Perform Navgraha Homam To Be Free Of Obstacles
About homam

The Navgraha Homam is performed to get rid of all obstacles in life by pleasing the 9 planets. It is done to gain peace, long life and good luck. It is a very colorful homam because everything is used of nine different varieties. There are clothes of nine colors, flowers of nine types, nine different naivedyams, nine cereal and nine chamatas or twigs. The nine planets that are worshipped in this homam are the Sun, Moon, Saturn Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Rahu, Mercury and Ketu. Among Hindus you will often find the term ‘dosh’ being used. This is a term used for any defect found after a child is born. This is not any kind of physical problem but a problem with the planets that rule the baby. A Navgraha Homam is performed to get rid of such difficulties.

Meaning of the planets worshipped

Each planet worshipped has a unique significance. The Sun is the king of all planets and provides good health. Moon rules over our minds and gives us success. Mars or Mangal blesses us with prosperity and abundance. Mercury gives us knowledge and Jupiter gives us education. Venus is the God of Art, Music and culture and Saturn gives us happiness. Rahu makes life stronger and Ketu blesses us with prosperity. This homam is performed to reduce negative energy and increase positive energy in and around a person.

Ingredients used for the Navgraha Homam

This Homam is a critical and important one. It is important to follow every detail and the ingredients needed here are:

  1. Turmeric powder
  2. wheat
  3. sandal powder
  4. kumkum
  5. coconut
  6. flowers
  7. betel
  8. rice
  9. 4 trays
  10. pushpam or garland
  11. Small carpet
  12. betel nut
  13. lemon 2
  14. vrati
  15. bricks
  16. sand
  17. brass vessel
  18. 1 meter cloth
  19. ghee
  20. scented stick
  21. camphor
  22. flowers
  23. mango leaf bunch
  24. Basil
  25. brass vessel
  26. Oil
  27. match box
  28. plantain leaves
  29. Knife
  30. dhoopa
  31. deepa
  32. Small brass bell

For Navgraha Dhyanam:

  1. wheat
  2. Rice
  3. toor dal
  4. green gram
  5. black gram
  6. horse gram
  7. Nava graha vasthram- red, blue, green, white, black, yellow 1, mixed color
Follow the Vidhi

This Homam takes a lot of time and needs to be performed perfectly for best results. It often happens that this Homam is accompanied by other rituals go along the whole day.

  1. Cover wheat kept on floor with leaf of plantain. Over this, pour a little rice soaked in water and again cover it with a leaf. Then pour a little gram. Similarly pour a little amount of all grams and seeds and keeFp covering them
  2. Take the brass kalash and pour water into it along with sandal, kum kum, camphor, honey, curd, ghee and oil. Now offer this to the Navgrahas.
  3. Now take a bunch of mango leaves and apply on each leaf with a paste made of sandal, turmeric and coconut. Place it inside the kalash.
  4. Chant the mantras of all grahas and start preparing the Homam Kund. For this, place bricks in doubles to make a square area like a pit. Put wooden sticks and newspapers into this. Sprinks ample amount of dhoop and camphors too. The Homam will now be performed.
  5. After the Homam, it is time for the Punar Poojan. Once the Homam is done, put sand on it and water to put off the fire. In this pooja, you need to chant all Navagraha Mantras and offer flowers and food to each Graha.
The Holy Incantations

Aum Hrim Ssrim Gum Glaum Gam Somyaha-Sumukhaya Vakratundaya Shree Maha
Ganadhipattaye Namoh Namah.

Salutations to the beautiful Ganesh, whose face is radiant like the moon, the beloved of Sun,
the deva of all the devas and the great Cosmic Spirit.

For the nine planets

aadityaaya somaaya maNgalaaya budhaaya cha |

guru shukra shanibhyashcha raahaveketave namaH ||

Aum hreem hraum Suryayeh Namah; Aum hreem shreem Chandraya namah; Aum eim hreem shreem
Mangalayeh namah; Aum aim streem Bam-Budhayeh namah; Aum hreem brahm brahaspattayeh
namah; Aum hreem shreem Shukrayeh namah; Aum hreem shreem Sam-Sanneshcharayeh namah; Aum
Eim Hreem Rahuvey namah; Aum eim hreem Ketuveh namah.

Ravi (Sun) - 6 times

japaakusuma sankaashaM kaashyapeyaM mahaaDhyuthima |

thamorima sarvapaapaghanaM praNamaami dhivaakarama ||

Chandra (Moon) - 10 times

dhaDhishankha thushaaraabhaM kSheerodhaarnava saMbhavama |

namaami shashinaM somaM shambhormukuta bhooShanama ||

Mangal (Mars) - 7 times

DharaNee garbha saMbhoothama vidhyuthkaanthi samaprabhama |

kumaaraM shakthihasthaM thaM mangalaM praNamaaMyahama ||

Budha (Mercury) - 17 times

priyaangu kalikaashyaamaM rupeNa prathimaM buDhama |

sauMyaM sauMyaguNopethaM thvaM buDhaM praNamaaMyahama ||

Guru (Jupiter) - 16 times

dhevaanaaMcha RishiNaaMcha gurukaanchana sannibhama |

buDhdhir bhoothaM thrilokeshaM thvaM namaami bRihaspathima ||

Benefits of Navgraha Homam
  1. It is said if four or more planets are not properly placed in our birth chart, there is a problem with it. Navgraha Homam is the remedy for this defect.
  2. It is also said that performing this Homam frees a person from all planet related defects and he can lead a good life.
  3. These planets take a toll on our success, luck and marital life if not rectified. The Homam makes situations favorable in your work life as well as any other field of life.
  4. It keeps you healthy and, reduces your tensions too.
  5. It is especially good for people who are looking for career opportunities for a long time or facing problems in their married lives.
  6. People who are unsuccessful in their business field can also perform this Homam for some relief.