Shri Nandi Temple

Details Of The Temple

The Nandi Temple is situated at Khajuraho, a village in Madhya Pradesh. The main deity of the temple is Nandi, who is in the form of a bull. He serves Shiva and Parvati and is the gatekeeper of them. There is a Vishwanath temple in front of it, which is built by Dhanga, The Chandella king, in the year 1002. The deity is Shiva, so he built the Nandi temple, facing the Vishwanath mandir.

Cultural And Spiritual Side

Nandi lives with Lord Shiva in Mount Kailash. The eighteen masters, consider him as the chief guru. You can find many Shiva Temple all across the country, and most of them has a Nandi temple beside them, facing the idol of Lord Shiva. Nandi is appreciated for his dedication and his obedience to the Lord. People worship him to get his blessings, and that will help them to be loyal and faithful. This Nandi temple is quite old, and if you want to know about the lost culture of khajuraho, you need to visit that place. When you see the sculpture of the temple, you will get an idea of how strong the people were in the matter of art.

The Presiding Deity

The idol of the deity is Nandi, the bull. The nandi temple khajuraho india is square and has four balconies. The entire temple is made of stone; the idol of Nandi is also made of black stone. People who come to visit the Vishwanath temple, tend to visit the Nandi temple too. You will see many carvings inside the temple, some of them are of two-legged elephant. As nandi is the guard of Lord Shiva and Parvati, it has become ritual to establish a temple of him beside the main temple.

Detail Of The Idol

The Nandi idol is made of shiny stone, and it is standing there from the year 1002. The sculpture on the idol is beautiful, and that carries the significance of the art and culture of that time. As the temple is beside the Vishwanath Temple, people often visit here. This is one of the favorite spots of foreigners and the photographers. The beautiful art satisfies the photographers mind. This temple is one of the most beautiful among the Khajuraho Monuments.

The Other Shrines Available

The Nandi temple is inside the prelims of the Vishwanath temple. Although there are many temples and beautiful sculptures all over the place of Khajuraho, and there are no other shrine besides, the Vishwanath temple, available in the prelims of the main temple. If you are planning to visit Lord shiva, then you have to visit his loyal guard too.

Rituals To Follow

There is a specific way to worship Nandi. He is the symbol of loyalty and obedience. He also stands for the courage and honesty. To lead a life without trouble, people tend to worship the idol of Nandi. There is a specific way to worship Nandi. You have to bathe him with Gangajal, and then rinse him with rose water. Apply the paste of sandalwood and do the aarti with an oil lamp. Nandi is loyal to Lord Shiva, so chanting Om Namah Shivaya will do the job for you. You will get his blessings if you have faith in mind.

Special Religious Event

People come here to visit Nandi, whenever they pay a visit to lord Shiva. Women fast on the shivaratri and offer their prayers to lord Shiv. So the Vishwanath temple becomes very crowded in the month of February and March, so the temple of nandi also gets crowded. People want to visit the nandi temple and have a glimpse of him if they have faith in mind to become a better person in life. There is no particular event to worship Nandi, as the people, who want to get rid of the karma, like to worship him daily. People celebrate the special occasion with Nandi, whenever any occasion regarding Lord Shiva comes up.

Pilgrimage Value

Every day, many devotees come here and seek light from the Lord. And the people, who wish to get a better life, worship Nandi. He symbolizes the loyalty and the devotion towards the master. So people seek his blessing to gain the strength to be loyal and focused. This is the reason, why the pilgrimages from all around the world come here and visits the place.


How To Reach Your Destination

When you are planning to for nandi temple khajuraho darshan, you need to know the right ways to reach your destination. You have to pick, what is the most convenient for you. There are three ways by which you can reach to this place.


  • By Road: If you are planning to get here by road, you need to know that most of the cities of Madhya Pradesh are well connected to Khajuraho. You can always use the National Highway Number 75. You do not have to worry, if you are driving, the roads are quite smooth and convenient.
  • By Train: You can target the Khajiraho railway station, which is connected to few towns. This is also directly connected to New Delhi. You can get Khajurah-Hazrat Nizamuddin Express, and get a taxi to reach your hotel or the temple.
  • By Air: if you want to save your time, then coming by flight is the best option, you could get. Khajuraho has owned domestic airport; you can get them from your city.


Nearby Attractions

When you are planning to visit the place, you need to look at the local sites too. You need to know the nandi temple khajuraho timings and plan your rest of the trip accordingly. But before you start, you have to make a note about the places you want to visit. You can go through the nandi temple khajuraho map and learn the nearby attractions. The places you can visit are

  • Kandariya Mahadev Temple: You can visit the Kandariya Mahadev temple, and be sure the architecture will make you stun. You will appreciate the beauty of the art and the ancient artist.
  • Lakshmana Temple: If you are a history freak, then visiting Lakshmana Temple is ideal for you to visit. Satisfy your thirst of historical curiosity and visit the temple.
  • Parsvanath Temple: Parsvanath Temple is also a great place to visit. It not only carries the religious significance, but the art lovers also love to visit this particular location. You will certainly admire the art of the sculpture if you can see it.
  • Panna National Park: If you are a nature lover, the Panna National Park is there to entertain you. You will get to see the beautiful waterfall and the greenery.
  • The State Museum Of Tribal And Folk Art: If you want to take a closer look at the art and culture of the local area, you should visit The State Museum Of Tribal And Folk Art.
  • Javari temple and Vaman Temple: The Javari temple and Vaman temple are the places you should take a look if you want some more historical experience.

If you are visiting the place with your family, you will surely love the time you will spend there. You will get to meet with the warm-hearted people over here, and you will want to come back over and over again.


History Of The Temple

Khajuraho places, when the kings build many temples, and that carries the art and culture of the society of that era. The place is full of temples that carry the significance of not only the local history but also the history of India. You can have the idea of the economic aspects of social life at that age. Even you are not that religious; you can visit the place for its mysterious historical facts. The art will stun you, and you will get to know the people who will make your trip more enjoyable.

If you are interested in knowing the nandi temple khajuraho history, then you should look into some facts. Chandella King Dhanga built the Vishwanath temple in the year 1002. As Nandi is the guard and the ardent follower of Lord Shiva and Parvati, the Nandi temple was also built beside the main temple. The idol of the deity faces Lord Shiva. The main temple is in a delicate state as it is ancient. But you can witness the beauty of the sculpture. The beauty of the temples over there will stun you.