Perform The Kuber Homam To Stabilize Your Financial Resources
About homam

For a prosperous life and complete well-being, wealth is immensely significant. Performing the sacred fire sacrifice for glorious blessings of deities instill prosperity and integrity in all your endeavors. To receive an uninhibited fortune in the entrepreneurial endeavors and financial projects, a huge number of people offer prayers to the guard of wealth, Kuber. It is inevitable that financial debacles potentially give birth to a rift in relationship, both personal and professional. Moreover, financial stability is also a prime requisite for undertaking further endeavors. Additionally, you can perform the Kuber homam with utmost dedication to generating higher revenues from your business and embellish your life with sufficient wealth resources.

Significance of the puja

According to mythological legends, Lord Kubera is the brother of Ravana. Moreover, he is the divine entity guarding the wealth of Gods. Usually, Homam for Lord Kubera is performed in union with Lakshmi homam, as both are embodiments of utmost prosperity and financial glory. The performance of the Lakshmi-Kubera Homam completely eradicates all obstacles in your path to success. Moreover, the dedicated remembrance of deities, add considerable amounts of riches to your life. Also to that, the sacred homams create positive energy resources in your life, resulting in the enhancement of materialistic comfort, and successful career in business. The whole-hearted performance of the puja vidhi gifts you with eternal wisdom and worldly intelligence.

Inventory of required samagris

Invoking the Divine existence of the wealth gods require optimum effort on your part. You must check diligently for the presence of the following materials, in the inventory of the puja samagri.

  1. Turmeric powder or kumkum
  2. Sandalwood paste for smearing on the deities
  3. Incense sticks
  4. Camphor
  5. Betel nuts as offerings
  6. Flowers for the puja vidhi
  7. Coconuts
  8. Rice for annadan
  9. Kalasa vastram or yards of fabric, minimum two yards
  10. Coins as the representation of wealth
  11. Kalakand or sugar candy
  12. Naivedyam as per the choice of the devotees
  13. Deepams for offering to the deities

Apart from the samagris mentioned above, you need to provide your personal details such as full name, birth date, time, and place. Enumerating your sankalp or wish is also important. Moreover, devotees are also eligible to perform puja for their relatives or loved ones.

Detailed Homam procedure

Lord Kubera, also known as the minister of Goddess Maha Lakshmi, blesses the dedicated devotee with fortune. He is the Kameshvara, who also epitomizes fulfillment of desires. The Homam vidhi starts with the Kalash Sthapana, and subsequently the Panchang Sthapana. The Panchang sthapana include Gauri ganesh, Shodash Matrika, Punyavachan or holy utterances, Navgraha and Sarbotabhadra. Apart from these initial beginnings, the lakshmi-Vishnu homam also include:

  1. The 64 Yogini Pujan
  2. Swasti Vachan
  3. Shetrapal pujan
  4. Sankalpa
  5. Ganesh pujan
  6. Worship of the Navagraha deities
  7. Chanting the sacred 108 mantras.

The detailed puja procedure requires utmost diligence in even the conspicuous proceedings of the homam. Therefore, Vedic priests take great care to perform the puja with dedication. Additionally, after the successful completion of the procedures mentioned above, invoking the spiritual and divine existence of deities in the Kalash is done. You have to worship Lakshmi-Kuber and Abhishek, jaapam of Lakshmi-kuber mantra, as well as Pushpanjali and arti in holy remembrance of Gods are also performed.

The Mantra

The Kuber Mantra

Rajadirajaya prasahya sahinee

Namo Vayam vaishravanaya Kurmahe

Sa me Kaman kama kamaya mahyam

Kamashvaro Vaishravano dadhaatu

The Homam mantra

Om Shreem Hreem Shreem

Mahalakshimyai Namaha

Dhanadhipaya Vidmahe

Raja-Rajaaya Dheemahi

Tannah Kubera Prachodayat

Benefits of the Homam

Utmost commitment in performing the Homam will please the Adhipati of wealth and riches. Moreover, he will shower the dedicated devotees with prosperity. Apart from that, the performance of the Homam will help you in other ways too.

  1. By performing the Kuber Homam, you will receive fast and quick recovery from all your financial dues.
  2. Moreover, a considerable accumulation of wealth will add to your already existing riches.
  3. You will also receive a steady income from your job and a constant inflow of financial resources for your business.
  4. Apart from the benefits enumerated above, dedicated devotees performing the Kuber Homam get huge profits from their financial units.
  5. Moreover, for the acquisition of land and property, the Kuber Homam is of great significance.
  6. Diligent performance of the Homam also embellishes you with fame and luxury.

Apart from that, spiritual and mental upliftment fills your soul with content

Ideal tithis for Homam

Friday is the ideal day for the Kuber Homam. The Shukra Hora is considered as one of the most pious tithis of performing the puja. Apart from that, the sacred performance of homam on the occasions of Purnima Tithi, Panchami Chaturdashi, Chaturthi as well as Ekadashi will instill umpteen financial benefits in your life. Moreover, you can perform this special homam on the eve of festivities as Dusshera, Dhanteras or Diwali to receive the divine grace of wealth gods.