Shri Pedamma Temple

An introduction to the temple

Though there is no clear evidence as to who and when this temple was built, but it can be said that, this temple is approximately 150 years old. It used to be a small temple. It gained popularity in the year 1993 when the Rajagopuram was constructed by Mr. P. Janardhan Reddy who was the ex-MLA of Khairtabad. This Hindu temple is located in Hyderabad in the Jubilee Hills area, Road Number 55.

Cultural and religious significance the place holds

The temple name pedamma is actually a combination of two names Peda and Amma, which means the “Mother of Mothers”. Visitors and pilgrims pray to “Amman” as their own mother and believe that she will save them from all kinds of negativities and bad influences. Thus, the temple holds great importance to the Hindus and is quite similar to the Durga puja of the Bengalis. Not only vommon people but celebrities, VIPs and politicians also visit this place to perform pujas and pay tribute to the holy Mother. The ritual of Bonaluutsavams is performed here every Sunday unlike another temple in Hyderabad.

Details of the presiding Deity

In the peddama temple in hyderabad, the presiding deity is divine Goddess Durga Mata in the form of Goddess Peddamma. One of the eleven forms of village deity is Goddess Peddamma and thus is considered as the supreme most power. She is also considered as the Mother of all the Gods and Goddess. She is significant to the power of good and is also a demon slayer. She brings prosperous times and people learn to care and share for each other under her influence.

Introduction of the idol

The idol of Goddess Peddamma is placed inside the innermost chambers of the temple. The stunning idol is decorated with gold and the Goddess is seen wearing a crown made up of gold. Apart from these, her attire is flaunted wearing jewelry. In one hand she is seen carrying a trishul and in one hand. Like other forms of Mother Goddess, she also rides a tiger. The inside chamber of the Mother Goddess is heavily decorated with garlands and hanging diyas which are usually lighted.

Any other temples in the complex

There are no other temples or shrines located inside the complex.

Rituals and nature of worship

The usual worship of the temple is followed with morning and evening aarti. The peddama temple timings are from 9:30 in the morning till 6:30 in the evening. Devotees visit this temple all year round and thus, the spirit of festivities never dies out in this temple. Believing in Mother Goddess as she showers her blessings on the followers is faith that reigns in every heart that visits this temple. Yajna and homa is carried out in this temple during the times of special rituals.

There is a special puja that is performed in this temple on Thursdays that begins with a prayer or `Abhishekam' in the dawn, precisely at 3 a.m. in the morning which is then followed by a NavagrahaHomam, Rudra', `ChandiHomam', `DikpalaBhairavaBaliharanam' `Purnahuti' and `Annadanam'.

Special rituals and festivals carried out here

This age old temple attracts many tourists from all over the country during the grand celebration of Bonalu festival, which is held during the months of June to July. It is one such festival that is held in the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad. Bonalu festival is significant as it is the thanksgiving ritual dedicated to mother goddess for the fulfillment of vows. Rathotsavam and Mahotsavam are the two other occasions that are celebrated in this temple in the month of February.

This annual celebration continues for three days and is concluded by a stunning chariot procession, which is only followed during this time. Another significant festival that is carried out in Peddamma temple is Rathasapthami, which calls for a feast and vast number of devotees visit to get Her blessing and have the Prasad. During this time the idol is decorated in a grand fashion and is taken round on the brilliantly lit temple compound. Hymns are chanted with the bursting of firecrackers in the temple complex. Durga Puja is also another festival that is celebrated here. It is according to the sync with the Bengali that starts with Mahalaya and ends with Dashami or the tenth day. It is based on the movement of the moon or ‘Tithhi’.

Pilgrimage associated with it

Since, the reigning deity of this temple is Pedamma who is considered as the Supreme Mother, so It is one of the most significant places for Hindus and pilgrims. It is visited by tourist and locals all year round but increases during the time of festivals and ceremonies.


How to reach

Situated in one of the most important cities of the India, Hyderabad is well connected by all the three modes of transportation that are road, rail and air. Hence, it is easy for the travellers from all over the country to reach the place for peddama temple darshan with any convenient mode they choose. The terminals to remember are


  • By Air: The nearest airport to the Pedamma Temple is Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, which is located in the Shamshabad area. It will take one hour for the visitors to reach the temple via a taxi from the airport.
  • By Train: If you are availing train to reach this place, then the nearest railway station to Peddamma temple is Hyderabad Railway station or Nampally that is 10 km away from your destination. Local train such as MMTS also runs within the twin cities of Hyderabad, Secunderabad and Lingampally to Faluknama. You can take a bus or taxu for easy access after that.
  • By Bus: Hyderabad has two major bus stations namely, Mahatma Gandhi Bus Station located in Gowliguda area while the other one is in Secunderabad, Parade Ground naming Jubilee Bus Station. The temple is 13km and 12 km away from the bus stations respectively. Government run buses are also very frequent here.


Attractions Of the nearby places

For the Hindus, the peddama temple imageholds a high and respectable position and when you are going to travel to the place do not forget to pay a visit to the nearby local attractions. There is a host of temples, museums, lakes and parks to visit while in Hyderabad. Listed below are few of places that you must visit.

  • Hussain Sagar Lake: It is one of the artificially lakes built in the reigning period of Ibrahim QuliQutb Shah in the year 1562 by damming the Musi.
  • Saroornagar: It is one of the famous lakes of the place, and its boundary has been lined up with walls recently. This lake plays an important role during the Lord Ganesh's nimajjanam day. Otherwise, it is the place for young people to visit during the evenings.
  • DurgamCheruvu: This lake is also known as Secret lake and is located close to the Hi-Tech city and now is famous for hosting parties and events.
  • Shamirpet: It is deer park and lakeside by side and offers a beautiful place for picnic.
  • Balaji Temple: This temple is also known as by the name of Visa Balaji. It is one of the important Hindu worshipping sites of India.
  • Birla Mandir: Also known as NaubathPahad is a marvelous Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Venkateshwara. It is entirely built of white marble and is managed by the Birla Foundation.
  • Nehru Zoological Park: This animal’s park has some rare exhibits of animals. Tiger and lion safari are also carried out here.

These are some of the significant places, for which, you need to keep some time in hand.


History and background of the temple

There is a legend behind the jubilee hills peddamma temple history that also influences the worship of Goddess Peddamma. According to the tale, all the male gods of heaven created the wrathful incarnation of Maa Sati as MaaDurga. She was solely designed to kill the powerful demon named Mahishasur. With the help of Lord Shiva and his mighty Trishul, Goddess Durga killed the demon that had a boon from Brahma that no God or Man could defeat it and thus, the Supreme power in female form.

The goddess was furbished with special weapons from all the Gods that helped Her to eliminate evil from heaven and earth and establish the reign of the Gods once again who were terrified by the terror of Mahishasur and his gang of demons.