Get The Protection Of The Omnipotent Narasimha

The Narasimha is the incarnation of the Lord Vishnu. In Indian mythology, the Lord Vishnu has many incarnations. The legend of Narasimha is associated with the elimination of the demon king Hiranyakshipu. In his previous incarnation as Varah, Vishnu killed Hiranakshya the younger brother of Hiranyakshipu. To avenge his killing, Hiranyakshipu worshipped the Brahma for years; and the king got a blessing from the Lord Brahma that he is invincible from the gods, demi-gods, serpents, birds or human who is born to them. No weapon can pierce him nor can the fire burn him down. He is invincible in the day and in the night. The blessing made Hiranyakshipu a tyrant he starts a search for Vishnu.

But, Hiranyakshipu’s son Prahlad was a devotee of Vishnu. It enraged Hiranyakshipu and he announced death penalty for Prahlad but, his every single execution method failed. The furious king then asked Prahlad who is his savior, and hearing the name of Vishnu king asked where He is. Prahlad answered he is everywhere. The King asked if he is in this pillar and when Prahlad say he is everywhere. The Hiranyakshipu smashed the pillar and a figure appears half lion and half man and placed Hiranyakshipu on his knee and tore him apart with his claw. It tells that the omnipotent lord is everywhere and ready to save and protect his devotee on every occasion.


Reasons for worship

The lord Narasimha is the great protector of his devotees. So, the devotees worship Narasimha to remove the obstacles from their path and make it easy to reach Vishnu. And the others worship to get the protection of the lord so that they get protection from their enemies. But, due to the fiery form of the lord Narasimha the deity is worshipped in the temples.


How to worship

There are many forms of the lord Narasimha and most of them are believed to be angry Narasimha. The only exception is Laksmi-Narasimha, which is the milder or mellowed down form of the lord. There are many opinions about worshipping the lord Narasimha including the color of the flowers offered. But, it is always believed that anything offered to the god with a clean mind and full of devotion is accepted by the God. So, pray to the god with normal upachar for daily pujas and do it in a clean mind and do not mean to harm anybody.

Festivals based on Lord Narasimha

The main festival is Narasimha Jayanti, the day when the great lord appeared. It is at dusk on the fourteenth day of bright fortnight or Shukla chaturdesi in the month of Vaisakh. The Jayanti celebrated all over India.

Benefits of Worshipping Lord Narasimha

The Lord Narasimha is the great protector. The Lord Narasimha protects his devotee, and he who worships him with devotion gets his protection always.

Regions where the Lord Narasimha is worshipped

The Lord Narasimha is worshipped all over the country. There are 37 temples in Andhra Pradesh and Telengana, 52 temples in Karnataka, 20 temples in Maharashtra and Goa, 38 in Tamilnadu and 53 more in other states.