Gain Wealth And Prosperity With Laksmi Kubera Puja
About puja

According to Vedic Astrology, Laksmi Kubera Puja is responsible for gaining prosperity and wealth. The puja helps in fast recovery of debts, gratify deity of prosperity and wealth. Laxmi is the goddess of prosperity, wisdom, wealth, fertility, courage, generosity and represents charm, grace and beauty. As per Veda, it protects devotees from wealth-related sorrows and misery. You will find reference of Sri or Lakshmi in different Jain monuments and literature. The name Lakshmi is derived from Laks or laksa that means objective or aim. Thus, she is the goddess who helps in achieving objective and brings prosperity to the life of human beings.

The Lord of wealth Kubera

As per mythology, Goddess Lakshmi is consort of Lord Vishnu. Later when Vishnu incarnated as Rama, she married him in the form of Sita. Later she married Krishna as both Rukmini and Radha. Kubera or Dhanapati is the son of Vishrava, elder brother of King of Yaksha, and God of wealth. He is the guardian of North, the austerity that he performed for thousand years earned him reward from Brahma. He was the guardian of treasures, lord of wealth and Brahma also have Lanka or Ceylon to him. In Alaka, he founded his kingdom of Yakshas after Ravana occupied Lanka. Mythology also describes Kubera as a minister, who is responsible for dispersing the blessing of Goddess Mahalakshmi to devotees.

Evade misery caused due to planetary configuration

Kubera has in possession nine precious gems or treasures also known as Nava Nidhi. Performing Laksmi Kubera puja will help you to gain legitimate wealth and worldly comforts. In case, you are facing financial problems, then this puja will prove to be beneficial. Often individuals try hard to earn and accumulate wealth. A life with financial difficulties is dreadful. At times, planetary configuration and horoscope are the cause of financial problems and misery. These problems lead to personal ordeals. With Lakshmi Kuber Puja, you can get rid of these problems.

Items/samagri required

Perform puja prior to a startup

This puja helps in reducing poverty and misery and helps individual to move from darkness to light. If you are planning to start a new business the performing, this puja will make the success of your venture. It helps in expanding wealth and profit. This puja which includes jap, tap and homam. It is performed to please Kubera, the king of prosperity and wealth. The homam performed as part of this puja is known to be one of the most powerful to recover debts fast. If you want prosperity or wealth, this puja is a must.


Puja vidhi/how to do

You can perform Lakshmi Kubera Puja each month. Friday and Thursday are two auspicious days for performing this puja. Both half-moon and full moon days are considered auspicious time for this puja and it will give you goods results. Performing puja during the Diwali is also a good option. On Dhanteras that is the first day of Diwali, Lord Kuber and Goddess Lakshmi are worshipped and along with them, Lord Dhanvantari is also worshipped. Material that you will require for this ritual includes a copper yantra, wooden platform, clothes, photograph, rangoli, turmeric powder, kumkum powder, rudraksha, flowers, coconuts and raw rice. Procedure of this puja includes

  1. Place the photograph of Goddess Lakshmi and the mantra and smear kumkum on it.
  2. Offer new clothes and garland to the idol.
  3. You need to decorate the area in front of this photograph with rangoli.
  4. First worship Lord Kubera, then followed by Goddess Lakshmi.
  5. This puja ends with an Arathi with camphor.
  6. Chanting the mantra during the puja for hundred and eight times will usher in prosperity and wealth.

Use of Kubera Yantra

For the puja, you can use a yantra that will gratify Kubera. As per mythology, all your misery will go away if you worship this yantra as it is equivalent to worshipping Kubera. You will receive divine grace from the God with this yantra. It is in the shape of a square block that is divided into six boxes longitudinally or vertically. If you want to be sure about the authenticity, sum the numbers mentioned in rows, columns or diagonally. The count should be seventy two which is significant to the monetary condition of an individual. This yantra is auspicious and possess the power of Lord Kubera.



Perform the puja with devotion

Devotees need to perform this puja with full devotion as this helps in providing a positive result. Homam is performed to gain wealth and evade different financial problems. After this homam, you will receive blessings of both Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Kubera. It helps in dispelling curses if any that causes an obstacle in acquiring wealth. This puja will help in enriching the life of devotees with happiness and prosperity. If you want a comfortable life, then Lakshmi Kubera Puja is a must.

Puja by trained priests

Duration of this puja of is almost three to four hours and almost three priests take part in different rituals. Trained pundits and priests perform this puja. The procedure of this puja follows Vedic traditions so it is performed on a specific tithi. Following the procedure will help you to achieve positive results. For long-term results, you can place the idols of the both the God and Goddess in your puja room permanently. Devotees can donate food items to priests or Brahmans who perform this puja. You also need to give fees or dakshina to the priests. So, for an instant monetary gain this puja and homam is an effective one.