Lord Malleshwara Temple

About The Temple

Brief description of this temple:

In case, you are willing to know more about the architectural beauty of Andhra Pradesh temple, Malleshwara temple is considered to be an important name for you to deal with. In order to add more to the rich and beautiful cultural heritage of this place, this temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. It was built in 17th century AD and by brother of King Shivaji, Venkoji.

Opt for the cultural and religious aspect:

Whenever the main concern lies with lord malleshwara temple, you are mainly dealing with the architectural value of temples of 17th century AD. It was dedicated to none other than lord Shiva, and was built by Venkoji, who is the brother of King Shiva. The architectural style is likely to offer you with the Dravidian style, which is a masterpiece of all time. Here, Shiva is mainly worshipped as Mallikarjun. Moreover, you are also likely to come across a Basava Theertha, as located at one part of this temple. This temple is considered to be the birthplace of Vrishabhavathi River, noted for the flourishing value of this temple.

Presiding deity to talk about:

As already mentioned, this temple is mainly dedicated to Lord Shiva. Here, the devotees from various corners of the world flock over here and called the lingam with various kinds of names. Those names are Mallikarjuna, Jayasena and even Malleshwara. There are various important inscriptions, which are present on the side of temples, and tell about the major Indian mythological stories, like that of Mahabharata and some other legends, which revolves around Lord Shiva. It mainly talks about the time when Lord Shiva conferred Arjuna with the help of Paasupata astra.

More about the deity:

In case, you are planning for a trip to this temple, you are likely to come across, the major linga of Lord Shiva. The architectural beauty of this temple is well collaborated with the beauty of this temple. Inside this temple, you are likely to get the best idol of Shivalingam. As per the legend, it has been found out that Sage Agastya worshipped Lord Shiva in this platform and in front of thousands of crowds.

Other shrines for you:

Even though, this temple is fully dedicate d to Lord Shiva, but you are asked to get in touch with the right architectural beauty of this temple, like never before. This temple solely dated during the major period of Tribhuvana Malla, who was the major ruler of Chalukya dynasty during 10th century.

Nature of worship to follow:

As this temple is entirely dedicated to Lord Shiva, therefore; people make it a point to get acquainted with the best ways to show their tribute and love to the Mallikarjun form of Lord Shiva. During maximum instances, the main lingam is washed off with water and milk, as the two major ingredients of all time. Moreover, flowers and other garlands are also used to decorate the place and people serve Lord Shiva with incense sticks. There are aartis, which take place two times in a day, one during the morning version and another one, during evening time, to pay homage to Lord Shiva.

Some festivals to follow:

It is an undeniable fact that whenever you are planning to visit this temple of Lord Shiva, you need to be acquainted with the available lord malleshwara timing, before a statement. If you are looking for the best option, wait no further and get in touch with the temple, accordingly. Even though, regular aarti is a part of this temple, but you will also come to know more about the main festivals, when this temple witnesses sea of people. One such major time is during Maha Shivaratri timing.

This is considered to be the major festival to follow and the locality of this Malleshwaram is also stated after going through this temple motion. Apart from Shiva Ratri people make it a point to visit this temple as a major pilgrimage area. You are always asked to book your tickets beforehand, as it becomes really difficult to get a ticket during festive timing.

Pilgrimage area for you:

Defined as the promising pilgrimage area, you are asked to take a trip to this temple, once in your lifetime. You are always asked to rejuvenate both your life and spirit, after taking a trip to this temple of your choice. Constructed using Dravidian architecture, this place is a mark of beauty, too.

How To Reach

It is really very easy to reach this place and pay homage to Lord Shiva by coming down for a trip to lord malleshwara Andhra. Before you even plan for a trip over here, you are asked to take help of the commutations, which are available over here. Some of the most fastest and important ways are listed below:


  • By Air: The most nearest option when it comes to domestic airport if Gannavaram, which is just 20 km from the major city. This domestic airport helps to connect Vijaywada to the Hyderabad area and also with Vishakhapatnam. The flight will only take 30 minutes of your time to reach Hyderabad.
  • By Rail: If you are willing to opt for a second option apart from airport, this railway connectivity can always prove to be the best second choice. There are mainly two major lines to follow and those are Chennai Delhi and Chennai Howrah. You can also take help of trains from the Southern and Central railway junction, with many super-fast trains.
  • By road: Now, this city is mainly known for its great road networking services, through state run buses, from APSRTC and taxi services. You can roam around the interior part of city and also some other major areas in India, too.


Nearby Attractions

It is an inevitable truth that people make it a point to reach Vijayawada for paying homage to Lord Shiva, by visiting this temple. You will get more valid information about the temple and ways to reach it, by typing lord malleshwara online, as Google has so many options for you. However, after you have taken a trip to this temple, you have some other places to visit, in this platform. Some of those are:

  • Kanaka Durga Temple: Defined as one of the most promising temples, this platform is located on a hill and just overlooks the city. You can easily reach the ghat road first and you will come across some important inscriptions of various dynasties, over here.
  • Prakasam Barrage: This platform is mainly built across the river Krishna service, which is well or connecting Guntur district. You are likely to come across a panoramic lake and there are three major canals, which will run through for a Venetian look.
  • Undavalli caves: It is mainly located 8 km from Vijaywada, and the caves were constructed during 7th century AD. Previously, this place was noted by Buddhist monks as a rest house, mainly during the monsoon timings. Within this cave, you are likely to come across a huge monolith of Lord Anantha Padmanabha Swamy, which holds a completely different and reclining posture, and is now a major center of attraction for many.
  • Rajiv Gandhi Park: If you are willing to check out the horticulture of this place, just before entering the city, this Rajiv Gandhi Park can always offer you with the most promising service. This park comprises of a miniature version of zoo along with a musical fountain, to attract tourists.

Apart from the names mentioned above, some other tourist attraction spots are Gandhi Hill, Victoria Museum, Mangalagiri Temple and even Hinkar Thirtha.


History Of Temple

You might have heard a lot about Malleshwara temple, but it is not enough unless you have good knowledge about its historical evidence. Therefore, you are always asked to log online and check out the net for the historical facts and figure, as related to this temple. Always make it a point to get in touch with the professionals, as they are related to lord malleshwara history, for more than a decade now. The main presiding deity of this temple is of Lord Shiva. There are various names given to the linga by devotees like Mallikarjuna, Jayasena and Malleshwara.

There are some sculptures, which are inscribed within this temple and help in marking the beauty of this platform. This temple also comprises of two other temples, like Malleshvaraswamy temple and Vijayesvara temple, which was established respectively by Yudhishtira and Arjuna. As per the legend, this temple was the opening of the Kali Yuga service, during the time of Madhava Varma. The son of this king accidently killed a child of poor woman. When the woman pleaded for justice, king ordered death sentence to his son.

Satisfied with such sense of justice, Lord Shiva gifted the king it gold and bring back both the child and his son to life. It was also believed that sage Agastya worshipped this linga as Jayasena, and on the other hand, Arjuna worshipped the same figure as Malleswara, in this temple. These are some of the major legends, which you are likely to come across, while dealing with this temple.