Shri Muthappan Temple

Overview of this temple

Also defined as Pasassinikadavu Muthappan Temple, Muthappan Temple is located on banks of Valapattanam River, which is again 10km from Taliparamba in Kerala. The main deity of this temple is Sree Muthappan, who is the manifestation of two mythical characters, named as Vellattam and Thiruvappana. It is mainly the temple of folk deity.

Spiritual and cultural importance

As defined earlier, this Muthappan Temple kerala is dedicated to Sree Muthappan, which is a manifestation of two mythical characters. These two characters are named as Vellattam and Thiruvappana. As per the historical legend, this deity is a symbol of folk deity and not any form of Vedic deity. At present, there are some attempts made, to associate the folk deity with any form of Lord Shiva or Vishnu. The ritual of this temple is also unique and is to be done by the major priest of this place only. The traditional dance forms another integral part of the ritual form and must be done with care.

Presiding deity of this temple

This temple is entirely dedicated to the folk deity, named as Sree Muthappan. He is mainly defined as a manifestation of two characters, both with mythological evidences. The names of these two characters are Vellattam and Thiruvappana. Even though, he is not a Vedic deity, but nowadays, people are trying to associate Sree Muthappan with Shiva or Vishnu. It does not follow the normal Satvic Brahminical worship formation, therefore; the rituals are extremely different from the normal ones, as showcased with other deities.

Description of the deity

The description of the deity is more or less similar to the folk deity. Here, a traditional dance form also takes place, as a major part of this ritual. The idol is shaped like any mortal being, but with extensive jewelries. The crown of this deity is well embellished with red colored covering and other silver jewelries. The eyes are covered with silver glasses and with huge beard to go with the look. The idol is well embellished with bigger jewelries.

Other shrines, if any

The temple comprises of only a major shrine, which is meant for Sree Muthappan. On the other hand, as folk dance forms an integral part of this ritual, therefore; vacant space is available in the front, where the dance takes place. It is hard to find any other services, apart from such promising features here.

Ways to worship

Both the two characters of Sree Muthappan enjoy the ritualistic enactment. Therefore, Vellattam and Thiruvappana are worshipped on a daily basis, and they have fixed timing to do so. It is early in the morning, when the main performance takes place and again the same procedure continues for the evening round. There are some traditional offerings, which are made during such instances, and those are bellattam, paimkutty and thiruvappana. The offerings are made to the prime priest, known as Matayan. The main of the major offerings are Vecheringat, Neerkari, coconut slices and boiled gram. Sometimes, burnt dry fish and toddy are provided as different types of offerings.

Special rituals or occasions

In case, you are planning to opt for Muthappan Temple darshan, then you should try to visit during the festival times. It is important to book your tickets beforehand, or it might be hard for you to get a perfect ticket when needed. Puthari Thiruvappana festival is the major festival for you to look for, and it is conducted on Malayalam day of 16 Vrichikam. It generally takes place on either 1st or 2nd December. It takes place during the first Thiruvappana of this temple’s year. This festival is associated with harvesting season, of the same region. The last day of this Thiruvappana is mainly on 30 Kanni, every year.

However, there are some times, when Thiruvappana must not take place, and some of those days are from Thulam 1st to Vrichikam 15th of every year. Moreover, the same ritual does not take place on new moon dat of Thulam and Karkkitakam.

Pilgrimage spot for many

This temple is nothing short than a perfect pilgrimage spot. There are so many important points for you to gather, once you have planned a trip over here. You are asked to get in touch with the best pilgrimage source, and this temple tops the chart, as per the news.


Ways to reach Kerala

After you have checked out the Muthappan Temple timing, your next step is to visit this place. It is important to take a trip to Kerala if you are planning for a trip to this temple. So, you need to be aware of the air, rail and road trips, which will ensure that your trip to Kerala is a fascinating one. for a smooth ride, listed below, are some of the major options


  • By Air: At present, reaching Kerala is an easy option, thanks to the three wonderful international airports. Whether you are planning to travel from south or from any other international area, you can get here, through these airports. These three international airports are Thiruvananthpuram International Airport, Kochi International Airport and Calicut International Airport.
  • By Rail: Just like airline, Kerala is known for its railway trips, too. If you want to reach here fast, and without investing much money, how about trying your hand for the railway rides. There are 200 railway stations over here for you to choose.
  • By Road: Kerala is here to be accessible by road, if you are looking for a smooth ride. There are three major national highways here, 17, 47 and 49, for some needful help.


Other places for go

Once you have captured the Muthappan Temple image in your mind, next stop is to go for the other places, which make Kerala a nice holiday trip with family or friends. If you want to enjoy nature at its best, then wait no further and contact the experts right away. These experts, especially the tourism companies, know just the right hotspot locations, to attract majority people.

  • Kumarakom: This place is a small village, from where you can enjoy the best backwater service of all time. Sip some tender coconut juice and enjoy the scenic beauty, laid right in front of you. Here, you have the liberty to check out the authentic Kerala food items, along with the warmth, present in fresh air.
  • Wayanad: It is extremely important to visit Wayanad, which is defined as the land of paddy fields. Some people even translate this place as the green paradise, which is not false. This place is known for its calm and serene value, which will take you to a completely new trance for sure. This place is mainly known for holding its tribal heritage along with the agricultural abundance.
  • Thekkady: This place is considered a popular wildlife sanctuary, where you will be able to find some of the best animals of wild. Some of the basic examples are sambars, tigers, elephants, gaurs and a rare collection of lion tailored macaques. This forest is located on banks of Periyar Lake, and it is mainly known for its thick forest of evergreen trees.

These are some of the important places, which are must visit hotspot locations for you. It is always vital to get some extra time with you, the next time you are planning for a trip to Kerala. It will take some time of your life, but you will not regret the decision made.


Historical values of this temple

When it comes to Muthappan Temple history, you are talking about a folk deity and not someone with any origin of Vedic deity. At present, recent research shows that the people of this native land is trying to ascertain Sree Muthappan as a part of Lord Shiva or Lord Vishnu, even though; the values might change from one legend to another. The main part of this temple is that it helps in letting people known about Sree Methappan, and the two mythological characters, making him as a whole one, Vellattam and Thiruvappana.

It is always important to check out the rituals performed, while showing tribute to The Almighty. There is a folk dance, which is a major part of this daily ritual and attracts more devotees, from various corners of the world. The popular offerings will also vary in this temple, when compared with other ones. For experiencing all these changes, you have to be a part of this section, too. There are some specified dates available, and you can choose those festive moods to be a part of this temple and its ritual.

It is not that difficult to reach Kerala, as the place is well connected with airway, railway and roadway connections. Some of the popular and traditional offerings, available here, are Paimkutty, Vellattam and Thiruvappana. These offerings are also added with burnt dry fish, coconut slices, Neerkari, toddy, boiled gram and Vecheringat. With the help of the historical aspects, it will not be difficult for you to go and take a trip over here, with some knowing answers.