Madan Mohan Temple

About The Temple

A positive overview to this temple:

Dedicated to the loving figure of Lord Krishna, Madan Mohan Temple is located in Karauli, Rajasthan. According to the legend, it has been found out that this temple was mainly constructed by Raja Gopal Sign, who once had a dream of fetching the idol of Lord Krishna from the area of Amer and place t over here. This temple comprises of an Ashtadhatu sculpture of Lord Krishna and Radha.

Religious and cultural importance:

It is an undeniable fact that madan mohan temple karoli is not just known for its long line of religious devotees, but you cannot afford to miss out the beautiful landscape, surrounding the entire temple. The lovely temple comprises of a huge inner space and with a particular living area for devotees to pray and bestow their love and devotion to Krishna Kanaiya. Moreover, it has also been stated that to protect the idol of Lord Krishna from the Mughal empire, two different idols was bought. One was placed at Karauli, and another idol was placed in Jaipur, which are made out of right different metals.

More about presiding deity:

As it has already been mentioned earlier, this temple is a perfect place to enshrine Lord Krishna and his lover, Radha. This temple is a mark of peaceful serenity and with apt values, which make this platform a perfect place for you. The real meaning of Madan Mohan is a person, who has the power to enchant even the Cupid. There are mainly three altars, as present inside the temple. Madam Mohan stands on one altar, with Sri Radha on his left and Lalita Devi on right.

Detailed description of deity:

Whenever the main concern lies with idols of Lord Krishna in this temple, there is a specific feature, which makes this completely different from other idols of Lord Krishna and Radha. Here, there are three major idols and those are of Lord Krishna, Radha and Lalita devi. All these three idols are made out of Ashtadhatu, which is a perfect mixture of eight different metals, into one. Therefore, the idol is not just beautiful with a copper tint, but considered to be quite strong, at the same time.

Other shrines to value:

Karauli stone and lime mortar are the two major materials, used for decorating and constructing this temple. This temple has only one major altar, which is devoted to Lord Krishna, Radha and Lalita Devi. However, there is a vast prayer area, located in the middle of this temple. Beautiful pictures are available with a spacious Jagmohan. You can even take a look at Sanctuma Sanctorum.

Rituals for you to follow:

People from various corners of the world flock over here, for the amazing aartis, which take place in this temple. There are some particular madan mohan temple timing and sessions available, which are noted for this aarti period. However, it is an undeniable fact that aartis take place on a regular basis, and there are mainly two timings meant for this segment. One is noted for the morning aarti, and another one is stated as evening aarti. Devotees with flowers, garlands and even incensed sticks come over here from different corners of the world, to pay their tribute and love to the Almighty, Lord Krishna.

Some festivities for you to note down:

This temple is considered to be the major center of faith, when it comes to the Hindu community. This platform is mainly a strong religious forum for devotees. Major worships are performed by following the norms and rituals of Gaudiya traditions and rituals. More or less, various types of Hindu festivals are celebrated in this platform and in the lap of Karauli fort mainly. There are some smaller shrines located just in front of this temple, which are well decorated during any festive seasons. Therefore, you are asked to visit this place whenever the right time comes.

The beauty of this temple really becomes indescribable during the moonlit night, which is also stated as Purnima. It seems the nature is willing to decorate the temple with its natural moonlight. It is during that point of time, when the whole moon is out and people from various corners of the world gather here to show their tribute and love to Lord Krishna.

Pilgrimage value to deal with:

This place is a perfect place, when you are willing to show your love and devotion to Lord Krishna. In case, you are looking for the best way to enlighten your inner self, a visit to this area is a must. These are some of the best ways to deal with this pilgrimage area, for sure.

How To Reach

There are various promising ways available, which you are likely to come across, while a trip to krishna temple karauli. If you are planning for a trip over here for the first time, wait no further and get in touch with the right values, without making a fuss. There are best airport and railway connection for you to come across. You can even opt for the road trip, as well.


  • By air: The nearest airport station to this place is the Jaipur Airport, which is 180km.
  • By rail: This city of karauli is mainly located nearer to the broad gauge of the western central railway line. It mainly deals with the Bombay to Delhi route. This railway line is also well connected to the major railway area, which is also stated as Hindaun city, as connected to various other parts of city.
  • By road: Whenever you are dealing with the road connection, there is a good commutation waiting for you. The roads are well connected to some of the major towns and cities, to look for. You can also opt for the standard state run buses from RSRTC. There are some semi deluxe buses available from the same segment, too. You can even opt for taxi services, if you want.


Nearby Attractions

After you have taken some time out and have visited madan mohan temple karauli, there are some other places, which are likely to grab your eyes, for sure. These places are not just considered to be important but a must visit option, in your list. Therefore, the next time you are planning for a trip to Karauli, make sure to visit these places for sure. Among so many heart rendering places, some of the best options are listed below:

  • Shri Mahavirji Temple: This is mainly defined as a famous temple for Jain community, which is nearly 45km from the said town. It is a perfect show of influencing Jainism in this arena.
  • Kaila Devi Temple: As defined from the name itself, this place is a perfect one for Goddess Durga. This platform is likely to be situated at 23km distance and can always help in offering you with the best platform to show tribute to Goddess Parvati.
  • Mehandipur Balaji Temple: This temple is solely dedicated to Lord Hanuman, which is situated at a distance of 95km, from the major town. If you want to gain power and strong values, wait no further and opt for the finest option, by visiting this temple.
  • Kedar Nath Cave and Temple: This is mainly defined as the original temple, as dedicated to Kaila Devi. This place is currently declared to be unsafe in nature, due to the threats from animals from the Ranthambore jungle. This place is however just 3km from the main town. Visitors are asked to walk over to this place to show their tribute and love to Kaila Devi.
  • Timangarh Fort: Names just after King Timanpal Timan Garh, this fort is considered to be a famous historical element as located near karauli Timan. There are some amazing architectural beauty services, which are waiting for you.


History Of Temple

There are so many promising legends, which you are likely to come across, while dealing with madan mohan temple history service, without making a fuss. This temple is said to have been dedicated to Tutelary deity, which is also stated as Lord Krishna. As per the legend goes, it is believed that Shri Gopal Singhiji when for victory over the battle of Daulatabad. Later, at that night, he had a dream, where Lord Krishna was asking him to transform his idol from Ajmer to Karauli. Following the norms of this dream, the king bought this idol of Lord Krishna and constructed this major Madan Mohan temple, to enshrine the deity.

There were two major idols, which are made in order to protect the main idol of lord Krishna from the Mughals. One idol was placed in Karauli and another one was made for Jaipur fort. These idols were bought from none other than Vrindavan, the land of Lord Krishna. As per the historical evidence, it is said that if you are willing to complete the whole of Govardhan Yatra, you are asked to visit the two temples of Govind Dev Ji and Madan Mohan Ji temples, where these two idols are situated.

Whenever you are willing to uplift your present religious quotient, you are always asked to visit this place for more promising results. There are various forms of services, waiting for you, and all starts and end to lord Krishna. It is considered to be a must visit place for the devotees, from various corners of world.