Radha The Goddess Of Pure Devotion

Radha is the Hindu goddess known for her immense love and dedication towards Lord Krishna. She is regarded as a goddess in the Gauditya Vaishnava or Vallabha sect. The deity is seen beautifully dressed in ghagra choli with the Magical Lotus or Rose in her hand. She is symbolised with the peacock feather, rose flower or tulsi leaf. She is regarded as a manifestation of Shakti and reincarnation of Devi Lakshmi, during Vishnu's reincarnation as Lord Krishna. Radha was said to be the Krishna’s soul mate and their love story is stuff of legends in Hindu Mythology. Though the two are believed to have never got married, the love and devotion they shared are still celebrated across temples in India. The deity, therefore, is worshipped alongside Lord Krishna as the goddess or pure love, devotion and faith.


Ways of worship

The deity is worshipped as a symbol of beauty, kindness, nature, humanity and true love. She is worshipped alongside her beloved “Kanha” or Lord Krishna. Both together is regarded by many as the absolute truth. Radha represents true devotion and is regarded as the supreme devotee of the Lord and, therefore, an inescapable part in the Lord’s existence. This unique bond of passionate love is celebrated through lyrical poetry in all almost all Hindu languages, narrating the different incidents of love, frolic and longing between the two. The mantra used for worship the goddess is “"Om Radhikaya Jivenam Namah, Radhavallabh Shri Harivansha Shri Vrindavan Shri Van Chandra, Radhe-Radhe".


The many Radha-Krishna festivals

Radha is an integral part of all festivals related to Lord Krishna especially Holi and Rash festivals. Radha Ashtami or the birthday of Radha is celebrated across India especially in northern India. It is in the eight days of the Hindu month of Bhadrapada, roughly in August – September.

Popular beliefs and benefit

The deity represents the ultimate devotion for the Lord and it is believed that worshipping her alongside Krishna can bestow upon a devotee her blessing of compassionate love.

Places of worship

India is dotted with many famous “Radha-Krishna “temples. The lady and her queen are mostly celebrated in the northern India, Rajasthan, Gujarat and Bengal.