Meenakshi Temple

About The Temple

Look Into The Establishment Of Meenakshi Temple

Defined as the historic Hindu temple of all time, Meenakshi Sundaresware temple is primarily located on Southern bank side of Viagai River, in Madurai, Tamil Nadu. This temple is mostly dedicated to Parvati, another name of Meenakshi and her consort, off course, Lord Shiva. Following the special Dravidian Architecture, this temple was believed to have been found by Indra, while he was on a pilgrimage to reimburse most of his misdeeds.

Religious and cultural touches with it

One of the most proficient features of meenakshi temple, in iconography field is the parrot, as in the right hand of the deity. This parrot is mostly associated with Andal, also known as saint of Vaishnava Azhwar. Here, the term “Pancha Sabhal” is mostly used to refer to five royal courts of Shiva where he used to perform his cosmic dance moves. This temple comprises of a massive Nataraja idol, enclosed within the silver altar, hence; the term “Velli Ambalam” came into being. This special figure differs completely from Chola Bronzes, which was made on Rajasekara Pandya’s request. He requested to change the position of Lord Shiva, and finally availed graceful acquiescence.

Know more about presiding deity

This temple mainly deals with Goddess Parvati, as the major presiding deity with lord Shiva. This temple is the lifeline of this 2,500 year old Madurai city, and talks about the amazing marriage, of Meenakshi and Sundareswarar, the biggest one on Earth. Meenakshi is also considered to be one of the most proficient female Hindu Deities to have a major temple, under her name. Here, the term Minacchi means eyes like a fish, and the term is taken from “mina”, which means fish, and “aksi”, which means eyes.

Main idol of worship

Goddess Meenakshi of madurai meenakshi temple, is also termed as Fish eyed Goddess, and is the principle idol to worship, unlike any other temples of lord Shiva. She is seen to have been standing with a bouquet and a parrot in her hands, which signifies compassion and love. The sublime feel and grace of Divine mother along with her infinite mercy can be felt, just by standing in front of the idol.

Other shrines located in the complex

Apart from goddess Parvathi, there is also a differently sculpted idol of Lord Shiva, or Sundareswarar, which is also worshipped in this segment. This temple comprises of 14 gopurams, which again includes Thanga Gopurams. This temple is also known for some of its magnificent paintings, residing on the temple walls and has been recently restored.

Significant worshipping modes

There are nearly 50 priests, who are asked to perform any form of puja during the festivity time, and on daily basis. Just like any other Shiva temples in Tamil Nadu, the priests mostly belong to Shivalite and Asishaivas. They reside in a closed northern side of this temple. There are 6 times puja calendars, each with four rituals. These are stated as alangaram, abhisheka, deepa aradanai and neivethanam. These are mostly performed for both Meenakshi as well as Sundareswarar. This puja is held in between different music, which is played with tavil and nadhaswaram.

Enjoy some enriching festivity with it

Even though, the options are many, but the most promising festival, related to this temple is Meenakshi Thirukalyanam, which is the marriage ceremony of Lord Parvati. It is celebrated during April month, every year. This wedding is practically considered to be a classic example of South Indian festivals, with women leading the top. This entire arrangement is defined as Madurai marriage. On the other hand, the male dominated marriage is stated as Chidambaram marriage. This marriage is the perfect way to bring together urban and rural people together, with mortals and deities. It is also the mingling ceremony of Vaishnavas and Saivas to celebrate the life and unconditional love of Meenakshi.

Some other events, which need to be mentioned, are Ther Thiruvizhah or the chariot festival and float festival, also known as Theppa Thiruvizhah. There are two major Hindu festivals, which are celebrated inside the temple complex, and those two are Shivrathri and Navrathri.

Perfect pilgrimage destination

Due to the presence of both Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, this temple is considered to be one of the proficient pilgrimage destinations of all time. It is only one such temple, where entire dedication is given to Goddess Parvati.

How To Reach

Reaching Madurai is not that difficult, as you have some outstanding communication to come across. From road journey to railway solution, there are loads of options, available for the disciplines. In case, you are willing to visit meenakshi amman temple, the options are practically endless. Listed below, are three of the easiest routes to choose from, while dealing with destination services:


  • By air: Defined as one of the less time consuming way to reach your favorite spot, Madurai can be easily reached by air, with Chennai and Mumbai connecting flights. The Madurai airport is just 10 km from the city, and it will not take much time to reach the temple from there.
  • By Rail: when it comes to rail lines, there is more than one option, to choose from. Madurai comprises of direct rail connections to Kollam, Bangalore, Coimbatore and Chinnai. People can even opt for the rail connection towards Thanjavur, Rameshwaram, Tirunelveli, Tiruchirappalli, Tuticorin and Tirupathi, as some of the other areas to follow.
  • By Road: There are some promising road connections from Madurai, to other parts of South India. There are five major bus stands over here. Moreover, this place also comprises of suburban buses, town buses, auto rickshaws, taxis and cycle rickshaws, as other modes of transportation.


Nearby Attractions

Defined as the third largest city of Tamil Nadu, you an easily expect some other reliable sightseeing hotspots in here, apart from madurai meenakshi amman temple. Apart from loads of temples, there are some cultural marks, which are hovering around the place. Some attractive tourist attraction spots are mentioned below:

  • Koodal Alagar Temple: Defined as a perfect example of Viashnav temple, this hotspot comprises of three different stairs of Lord. It is located just in the heart of cist and considered to be a part of Divya Desams.
  • Pazhamudhir Solai: Just located nearby to TAlagar Koil, it is a temple dedicatedly for Lord Karthikeya, residing on the hills. This is considered to be quite a large temple with some beautiful carvings, which will soothe your eyes for sure.
  • Thirumalai Nayak Palace: You will understand the beauty of kings of that time, by taking a trip to this amazing palace of all time. This is mainly determined as the palace of Thirumalai Nayak of 17th century, where a portion is contributed to the Meenakshi temple ground. People come here for the amazing light and sound show.
  • Gandhi Museum: A perfect place to reincarnate your historical knowledge, this museum is mostly known for housing bloodstained dhoti of Gandhi and with some of his artifacts. If you are interested to know more about India’s freedom movement, this place is meant for you.
  • Vandiyur Mariamman Teppakulam: Famous for the float festival, this mandapa is built is in the middle of the famous pool, made by man. This festival is known to be taking place during Thai Poosam festival.


History Of Temple

Meenakshi is considered to be the promising avatar of Hindu Goddess Parvati, also known as Consort of Lord Shiva. This meenakshi temple madurai is considered to be one of the major temples, to have devoted to Hindu female deity. Here, Goddess Meenakshi is the major deity of this temple, and not lord Shiva, also termed here as Sundareswarar. As the legend unfolds, to answer the prayers of Malayadwaja Pandya and his wife, Parvati came out of holy fire, which is also stated as Putra Kameshti Yagna.

Another legend talks that goddess have notice to Kanchanamalai, also known as a place of mothering values. Here, the girl, who came out from the fire known to have three breasts. A heavenly voice later told that the third breast will disappear, when she found her right match, and it did. Happy king gave the name Tadaatagai to her little girl, who later becomes the heir to the throne. Tadaatagai was thoroughly trained in 64 sastras, and some field of science, too.

During her coronation, she waged war in right directions. After Brahma’s Abode, she advanced to Kailasha. When she looked into Lord Shiva, she was unable to fight and lower down her head in shyness, and the third breast was known to have vanished, immediately. This temple is a mark of this magical wedding on Earth.