Mahabhairav Temple

About The Temple

About The Most Pious Shiva Temple, The Mahabhairav Temple

The Mahabhairav Temple is an ancient temple that is located in Tezpur in Assam. It is one of the most revered and frequently visited temples in this region of India. Every day, hundreds of devotees from all around the country pay visit to this temple and seek the blessing of Lord Mahabhairava, an incarnation of Shiva. People believe that this temple was originally built by king Banasura in the ancient times. The original form of the temple was made of stone. Later, it has been rebuilt with concrete and bricks. The temple houses a pious Shiva Linga which has been there since the pre historic times.

Location of the temple

The Mahabhairav Temple is an important temple of shiva. It is perched on the top of a hillock located in the northern part of Tezpur town in Assam. Tezpur is known as the cultural capital of Assam. It has a lot of archaeological sites and relics in an around the town those date back to very olden times. Tezpur can be traced back to the Puranas and ancient texts. Banasura, the demon king, ruled over this area. It is said that King Banasura installed the monolith as Shiva Linga, which is known to grow in size with the passage of time.

Festival of Shivaratri

An important festival that has been celebrated with great interest and participation since ages is the occasion of Shivaratri. Pilgrims and devotees from all around the country visit the temple during Shivaratri in huge numbers. You will love to be at the Mahabhairav Temple amidst the festivity of the Shivaratri Mela. It is a week-long fair that takes place during the festive season of Shivaratri. Milk and Sweets made of Bhang, a cannabis plant extract, are hugely popular during the Shivaratri week. These are available as offerings to the lord or Prasada.

A resilient shrine

The Mahabhairav Temple has withstood the test of time. It has been destroyed and rebuilt several times. There are stone columns lying around the present day temple which suggests that this temple was originally made of stone. It was destroyed by Muslim invaders in the middle ages. It had been damaged heavily in the earthquake of 1897. The temple has been built and rebuilt over its ruins a number of times.

The temple complex and activities

The temple complex has a Nat Mandir and an exquisitely designed facade at the entrance that were built much later. The temple conducts marriage ceremonies. There is a separate hall inside the complex for marriages to take place. The practice of pigeon flying is prevalent in the temple. People free pigeons at the temple as an offering to the lord Shiva. This is one of the most important and pious shiva temple india.

How To Reach

Tezpur is an important city of Assam. It is well connected through rail, road or air with other parts of the country. The mahabhairab temple is located on the northern flanks of the city.

  • If you are travelling by air, you can access the Tezpur, Salonibari airport. Different airlines companies operate flights to and from the Tezpur airport. You can approach this airport from Guwahati or Calcutta. Flights are operated on certain days of the week from these places. You might also decide to fly till Guwahati and take other means of transport from there.
  • The Tezpur railway station is located a little away from the main town. It is well connected directly or indirectly to all parts of India. Trains ply between Tezpur and other nearby railheads regularly. Guwahati is the most important railhead in the region. If you are travelling from a different part of the country, you may find abundant options of trains to Guwahati. You can travel from Guwahati to Tezpur on road.
  • There are a number of roadways connecting Tezpur to other parts of the country. You may avail regular bus services from all surrounding places. Guwahati can be the place where you can board a bus or a taxi for Tezpur.


Nearby Attractions

Tezpur is one of the most important and influential cities of Assam. It is a commercial and administrative centre apart from being a reputed educational hub in the state. It is also a major base for the Indian Army. Tezpur has contributed hugely to the art, culture, heritage and literature in the state of Assam. It has a special place in the Indian Freedom Struggle. Tezpur is also rich in places of attraction for the tourists. Apart from the holy shrine of Mahabhairav temple, there are some other places of attraction as well.

  • One of the most popular tourist destinations of Tezpur is Agnigarh. It is a spot atop a hill. The circular stairway leads to the top of the hill. Tourists who love to trek may find interesting trekking options. It provides a fantastic view of the surrounding area and an opportunity to be close to nature.
  • The Cole Park is another paradise for nature lovers. The sprawling park was established by Mr. Cole who was a Comissioner of Assam, during the British Raj. It attracts hundreds of tourists every year.
  • For pilgrims, Tezpur, besides being the site of the pious temple of Mahabhairav, also has another holy shrine. It is the Ketakeshwar Dewal. This temple too is presided over by Lord Shiva. The Shiva Linga housed by this famous shiva temple is one of the largest in the world.
  • Tourists, who love historical relics, may find the Bamuni Hills an interesting place. It is an archaeological site that with remnants dating back to the ninth and the tenth century. Located here are seven shrines and carvings of the ten avatars of Lord Vishnu.
  • Another famous pilgrimage site in this region is the Nag Shankar Temple. It is located at Jamugiri which is at a short distance to the east of Tezpur.

History Of Temple

The origin of the mahabhairab temple tezpur is traced back to antiquity. The archaeologists are of the opinion that the temple was built between eighth and the tenth century A.D by the Salasthambha kings. The original temple was made of stone. The fact is supported by the presence of old stone pillars all around the temple site. Muslim invaders who plundered parts of India regularly in the Middle Ages had destroyed the original structure of the temple. The temple was rebuilt before being hit by a devastating earthquake in 1987.

The modern shape

The maintenance of the temple was started by the kings of the Tungkhungiya dynasty. They recruited priests and guards to take care of the shrine.  The temple structure that currently prevails was built in the twentieth century by Sri Swambar Bharati, a devotee and monk. The Nat Mandir, located near the main temple was built by Monk Sri Mahadeo Bharati. The temple has two idols of Ganesha and Hanuman in the form of Dwarpaals or guards in the front side of the temple those were built later.

Legends and myths

According to legends and ancient texts, the Mahabhairav Temple was originally built by Banasura. He was the ruler of the region in the pre-historic times. Banasura was a devout follower and worshipper of Lord Shiva. He had his capital in Tezpur and is believed to have introduced the Phallus or Linga worship cult. It is said that Banasura brought and set up the pious Shiva Linga, around which he built the temple. The Linga is said to be a Living Stone which increases in size every year.