Lord Parashurama Is The Symbol Of Power And Valor

Among many Hindu deities Parashurama is one of the most powerful. He is worshiped in many parts of India; especially by the Brahmins. We can get the mention of this deity in many ancient and religious texts. Parashurama is mentioned as the “axe wielding Rama” in the mythological texts of the Hindus. It is believed that He is the sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Parashurama was born in a Hindu Brahmin family. His father was one of the Saptarishis whose name was Jamadagni. His mother was Goddess Renuka. He was well known for his obedience towards his father. The deity was lived during the end of the Treta Yuga and at the beginning of the Dvapara Yuga. However, he is believed to be one Chiranjivi or Immortals according to the Hindu Puranas.


Worshiping The Deity

Although, He is one of the incarnations of Lord Vishnu, He is not as famous as Lord Rama or Lord Krishna. Nonetheless, He has many devotees who regularly worship Him in many temples all over India. There is no any specific time for worshiping this deity. Devotees gather in the shrines of lord Parashurama on New Moon days to worship him every month.


Benefits Of Worshiping The Deity

In the Hindu culture, it is believed that Parashurama is the god of power and valor. If anyone feel that he needs strength, then he can worship the deity. Moreover, students also worship Parashurama as he has the complete knowledge of all the four Vedas. He was the mentor of Bhisma, Drona and Karna. Thus, the devotees who worship Him, can receive immense strength as his blessings.

Religious Festivals For Parashurama

The birthday of Parasurama is celebrated as the "Parasurama Jayanti". It is an important festival for the Hindu Brahmins. He belongs to the family of the priests and hence his Jayanti is celebrated widely among the Brahmns. On this special occasion, people observe a ritual fast in his honor to celebrate his birthday. Generally, it falls on the same day as Akshaya Tritiya.

Region Where The Deity Is Mainly Worshiped

Lord Parashurama is worshiped in many parts of India. We can find His temples in various states including Andhra Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Gujarat and many other places.