Control Your Stars And Get Positive Vibes Through Nakshtra Puja
About puja

Nakshatra Shanti Puja is known to have been performed every year, on the birth of every nakshatra. The main aim is to perform better protection and to offer positive results, throughout the year. This puja mainly comprises of Ayushya homa, which is mainly used for dealing with your longevity and even Mrityunjaya homa, meant for good health and way to get rid of chronic ailments. There are some other parts, which you need to be aware of, and those are graha shanti puja or Navagraha Dosha and even Sapta Chiranjeevi Puja or the homa category. Here, the term chiranjeevi is mainly used in order to focu towards a person, who never dies.

More ways to enrich your shanti

There are seven different vows available, which complete the entire set of Nakshatra Shanti Puja, under Chiranjeevi. Those seven areas are bali, vyasa, Ashwatthama, hanuman, Parshuramasch, Vibhisana and Kripa. These seven steps are mainly performed by none other than sadhaks. It is an inevitable truth that nakshatra puja is likely to be conducted at least once every year, and mainly during your birth month. You can even try and look for that time, when your birth month is towards the beneficial scale.

Items/samagri required

Ingredients to be used during Nakshatra Shanti Puja

There are some reliable ingredients, which you need to be acquainted with, while focusing towards Nakshatra Shanti Puja, from your part. Make sure to arrange all the services before to avoid the last minute rush and complete and vidhi is apt manner.

  1. Picture of Lord Ganesha, as plced on an altar
  2. Kalash filled with Ganga water
  3. Seat with red cloth for providing asanas to God and Goddesses, planets and other forms of deities
  4. Some prayer items like camphor, incense sticks, lamps with wicks and ghee, sandalwood paste, kumkum
  5. Food items to be devoted like rice, curd, milk, sugar, ghee, fresh fruits, perfume, betel nuts and leaves, coconut and mouli
  6. Some other valuable ingredients like flowers, garlands, aarti thali, durba, sweets for naivedya, dry fruits.
  7. Special food course for brhamins, along with clothes for them to wear
  8. Cardamom, janau which is a white thread, rose water, bilva patra, havan samigri and havan wood for all nine planets, which are also known as samidha
  9. Last options are guggal, jau tal, mustard seed, kamal lakdi and astfandh


Puja vidhi/how to do

Interesting rituals and customs to follow

There are some simple yet important steps, which need to be followed, while planning to deal with Nakshatra Shanti Puja. If you can follow the steps proficiently, you can see the change in your life, towards positivity, from the first step.

  1. Primarily, asanas are prepared for invocation of navgrahas, and deities. Ghee lamp is lighted. Swasti vachan takes place where Guruji seeks blessings of welfare of client.
  2. Shanti path takes place with ved mantras recital. After that, sankalph takes place by the brhamins, on behalf of their clients. Later, puja is done for devi Ganga, Goddess Bhumi, Loads of the said 10 directions, and all 9 planets.
  3. Special puja is done, based on the puja’s main deity, along wth mantras and stotras. These are recited on special quantities as the main time asks for.
  4. After this procedure takes place, you are asked to get in touch with homam, which is done in front of agni devta using special paste of ghee, oats, guggle, tils, mustard seed and other forms of hawan ingredients and with holy woods. This segment is stated as Aahuti.
  5. Next step revolves around purnahuti using coconut, filled with water and mingled well with ghee and other forms of sacred items, like sugar and hawan ingredients. Later, this method is followed by aarti for the Goddess and planet, for whom, the entire puja is taking place.
  6. Later, the prasadam items, which are energized during the entire puja, are once again blessed by the Guruji and well packed inside a sacred box. The Brahmins, who have already tken part in this segment, are gifted with food, followed by Dakshina, which comprises of clothes, money and fresh fruits.

Mantra incantation for strong effect

Before any of your new puja journey, you need to jot down the nakshatra mantras and chant those from the start till the end, for some amazing results. Incantations will evoke the lord’s spirit and ensure you with success and peaceful livelihood.

Nakshatra shanti devnarigi mantra

Incantation in English

Sumanasa vanthitha thevamanohari aswini thevi sahaayakrube|

Ksheera samuthbava thivyaroopini barani thevi sahaayakrube|

Bankajavaasini baabavimochani kruththikaathevi sahaayakrube|

Mokshprathaayinee manjulabaashini rohinithevi sahaayakrube|

Manthra nivaasini chanthrapaththini mrukaseershathevi sahaayakrube|

Theva suboojitha sathkuna varshini aarthraathevi sahaayakrube|

Ambujavaasini thevakana sevitha punarpoosathevi sahaayakrube|

Jeyapara varshini jeyaprathaayini siva poosa thevi sahaayakrube|

Seekra balapratha bava bayahaarini suba aayilyathevi sahaayakrube|

Saathujadaachritha thevamuni boojitha yoga makam thevi sahaayakrube|

Thurkathi naasini thoobaprakaasini jeya pooramthevi sahaayakrube|

Gnaanamayamohini saasthra swaroopini uththirathevi sahaayakrube|

Hana hara sakaaya aanantha poojithaaya hasthathevi sahaayakrube|

Ratha kaja thuraka pathaathi sevaka saasthramaya chithraathevi sahaayakrube|

Chakrini raaga vivarthini gnaanamaya swaathithevi sahaayakrube|

Kunkuma archchitha anuthina sevitha visaakathevi sahaayakrube|

Chanthra prakaasini kantharva kaanamaya anushaathevi sahaayakrube|

Baarathi baargavi manthramaya kobura jeshtaathevi sahaayakrube|

Sankara thesika saantha poorana annamoolathevi sahaayakrube|

Anuthina sevitha achchutha varaprasaatha pooraadathevi sahaayakrube|

Soka vinaasini rathnaalankaara uthraadathevi sahaayakrube|

Manimaya poojitha saantha soroopini thiruvonathevi sahaayakrube|

Kaaviri gangaa nathirava sevithakaantha avittathevi sahaayakrube|

Moolika sobitha muniprasaatha sathayathevi sahaayakrube|

Nava nithithaayini nama:sivaayini poorattaathithevi sahaayakrube|

Sankapathuma nithisahaaya ratshaka uththirattaathithevi sahaayakrube|

Swarnaprathaayini sootchuma sahaayini revathithevi sahaayakrube|



It is an undeniable fact that nakshatra comprises of profound effect on your everyday life, and you need to please them to change their movement, for the betterment.

  1. With proficient steps, which are associated with Nakshatra Shanti Puja, you can easily enrich your life with good health, proper wealth and perfect prosperity, which you were looking for.
  2. Moreover, by performing the steps in perfect procedure, you can get rid of ill effects, which are hampering the present condition of your life. You are not just going to please the Almighty, but also your stars, which are associated with your birth date and month, along with time.
  3. In case, you are born under any seven inauspicious nakshatra, there are separate puja, waiting for you. There are some particular gods and goddesses, who you need to deal with, while focusing towards the nakshatra puja.

Mantra incantation for strong effect

Before any of your new puja journey, you need to jot down the nakshatra mantras and chant those from the start till the end, for some amazing results. Incantations will evoke the lord’s spirit and ensure you with success and peaceful livelihood.