Shri Krishna Temple

Overview Of The Krishna Temple, Udupi

The state of Karnataka has many religious places, which shows the faith of devoted cultural people. You can find many temples and shrines out here. Shri Krishna Temple Udupi is a famous and a frequently visited place. People from all around the world come to Udupi, to have a glimpse of the Lord Krishna. It is believed Shri Madhvacharya founded the temple in the 13th century.

Cultural Importance Of The Temple:

This Shri Krishna Temple Udupi is the symbol of kindness. The temple is very elegant to look at. The architectural beauty is similar to most of the temples of India. The temple got its modern touch in recent days. It is reconstructed and painted as this is one of the main attraction spots. The temple area has similarities with Ashramas. The place is surrounded by several temples that are known as Udupi Anathashwara Temple. The Krishna Bhaktas, who have devoted their lives in worshipping him, has the opportunity to live in that place. These places for lining are over a thousand years old.

The Deity Of The Temple

Shri Madhav installed the deity inside Shri Krishna Temple Udupi, to spread happiness and love among people. His Work has various reasons behind it. As Lord Krishna is the God of love, he wanted to spread love and peace among people. You cannot go near the deity and people worship it through a window. The window has nine holes in it. The holes represent Navagraha, or the nine planets, which has multiple effects in human life.

Some More Information On The Idol:

You can see and worship Lord Krishna through the holes of the window. The Pujari will help you to carry your flowers to the God. You can see the beautiful window and the beautiful carving on the silver base. The deity is made of black stone. People donate with all their faith, and you can see that the Lord is wearing gold ornament, from that donation. As it is not easily accessible to the viewers, you cannot exactly state the height of the idol.

Detailed Information About The Idol:

Krishna is considered to be the black god of Hindus, because of the color of his skin. The people worship Krishna, to solve their love life-related problems. People from all around the world come here to Udupi to pay visit to the temple. Some say, that if you worship this idol of the deity with all your faith, you will definitely be able to solve your love problems. The holes in the window, which is situated in front of Krishna, represents the nine planets, and people say that it also tells you that Lord has the entire galaxy in his control.

Around The Temple:

Besides Shri Krishna Temple darshan, there are many Mutts surrounding the Temple. These are the place where the Pujaris stay. The Mutts are Kaniyour Mutt, Sode Mutt, Puttige Mutt, admar Mutt, Pejavar Mutt, Palimar Mutt, Krishna Mutt and Shirur Mutt. There are other mutts around the temple, which are used as the orphanage. You can also find the Mahishamardini Temple and Shri Venugopala Temple withing a short distance.

Nature Of Worship:

People who come into the temple in order to offer their Puja, do it keeping the Pujari in the middle. The Pujari takes the flowers and the sweets from you and offers it to the Lord. From the side of the temple, Lord Krishna is worshiped fourteen times in a day. There are different ways to worship; those are nirmalya visarjana puja, ushkala puja, aksayapatra-gopuja, pancamrtabhiseka, udvartana puja, Kalasa puja, Tirtha puja, alankara puja, avasara kanakadi puja, maha puja, camara seva puja, atri puja, mantapa puja and sayanootsava puja. The rituals are done here with utmost care faith and pure mind.

Celebrations In The Temple:

The New Year day that is the first day of the month of Chaitra and the New Year according to the solar calendar are celebrated here. People from various state come here to visit Krishna and offers him goods in a tray. Each of the trays contain coconut, jewels, fruits and mirrors. After seeing the auspicious things first in the morning, the followers made the preparation of oil bathing of swamiji. Cauki is used to provide the great feast. The festival of Matsya Jayanthi is also celebrated here. Raam Navami is a famous festival that is celebrated here; the ninth day of brighter fortnight in the month of chaitra is celebrated here. Hanumanjayanthi and kuurmaa jayanthi are quite famous.

Pilgrimage Value Of The Place:

This place is one of the seven pilgrimage sites in India. The pious followers come here every day to have a glimpse of the Lord. The temple is famous among the old and young people. The idol is so beautiful that people like to come here, with not only faith in their hearts, but also with curiosity in their eyes.


How To Reach Your Destination

The devoted followers always want to watch the fantastic idol as they see on the internet while searching Shri Krishna Temple images; the idol is made of black stone. The golden attires and the golden jewelry make the idol look more beautiful. This is not the place just to show your devotion, but you can always look at the beautiful places surrounding it. The place attracts lots of people, and if you are one of them, you should plan your staying over here. The distance of Udipi from Bangalore is 422 kilometers, and from Mangalore it is 58 kilometers.


  • By Road: If you are planning to get here by road, you should know that Udipi is connected with Bangalore and Mangalore by road, so get the car ready and you will be here in no time.
  • By Train: As Udipi comes in way of Konkan Railway, you can easily come here by train. You ca always get available trains are Mangalore station.
  • By Air: Coming by flight is a good option for those, who don’t have time to spend on the road trip on in the rail track. If you are availing a flight, you have to get on to Mangalore airport. You will get rented car from there, which will take you to Udipi.


Place Of Interest Nearby The Temple

If you have time in your hand, don’t stick to just one temple, as Udupi has lots of places to offer. You can visit many temples if you are a religious person, or you can see the natural beauties that Udupi has to offer. After knowing the Shri Krishna Temple timing, you can take a look at the surrounding areas:

  • Anegudde Shri Vinayaka Temple is a great place to be at. The idol placed here is Shri Ganesha. shree Ganesha idol is made out of one single stone, in the form of elephant. Have a glimpse of the God that possesses a spectacular golden head.
  • You can visit the oldest temple of Udupi, which is the Anantheshwara Temple. The temple is of God Shiva. The Bramhins, who reside nearby the Temple, is known as Shivali Brahmin. You can feel a positive energy flowing everywhere.
  • If you need time to relax, you can visit a beach. The blue water and the yellow sand of Kodi beach will blow your mind. Have some quality time on the beach.
  • Kudlu falls are delightful to watch. You can take your whole family to that place and have the fantastic view of that.
  • After visiting the Krishna Temple, go to the coin museum, you will get to know the local history and how the history influences the modern civilization.
  • Anantha Padmanabha temple is one of the cleanest places you will ever see. You will feel the positive vibes of that place, as soon as you enter the temple.
  • Laxmi Venkateshwa Temple has an awakened Idol. You will surely want to visit that temple.


A little History

The Shri Krishna Temple history has many tales. The vaishnavite Monks are famous for their devotion towards God. The Krishna temple also is founded by a vaishnavite monk, named Shri, Madhwacharya on 13th century. The Dvaita School is also founded by him. This nobleman guides the other devotees. He suggested placing the idol in “paschimbimukha,” which means facing the face to the west direction. The Purohits who have devoted their lives in worshipping Lord Krishna will stay in one of the Mutt surrounded the temple. The Main pujaris stay in the Krishna Mutt. As the idol wears expensive gold jewelry, which are offered by his ardent followers, the security of the temple is also high. Even at the time of its establishment, security systems were installed to secure the Godess.

There is a saying that once upon a time, the idol was covered by Gopichandanam, that is sandalwood and took it somewhere in the ship. A storm came up and messed the way of the ship. Shri Madhav, with his smelling power, sensed trouble and pulled them out with a saffron rope. The captain asked if he wants anything in return, for saving their lives. He asked for the thing that is residing inside the sandalwood. This is how he got the idol. Then He purified it and established inside the mutt.