkata.
  • Eco Tourism Park: This is mainly defined as a latest addition in the tourist attraction hotspot in Kolkata. This place is huge and with greenery all around. A perfect place for hosting picnic, it will definitely take a long part of your day, while roaming over here.


Historical evidence associated with it

The chosen Kalighat Kali Temple history is vast and you will stay glued and mesmerized after coming in terms with the values, associated with this temple. This temple, at this latest form is nearly 200 years old, even though; it is referred to be in the Mansar Bhasan, as composed in the year 15th century. It was again stated to be in 17th century, during the time of Kavi Kankan Chandi. Another historical evidence states that one type of coin, during the phrase of Chandragupta II was found in Kalighat. This is another mark of showing antiquity evidence of this place.

The main temple was nothing more than a simple hut, which was built during 16th century and by King Manasingha. The main or present temple now was erected under the important patronage of Kaliprasad Dutta, who was the member of Hatkhola Dutta Bari. This was done with additional help from Santosh Roy Chaudhury, who was another notable member of Sabarna Roy Chowdhury family, located in Barisha. The new temple was completed in the year 1809.

Kliprasad was known to have donated Rs.25,000/-for constructing the temple and this money was provided to Santosh Roy Chaudhury. Sabarna is the original owner of this present temple and now, the Haldar family is defined as “sebadas” of temple. It was in the year 1960s, when a committee was formed of the present administrative temple’s management with representation from Indian Government. Being a part of this temple is important if you want to enrich your mind with great moves and values.