Maha Mrityunjaya Yantra

About The yantra

Get Blessed With Happiness And Wealth With Maha Mrityunjaya Yantra

If you worship the Yantra with true heart and on a daily basis, there is nothing that can keep you away from being happy. We worship Lord Shiva, who sustains and nurtures all living beings. Lord Shiva is the greatest and powerful of all Gods, who can keep us away from evil. By worshipping the Maha Mrityunjaya Yantra, you directly worship Lord Shiva.

Significance of Maha Mrityunjaya Yantra

Shiva is the winner of death, so he is called Mrityunjaya. When we break the term Mrityunjaya, ‘Mrityu’ means death, and ‘jaya’ means victory. There are some significances of worshipping the Maha Mrityunjaya Yantra.

  • When you worship the Yantra, you will be seeking peace in your life.
  • You will feel happy and satisfied in your life.
  • You cannot gain immortality but you can get some extension to your death by worshipping the Yantra.
  • The yantra is of great utility. Those who are suffering from severe diseases and fears death, is helped by this yantra.
  • Dreadful diseases can be cured easily.
  • A person will be freed from tension, stress and various problems by worshipping the Yantra.

Ways to worship

The Maha Mrityunjaya Yantra is a very powerful Yantra to attract blessings of Rudra, who can keep you away from all inauspicious aspects. You can reap many benefits from this yantra by worshiping it in the right way with full devotion.


  • You can keep the Maha Mrityunjaya Yantra outside at the main entrance of you house, to keep all the evils away.
  • First you should have a bath and start with a pure and positive mind before offering prayer.
  • You should always face east and sit on the floor.
  • You should be sure that no one is going to disturb you during the prayer.
  • You can light oil lamp or incense as many you want.
  • On the alter you have to lay fresh fruit and some fresh flower.
  • Place the Maha Mrityunjaya Yantra beside the image of the deity that is Lord Shiva.
  • Take a leaf from any tree and take some water in it and sprinkle it on yourself.
  • Then sprinkle some water on the Yantra.
  • After that fold your hands and chant the mantra, "Om Hoom Om Joom Sah: Bhoorbhuva swah: Tryambakam Yajamahe Sugandhim Pushti-vardhanam Urva rukamiva Bandhanan Mrityormukshiya Mamritat Bhoorbhuva Swarom Joom Sah: Hoom Om,” keeping your eyes shut.
  • Concentrate and wish for anything that you want to the deity.


Geometrical Importance

The power of the Yantra is based on the appearance of the yantra. You can understand from the geometrical shapes engraved in it. In the middle, it has five interconnecting triangles. OM engraved inside the triangle, which symbolizes the peace of mind and tranquillity. The triangle is the symbol of Shakti that is strength. The bonding between the female and male is represented in the triangle. There is lotus inside the yantra that symbolizes purity and variety.

When and who should use it

You can use the yantra anytime and anywhere you want. The place should be neat and clean with the yantra and the image of the God you are worshipping. Any man or woman can use the yantra for themselves or their loved ones. You can pray for your or anyone else’s good health and wealth.


Benefits Of yantra

As Lord Mahadev is the conqueror of death, hence getting his blessings will solve all your problems and worries. You will get the blessings of Lord Shiva when you truly worship the Maha Mrityunjaya Yantra.

  • Worshiping the yantra will free you from troubles, tensions and all worries of your life.
  • All negative effects in your life, career, etc. will be solved by offering a prayer to the yantra.
  • All miseries of this materialistic world will be taken away from you.
  • Worship him with devotion and he can take all your agonies away from you.
  • All evils will be prevented, and your mind will be at peace.
  • If your loved ones are very ill, then you can avail this Maha Mrityunjaya Yantra and start worshipping it, helping their diseases to cure.
  • The worship of the Maha Mrityunjaya Yantra will free you from the fear of death, severe dangers and will make you a strong person from within.