Kuber Yantra

About The yantra

Flourish Your Trade By Establishing Kuber Yantra

Before placing the Kuber Yantra in your workplace or home for flourishing in business or regaining lost wealth, you must gain information on Kuber. Kuber was a devotee of Lord shiva who gave boon to Kuber to look after the wealth of the world. When anybody worships Kuber, the God of wealth endowed the devotee with money, comfortable lifestyles and success in all spheres of life. You will get a positive energy as you offer your prayer to the yantra. This is an extremely important medium for gaining wealth. A person who owns a Kuber yantra never falls short of money.

Importance of Kuber Yantra

People, who are not satisfied with their present lifestyle, can place Kuber Yantra in the puja room or inside the office to gain financial strength. Significance of Kuber Yantra is as follows:

  • Increase wealth of an individual or Institution
  • Clear all obstacles in the professional front.
  • Brings material comforts.
  • Help in achieving success in the professional field.
  • Brings happiness and fortune at home.
  • Improves financial betterment.

Ways to worship

You must worship the Kuber Yantra by following certain norms. There are few things to be done before you start praying.


  • Take a shower before touching the yantra.
  • Place the Yantra on the floor facing the East or the North in a clean and sanctified altar.
  • Place garland on the yantra.
  • Light a candle and incense sticks before the puja.
  • Keep fresh fruits and flowers on the altar.
  • Place an image of Lord Kuber beside the yantra.
  • Chant the beej mantra “Om Yakshyaya Kuberaya Vaishravanaaya Dhanadhanyadi Padayeh

Dhana-Dhanya Samreeddhing Me Dehi Dapaya Swaha" or “Om Hreem Shreem Hreem Kuberaya Namaha “ with a flower in hand and offer your prayer to the deity.

  • Milk and sandalwood paste are a must for this puja to please Lord, Kuber.
  • You must offer prayer to the yantra on a regular basis once you establish the Yantra at home or in your office.
  • While praying, you must specify your wish to the yantra to get benefit from the Kuber Yantra.


Geometrical Importance

Kuber Yantra has two triangles enclosed by four doors. The four doors or the yantric contour are marginal lines which maintain the magical power that the principal structure represents. It also enhances the magical force. The triangles represent feminine energy, one pointing upward and the other pointing downward.

Who would use Kuber Yantra

Kuber yantra is the only yantra that enables the businessman to flourish in their trade. You might have incurred a great financial loss; you can get back your lost wealth by worshipping Kuber yantra. People who are bent on improving their material comforts and increase cash flow can establish Kuber Yantra in the puja room of the house or at the office. If you wish you can place it in your cash box at your office. Placing the yantra inside the locker of the wardrobe also assures great fortunes. If you want to increase your income and want to see a positive inflow of cash, then purchase the kuber Yantra from a genuine manufacturer. Place the yantra in that place where monetary transaction occurs. This yantra opens up new paths of income, a massive improvement takes in the life of a person. This yantra will not make you rich in one day. To get beneficial result, you must worship the Yantra with patience and dedication.


Benefits Of yantra

You must purchase the Yantra from a reliable and genuine manufacturer to get good result. If the yantra is not genuine, it will have an adverse effect on the owner. Advantages of Kuber Yantra-

  • Recovers lost wealth.
  • Anybody can install the Kuber Yantra to have a better life and more cash.
  • Improves luck of the individual
  • It can be installed anywhere, be it in the office or home.
  • Increases the flow of cash