Shri Mahalakshmi Temple

Overview related to this temple

Mahalakshmi Temple is located at Kolhapur in Maharashtra, India. It is considered to be one of the Shakti peethas, as listed in various Hindu puranas. Research shows that this temple exists during the time of Parashuram. It was in the year 109 AD, when Karandeo cit the jungle off and brought this temple into limelight.

Spiritual and religious importance it holds:

It has been said that Shri Vishnu and Shri Lakshmi mainly reside in this Karveer area and will not leave during the time of mahaprayakala. This temple is known for belonging over here with architectural beauty, associated with the Kannada Chalukya empire. The Mahalakshmi Temple of Kolhapur might been a part of first circa 700 AD. This temple mainly deals with the region as associated with avimuktakshetra, and it is mostly blessed and believed to be held by most important Mother Jagdambe. The temple is worshipped as a land away from destruction. It comprises of a goddess, made out of gemstone and with some amazing beliefs, which are held by people of this place.

More about presiding deity:

The primary deity, who is worshipped over here, is the image of Mahalakshmi. It is carved pit of black stone and stands 3 feet tall. There is a Shri yantra, which is well carved on one of the famous walls of this temple. You will also come across a sanctum, which is mainly designed once every year. It helps in setting the sun rays on the image of mahalakshmi, and mainly takes place for a period of 3 days in Leo and Pisces months.

Details of the present idol:

The statue of Goddess Mahalakshmi in this Mahalakshmi Temple is made completely out of gemstone and is defined to be nearly 5000 to 6000 years old. The weighs of this temple is nearly 40 kilos. This temple comprises of an exhibit mortarless construction, which solely echoed the style of present Deccan temples. You will also come across some horizontal moldings and with the vertical offsets. It helps in creating a perfect light and shade designs like you have wanted.

Other shrines located here:

There is no such other shrine located within this temple’s complex. It all dated back within 7th century BC and the entire notion is associated with it. however, the temple is well associated with goddess made out of gemstone and with architectural beauty of Chalukya temple for enriching the beauty now.

Nature of worship:

The worship structure comprises of five worship services, which are primarily offered each day. The first practice takes place at around 5am in the morning, and this ritual involves the resent waking of deity. This happens to take place with Kakada, which is a torch, well accompanied with hymns. The second form of worship takes place at around 8 am in the morning, which involves offering nothing but Shodashopachara puja, and it consists of 16 elements now. there are some other afternoon and evening festivals, which also take place along with Shejaarati pooja, constituting various 3 services. It is better to provide the best strategies here.

Special festivity to stay over here:

Whenever you are trying to deal with the best festival time, it is better to get along with the major Mahalakshmi Temple of timing, offering major solutions right now. Mahalakshmi is mainly worshipped for her power, revolving around prosperity and illumination. The main event, which is celebrated around here is celebrated by thousands of people, and the main event is defined as “kiranutsav.” This festival is celebrated every year, and on following days, like 31 January, 1st and 2nd February and 9, 10 and 11 November.

Apart from the festival mentioned above, this temple also celebrates RathaSaptami, which takes place during the month of January, every year, and takes place for 3 consecutive days. Among various festivals, which take place over here, Kiran Utsav is the major one, as it is defined as the festivity of sun rays. There are practically 5 worship solutions, which are associated with the temple and its definition.

A mark of pilgrimage:

As defined from the details given below, this temple is really very important for the pilgrimage journey. Visiting this place is a must if you want to know more about the right ways to enhance your prosperity and religious belief. Being a part of this temple is enough to rejuvenate your mind.

Ways to reach the destination

Once you have planned to get along with Mahalakshmi Temple of darshan, it is better to know more about the ways to reach Kolhapur in Maharashtra. The nearest town from this location is Panhala, which is 20 km from Kolhapur. Therefore, you can easily reach this nearby town first before moving towards Kolhapur. If you want to know how to reach this place, options are listed below:


  • By Air: Both Mumbai and Pune are some of the well associated airlines, which are asked to schedule both domestic flights and regular international flights too.
  • By Train: On the other hand, if you are willing to safeguard some money, wait no further and opt for the train service now. The closest station is Kolhapur, which is now located at a nearby distance of not more than 5kms. You will come across larger numbers of normal trains and express trains too, which passes through major cities.
  • By Road: Lastly, the entire place is well connected with roadways. Kolhapur is 400km from Mumbai and 240 km from Pune. This place is mainly located on NH4, and this stretch lies in between Pune and Bangalore. There are some state run buses available and with taxi services, too.


Nearby attractive hotspots available here

After you have visited this temple, after going through Mahalakshmi Temple of image, you are left with few extra days in your hand. What will you do in this regard, as you have to get along with so many other places to see? Well, there are various hotspot tourist attractive spots available nearer to this place. you can always take a trip to these areas, before returning back to your homeland.

  • Siddhagiri Museum: if you want to know more about the agricultural life of Kolhapur natives, this museum might offer you with the best possible service. This can easily be a great learning experience for kids.
  • Panhala Fort: Other than natural beauty, this fort has an architectural viewpoint, as well. It is always a relaxing place to visit, and mainly if you want to know more about the historical part of this place.
  • Kopeshwar Temple: If you are looking forward to any excellent ancient Shiva temple, nothing can beat the importance of this platform. This temple is considered to be more than 1400 years old, which is enough to showcase its beauty.
  • Narsinhwadi Datta Mandir: This temple is mainly defined as a finest mark of architectural beauty. Once you have planned a trip to Kolhapur, this temple is always here to offer the most promising values.
  • Shri Kshetra Jyotiba Dongar: For both peace and god trekking experience, this platform has just the right sources for you to deal with. The temple is located right on top of a hill and with its majestic beauties.
  • Kaneri Math: Want to enrich your knowledge with the brief Indian history? In case, the answer is towards positive side, wait no further and get along with this math, without making any second choice.

Apart from the names already mention, opt for Jyotiba Temple, Rankala Lake, Rautwadi Waterfall and Shahuji Chhatrapati Museum, which deserves special mention.


Historical evidence of this temple

There is an amazing legend, which you are likely to come across, while planning to indulge into Mahalakshmi Temple of history and with the best strategies. According to Karavira Mahatmya, it has been found out that Vishnu is likely to reside in the major forms of Mahalakshmi, at this place of Kolhapur. Legend unfolds that Kolhasura, who is a demon well tormented by Gods and other beings, and was known to be destroyed by Mahalakshmi , which is located at Karavira. This death spot has now become a thirtha and she is known for taking abode here, in shrines. This helps in fcusing towards the temple’s constitution. Even though, several parts of this main temple are associated with the second hand part of second millennium CE.

There are some epigraphic reference spots of the deity, which resembles the art of 7th century BC. The temple resembles the beauty of 10th century CE, which is another majestic view of artistic value. There was a certain point of time, when the temple was fallen out of worship and people never knew about it. The image of main goddess was also placed elsewhere. Later, worship was again restored in 1715 and this took place after the Marathas rose into power.

This place is a perfect mark of pilgrimage and visiting Mahalakshmi Temple is like rejuvenating your mind from within. You will love the values associated with this temple and the architectural beauty is way more than beautiful. There are loads of important festivals, which are readily held here and on an yearly basis.