Perur Patteswarswamy Temple

About The Temple

An Introduction of Perur Patteswarswamy temple:

If you are a devotee of Lord Shiva, then you ought to visit Perur Patteswarswamy Temple that is situated in the western portion of Coimbatore in the State of Tamil Nadu. This heavenly temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and dates back to fifteen hundred years period. Raja Raja Chola is the builder of this temple, while the innermost sanctuary of the temple was built by Karikala Chola.

Religious and cultural importance of this temple:

When you are a great worshipper of Lord Shiva, then you must visit the perur pateeswarar temple. A holy Sivalinga was discovered by a calf of Kamadhenu. A temple was then built over it. Then this location became a “Vaippu Sthalam” to Shiva. This place of worship of the pre-historical age has produced some of the finest historical composition and literature. The inscriptions found in this place range over some centuries that give you valuable information regarding the customs that were present many years ago. This is also regarded as one of the best temples in terms of sculptural splendor.

Chairing idol of this place of worship:

The magnificent temple finds its presiding deity as Lord Shiva who is also regarded as ‘Patteeswarar’ along with his companion Parvati who is also regarded as ‘Pachainayak’. The divine being of this temple is alleged to be self-emerged or ‘Swayambu Lingam’. The architecture of this shrine is exclusive that include carvings of the numerous displays of Shiva on the pillars. It is one of those temples that make you feel completely invigorated from inside out. Once you visit this temple, you will feel like visiting again and again.

Knowing about the deity:

Devoted to Lord Shiva, the temple as mentioned above holds supreme religious importance. The Golden hall inside the temple is noted for its image of Shiva, the cosmic dancer. It looks extremely beautiful, and it will be a complete treat for the eyes of the visitors. Fine sculptures can be found everywhere inside the temple that includes the ceiling walls, pillars along with numerous appearances of Shiva. On the cranium of the Shivalinga, you can even discover the footprint scar of the divine cow, Kamadenu.

Availability of other shrines:

As you visit the perur pateeswarar temple coimbatore to pay homage to the great Lord Shiva, you also get the golden chance of taking the blessings of Ganesha by visiting the Patti Vinayagar shrine. Also, you will find the Arasambalavanar Shrine that is devoted to Lord Shiva.

Few performed rituals:

As a custom, you need to wake up in the morning for taking a sunrise bath. It is intended for the purification of body and soul. You need to wear fresh clothes for praying to your Ishta Devata before entering the temple for the morning arati. Apart from this, you can also visit the temple for performing all those rituals that are conducted for deceased elderly people. As you perform every custom in the temple, you will attain immense mind peace. The tranquil surroundings will purify your mind. Not to miss is the evening arati that looks spectacular.

Information about special events:

If you visit this holy temple during March, then you will be fortunate for experiencing the Panguni Uthram festival that is renowned for its grand celebration. Offer all your prayers with a pure heart to the great Lord Pateeswarar. The annual festival is held in the Panguni month. You can give a treat to your eyes by viewing the dance performances by classical dancers if you visit the temple in September. The festival of dance or Natyanjali is held in this month. During the Margali month, you can witness the Arudra darisanam festival where you can find huge gathering of disciples and believers.

Some of the monthly festivals include pridhoshangal, sashti, sukravara oonjal, visakam and many more. Some special occasions include Shivarathri, natarajar abhishegam, purattasi amavasai, panguni uthira ther thiruvizha thiruvadhira and many more. Plan the trip to this outstanding location during the months as mentioned earlier for having an unforgettable experience.

Significance of this Pilgrimage:

When you search for some inner piece, you must visit the temple as mentioned above. On entering the grounds of this holy place, you will realize the true essence of religious fervor and devotion. Also, you will be able to purify your heart and soul by taking the blessings of Shiva.

How To Reach

Whenever you plan a trip to this temple for perur pateeswarar temple puja, then you must gain knowledge about how to reach the destination safely. If the journey is not comfortable, then you will not feel prepared for bestowing your prayers to the deities. To plan it perfectly, you can take help of travel agencies and choose to travel by airways, roadways and railways to reach Tamil Nadu. For reaching this temple, you can avail buses as well. Make sure you choose a comfortable mode of transportation especially if you are taking elderly people and children with you. Also, when you decide to visit this shrine, make sure that you know the address. This will help you in locating the place if you do not appoint a guide with you.


  • By Flight – The nearest airport that you will found is Coimbatore. Private taxis and buses are there for taking you to the temple. Regular flights are available.
  • By Railways – Coimbatore Junction is the nearest station to the temple that you can discover.
  • By Roadways – The temple is six km away from Coimbatore, the industrial city. The temple is situated seven km of the west of the Noyyal River.


Nearby Attractions

Though your main aim of visiting the State as mentioned above is to visit the sacred temple, you can always keep some extra time in your hands for engaging into the nearby activities. On various travel websites, you can learn about the nearest attractions so that you can spend quality time with your family.

  • Dhyanalinga – It is a Yogic temple that is sanctified by utilizing prana prathista. If you are fascinated by meditation, then you must visit this place. Inside the temple, you must maintain silence. Dhyanalinga is regarded as an exclusive and power energy that is produced from the distilled spirit of yogic scenes. It provides a meditative space that is not ascribed to any specific belief system.
  • Amaravathi Dam – The one place that you can afford not to visit is the Amaravathi Dam that is situated in the Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary in the district of Coimbatore. It was primarily built for flood control but now it is a famous tourist hot spot as the scenic beauty of this place is simply breathtaking. Also, it is highly popular as in the catchment basin and reservoir, the population of Mugger crocodiles can be found.
  • Marudamalai Temple – On the top of a hill, this beautiful temple is located where you can offer your prayers to Hindu god Murugan. The hill upon which this shrine is located is a portion of the Western Ghats and us twelve kilometers west from Coimbatore city. It is an ancient temple as it is regarded as a twelve hundred years old temple.
  • Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park – It is a protected area that is situated in the Anaimalai Hills of Valparai, Pollachi and Udmalpet taluks of the district of Coimbatore. If visiting the perur pateeswarar temple with kids, make sure that you visit this national park.


History Of Temple

Under the reign of Raja Raja Chola, this temple was built by the palayakarars. Irrespective of the temple you visit, gaining knowledge about the historical value holds importance. In the Christian era, Karikala Chola built the sanctorum of this holy place. According to the legend, a sacred Sivalinga was discovered by the calf of Kamadhenu. Then this place was immortalized by Saints in their Thevarams. A gorgeous form of Nataraja can be discovered in the Kanaka Sabhai that he manifested to the Pattimuni and Rishis.

In the 17th century, Alagadri Nayak of Maurai built the famous Kanaka Sabhai. Half of the Inams of the shrine were attached to the temple by Tipu Sultan of Mysore. The building of the front Mantapam and Kalyana Mantapam took place in the 20th century. Also, during this period the tower was restored. Historically speaking, the settings of Perur date back to the period of the Romans as a “Treasure Love” of Roman coins were found here.

Within the premises, you can get hold of fine literary compositions that will offer you details about the customs that existed many years ago. An exclusive collection of carvings of stone sculpture can be found in the Kanaka Sabhai. There are ten huge pillars in two rows that include carvings of displays of Shiva.

In this temple, the Annadhanam scheme was commenced with the support of the bhaktas on 15th August 2002. Hundred persons are presented with four food course lunch under this scheme on this day.