Shri Marikamba Temple

Details Of The Marikamba Temple

Situated in the northern part of Karnataka, Marikamba Temple is known for, its Goddess. Every year, thousands of devotees all across India visit Sirsi, to visit this spectacular temple. Research say that the temple was built in the year 1688, but the founder remains in mystery. People come here to worship the incarnation of Maa Durga, that is right-handed Goddess Shri Marikamba.

Cultural And Spiritual Side:

Goddess Marikamba is known as Godamma that is the “elder sister” of all Mariammans. She is also known as Yellemma and Renuka. This temple is a sacred place for Hindu people. For is convenient location, you can see people coming from Karnataka, Kerala, Tamilnadu, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh. The main ritual people follow over here is sacrificing the animal, to please the Goddess. The deity is established in a magnificent Temple, which symbolizes the art and culture of the location. You can find the images of Hindu God and Goddesses on the wall of the Marikamba Temple. It carries the signs of Kavi Art, which is a popular art from coastal Konkan region of Karnataka.

The Presiding Deity:

The Marikamba Temple Sirsi is the biggest temple in Karnataka made for this Goddess. The exact height of the deity is not clear, though the experts say the idol is around 8 feet to 11 feet tall. The goddess has eight arms; she rides a tiger, killing the demon. There are saying that the idol is recovered from the nearby pond named, Hanagal. You can find different weapons in different hands of the Goddess. Out of them, Trishul is the main weapon by with Shri Marikamba killed the demon. Marikamba Temple image will give you the impression of the previous society.

More Information About The Idol:

The reddish orange color of the deity represents power and light. The devotees pay visit to the temple and take a look at the beautiful idol. Some of the ornaments of Devi are made of real gold. The idol carries the architectural beauty of the locals belongs to that era. Legends say Devi shows herself, in the dream of her devotee; she tells him that he can find her in Sirsi town. By establishing and worshipping the idol, people can get happiness.

Other Shrines Available Nearby:

You can find many temples and shrines around the Marikamba Temple but this beautiful temple stands alone and has no other shrines available in the temple complex. The temple has big ground in front of it, and you can see the idol from the outside. As Marikamba is incarnation of Durga, you can see people reading Durga Chalisa and Ambe Maa Chalisa inside the temple.

Rituals to Follow:

Most of the Hindu Temples have brahmins in charge. But The Marikamba Temple is different from the others. The main priest, belongs to the Viswakarma or the Carpenter Caste. People pay visit there every day, and offer flowers sweet and sindoor. You will get threads from the temple, which you can put around your wrist. The thread carries the blessings of Devi. As she is the incarnation of Maa Durga, the basic rituals are same. She stands for the ultimate power. People visit here every day in search of peace and positivity in their life. The daily visitors bring flowers with themselves to offer it with Aarti.

The Special Religious Events:

This Temple is the living example of modernity, of that era as the Carpenter Caste is in charge of the temple. To please the Goddess, there is a ritual in which, people sacrifices animals. Buffalo, is chosen as the sacrificial animal, for various reasons. As per the legends Maa Durga slayed the demon who came to her in the form of a buffalo. This is performed at the time of Rathayatra. There is a belief that sacrificing the buffalo brings good fortunes to the people. It helps the people to help their profit double.

Rathayatra is celebrated quite extensively here and becomes the main attraction for people of South India at that particular time. This is celebrated once in every two years, and people here call this Marikamba Rathayatra. A procession is celebrated in the month of February. It lasts seven days. The idol of the deity is seated inside a chariot, and the procession goes to every important cities and town. Devotees from all over the place join this huge procession.

Importance Of Pilgrimage:

Marikamba Temple darshan is famous for the pilgrimage. The deity is known to be one of the most enlightened Goddess. People pay visit with many expectations. People, who are facing problems in life, try to visit her at least once. As the Goddess stands for power, freedom and honesty, people try to beg this quality from Devi.

Ways To Reach Your Destination

Marikamba Temple or Godamma Temple is situated at Sirsi and 53 miles East To Gokarna. If you are a faithful follower of Maa Durga, you will surely want to visit the temple. For the locals, public transports are available.


  • By Road: If you are planning to go by car, Sirsi is full of many highways that that connects it with many states. Udupi, Dharwad, Haveri, Shimoga, Saroga all are directly connected to Sirsa. If you are coming from Sates like Maharashtra and Goa, you will also get a direct route.
  • By Train: Availing train is the most popular option of visiting the temple. It costs comparatively lesser that other transport systems and it also will not take much time to take you there. Talguppa is the nearest railhead. You should get into that station, and you have to avail another transport as Sirsi is 54 Kilometer away from that place.Hulbi is another major station that is 102 kilometers away from Sirsa.
  • By Air: if you have short time, you should definitely try to avail a flight. It will take few hours if you are traveling from anywhere in India. Get down on the Hubli Airport. You will get a car from there, which will take you to 105 kilometers away in Sirsi.


Nearby Places To visit

While coming from far away to Sirsi, you should always think to visit not only the temple but also the other famous things that enrich the culture of the area. Before you can come, you should know the places you are going to visit as you should not waste your time in searching for new places. Know the Marikamba Temple timing, and make your trip schedule. Apart from visiting this temple, you should check the other temples too.

  • Shri Venkatarama Temple is a must watch. The famous temple nearby the Marikamba Temple is Sathyanatheshwara. If you are a religious visitor, this place will be perfect for you.
  • Banavasi Temple Town is one of the most famous and ancient places. It is known as konkanapura too. The oldest temple in here is Madhukeshwara. This temple was built in the 9th century. You can find the deity inside, who is Lord Shiva. Shaivism is practiced in here. If you are in love with historical aspects, this is the place you should visit.
  • If you are here to have some time to relax too, you should visit the other attraction. This place is full of falls, and you can visit them. Such as, Mattighatta falls, Bene Hole Falls. The Shivaganga falls religious value so visit them if you can.


The Beautiful Historical place

Describing the Marikamba Temple history is a difficult task. It’s just not about the temple, but it is about people and the religion surrounding it. It carries emotion and faith. Devi appeared to the general people as Gali-Mari and stayed there as Maremma. The local people were facing social troubles and were seeking a ray of light.

Shri Marikamba appeared in the dream of carpenter, that carpenter family is now known as Havalayya. He got the idol from a pond in the town of Sirsi. The residents of Sirsi were delighted with that idea that Shri Devi would bless them. There were different options while installing the idol. Few major heads advised placing the idol inside Guru Mutt. It was in front of the temple for a few years, before people put her inside the temple.

The idol is believed to be one of the most awakened. So people visit here every day. The idol was established inside the temple in the year 1688. From that day, many pilgrims come to visit the Devi. It is believed that the citizens are safe and healthy with her blessings. People who need strength and positivity in life visit her at least once in their lifetime. The interior decoration is old and beautiful.