Maha Durga Yantra

About The yantra

Maha Durga Yantra Provides Way Towards Success

As defined from the name itself, Maha Durga Yantra is considered to be a perfect yantra when you have been surrounded by enemies and need expert relief. It is a perfect tool for availing destruction of enemies, followed by difficulties. This yantra acts as a protective shield, which avoids sorrow, good health and even poverty. It is a perfect yantra of strength, victory and protection against enemies and meant for all. This yantra is another name of Shakti and forms as a complete protection for the worshipper. It protects him from any kind of evil forces, adversaries and even evil energies.

Important characteristics to follow

The primary characteristic of this Maha Durga Yantra is that, it is a perfect amalgamation of mind and body, and helps in protecting the worshiper from various evil adversaries. Look into the other important characteristics, which are waiting for your growing needs and demands.

  • This yantra is considered to be apt option for women and offers an ultimate protection for anyone, who wants to possess it.
  • This divine energy of this yantra helps in strengthening body, mind, followed by the soul of the worshipper, as well.
  • It helps in bringing positivity back to live and it also helps in removing obstacles and hurdles from your life


Ways to worship

You have to start working on the worshipping category while dealing with Maha Durga Yantra, as the most promising and first hand option. Look into the important methods, which you have to follow, and gain positive aspects as related to this yantra:


  • Look for the important place first where you need to place the yantra. It needs to be place, facing north
  • You have to start with pure mind and well washed body, hands and legs
  • Place the yantra on a mat, and sit on the floor, where you will be undisturbed
  • Lit up a ghee diya and incense sticks, and place some fresh fruits and flowers in the front
  • Start working on the beej mantra now, and the chant is “Om Aing Hreeng Kleeng Chamundayai Vichai”, just waiting for your growing needs
  • You can start by sprinkling some holy water and start chanting the mantra with prayers


Geometrical Importance

The geometrical importance of this Maha Durga Yantra is quite complex, and you will see an imprint of Goddess Durga on a tiger. It shows the power and strength, which is yantra holds for all. It is a divine example of Shakti and you can hold it, after chanting the beej mantra, as mentioned above now. There is another circle with various small triangles within it.

Who can use it and when

This Maha Durga Yantra needs to be worshipped on daily basis, after taking a bath and purify your mind. it is mainly dedicated to Goddess Durga and can be used by anyone, especially women, with age being no bar. Wednesday is the strongest day and the yantra needs to be placed towards Northern side.


Benefits Of yantra

If you want to proceed smoothly towards the path of success, Maha Durga Yantra is the only name for you to rely upon. It is the finest option to pave peace and prosperity in the lives of individuals. Success is another intermingled option when it comes to this yantra. Look for the benefits, which make this item a must have for all:

  • It is a perfect yantra for fulfillment of wishes
  • If you are suffering from negative lunar service, this yantra is best for you
  • It helps you to get rid of personal and business problems
  • Perfect item as a removal of difficulties and conquer enermies