Mahavinayak Temple

About The Temple

Introductory note for you:

In case, you are looking for the major pilgrimage center, mahavinayak temple is the best option for you to deal with. This is defined as oldest temple of Ganesha in Odisha, and the sculpture was constructed by royal kings of Keshari Dynasty. It was constructed during 12th century and later it was the worshipping spot of Darpan king.

Spiritual and cultural values of this temple:

In case, you are a die-hard devotee of Lord Ganesha, you are asked to get in touch with mahavinayak temple Orissa once in your lifetime. This is an idea place to show your love and devotion to Ganapati, which is again stated as Mahavianyak. There is another important feature, which make this temple a perfect devotional platform for you to visit. The most promising part is that Pancha Devata, Shiva, Ganesha, Vishnu, Sun and Durga are worshipped together as a single deity, within this platform. Therefore, it is not that you are paying tribute to a single Idol, but to the entire family to save you from negative results.

Presiding deity of this temple:

It is really hard to focus towards the presiding deity of this temple, as PanchanDevata resides in this place. Even though, Shiva, Durga, Vishnu and Sun devta are worshipped over here, but this temple is said to be dedicated to Lord Ganesh mainly. The main intention is to follow the norms and rituals of Lord Ganesh over here, even though; you have to liberty to pay tributes to others, as well. It is the best place to rejuvenate your mind and get rid of tension, as well.

Describing the deity well:

As mentioned above, this temple is mainly notable for handling services to the Pancha Devata. However, people from various corners of the world visit this platform for showing their love and respect towards Lord Ganesha. In Odisha, there are mainly five different places where Pancha Devata is worshipped, and among all these five options, this temple is considered to be the oldest. Here, the idol of Mahavinayak is supposed to have enshrines five god heads, to create one lingam.

Other shrines as availed:

Once you have planned to take a trip to this temple in Orissa, you will come across a single main temple, where the presiding idol of Pancha Devata is present. On the other hand, you are even asked to take help of reliable little shrines, which are located within the same complex, mainly looking like resting place of the Almighty.

Some rituals to follow:

There are some simple rituals, which are followed over here, and the nature of worship is more or less similar to other areas. The best part is that as you have five different Lords residing in one place, therefore; a single aarti is a mark of showing tribute to all. During maximum instances, aartis take place on a daily basis, and mostly two times in a day. You can visit this temple at any point of time, around the year. However, if you are willing to enjoy the festive mood, then the best mahavinayak temple timing is during September and October months.

Look for the festivals

As it has already been mentioned, there are loads of festivals, which generally take place between the months of September and October. You are always asked to get in touch with the rituals first and start looking for the trip timings, accordingly. In case, you are a novice and want to know more about the festivities, you are invited to check the internet for more values. The main festivals, which generally take place over here, are makar sankranti, Shiva ratri and Raja.

Among all these festivities, Shiva ratri takes place for 5 long days with homa and yagna, as taking place on yearly basis. These are celebrated with more glory and pomp. On the other hand, loads of people tend to visit this temple on each Monday. Moreover, they also visit Sankranti as another time to come and visit and shower prayers. During Shravana month, devotees of lord Shiva offer holy water to show their needs and fulfill their wishes.

Perfect pilgrimage value available:

In case, you are looking for the right pilgrimage value, you are asked to take a trip to this temple. Once you have come across the premises of this place, you will get to see the real meaning of devotion and get hold of spiritual enhancement, making it one of the best pilgrimage forums, so far.

How To Reach

When you have made up your mind and planned for a visit to mahavinayak temple, there are some commutation plans, which need to be made accordingly. There are various ways, by air and also by railways, which you can follow to reach Odisha. Moreover, if you are living quite near, then bus and taxi services are also available.


  • By air: The most promising airport is the Bhubaneswar airport services. This is considered to be a well-equipped platform, which connects Odisha with some other metropolitan cities of India. There are regular flights, which you can easily look for, while planning to reach Odisha through this airport.
  • By rail: If you think that airway is the most crucial and money consuming part of your trip, there are other railway services, waiting for you. This can help in offering you with the right rustic beauty, which you can try and come across. The services are associated with South Eastern Railway Zone, which is the main line for you to deal with.
  • By Road: There are extensive roadway connections, which you are likely to come across, while dealing with Odisha travel. There are state run buses available for local commuters. Moreover, you can even take help of taxi services, for your needs and fulfilling your demands.


Nearby Attractions

After you have taken help of this temple, there are some adjacent historical and important places available for your needs and demands. You can always check out about this temple from mahavinayak temple online sites and follow the similar path for other attractive places. You are always asked to keep some extra time in hand, when you are visiting this area. You will fall in love with each of these places, which are now mentioned below:

  • Lalitgiri, Ratnagiri & Udayagiri: These are mainly stated as the three major and famous Boudh Vihars. These are located at a distance of 70km, when comparing the distance from Cuttack. Among these areas, the most promising Buddhist Complex is known for be the old and ancient seat of Puspagiri. This is also stated as the Buddhist University of 7th century AD.
  • Gokarneswara Temple: Locate d in Jaraka, this is the major temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. This place is just 20 km from Chandikhole, which is again located on the river bank of Bramhani.
  • Chatia Bata Temple: If you are willing to pay tribute to lord Jagganath, this temple is the best option for you to do so. It is located on the National Highway number 5 and it is just 20km from the Chandikhole area. There are loads of pilgrims, who plan to visit this are, at least once in their lifetime.
  • Biraja Temple: Another important name of temple, when you plan for a trip to Odisha, this temple is said to have been built during 13th century, quite close to Mahavinayak temple. This place, where the temple is located, is sated as Biraja Peetha, which is the major influence of Goddess Biraja.

These are some of the major places, which you are bound to visit, while your trip for this Mahavinayak temple. You have to book tickets right now, with some major tourism companies.


History Of Temple

In case, you are willing to take a trip to Mahavinayak temple, then you must be rest assured to know more about the historical value of this temple well. There is an amazing legend, which surrounds this temple well and you need to know more about this service well. This place is mainly stated to be platform with both historical and mythological importance. This major sculpture of Lord Pancha Devata has been well constructed by Keshari Dynasty’s king and mostly during 12th century. Later this place becomes the worshipping center of Darpan king.

Moreover, as per another legend of this temple, Rati Devi, who is the wife of Kamadev used to worship in this temple to release her husband from the strong curse of Lord Shiva. She used to offer her prayers to lord Ganesh. When she was praying with utmost devotion, five hands stretched out to receive her offerings. In a dilemma chose prayed to Lord Brahma, who later clarified that those five hands belong to Lord Shiva, Parvati, Ganesh, Vishnu and Surya Devta. All of them are over pleased with her prayers and want to take her offerings. So Kamadev was released, and from that time onwards, five Lords united into one granite stone.

These are some of the magical legends, which you are likely to come across, while dealing with mahavinayak temple history. A trip over here is considered to be overwhelming enough to help you elevate your spiritual life, with some amazing results to wade off evil spirits from your life.