Worship Rama To Bring Peace and Prosperity In Your Life

Lord Rama is the seventh Avatar of Lord Vishnu. He was born in Ayodhya. His father was the kind of Ayodhya, Dasharatha and Mother was Queen Kaushalya. Within the Hinduism, He is referred as the “Maryada Purushottama” or the perfect man or lord of self control. Sita was His wife who is considered as an Avatar of Goddess Lakhshmi. Lord Rama has all the noble qualities as mentioned in the Hindu Dharma or religion. His life story tells us how an ideal Hindu should think, see, act or behave. He is also the main protagonist of the Hindu epic Ramayana. The book is based on the life of the deity. He has made Lanka free from the reign of demon Ravana.


Process Of Worshiping Rama

Lord Rama can be worshiped every day in every household. There is no any strict rule of worshiping the deity. The devotees can light candles, incense sticks and deeps or lamps in front of him. They can offer him sweets, fruits and other delicious vegetarian dishes as per their choice. Tithis like Rama Navami can be celebrated to commemorate His birthday.


Benefits Of Worshiping Rama

In Hinduism, Lord Rama is known as the perfect man or lord with all the ideal virtues. Worshiping Him means seeking his blessings to follow His path. The devotees of Rama want to follow the path of purity, honesty, kindness, truthfulness and valor. It is believed that devotees can achieve immense peace and happiness in their home if they worship Lord Rama regularly.

Religious Festivals For The Deity

Lord Rama is one of the major Gods in Hinduism. Millions of devotees worship Him everyday. There are three main religious festivals offered to the deity. Rama Navami, Dussehra and Diwali. Rama Navami is observed as the birthday of Lord Rama along with the marriage day of Rama and Sita. The Hindu ninth day is the Chaitra Masa Suklapaksha Navami. Vijayadashami is the day when Rama got victory over demon Ravana. Diwali, the festival of lights has another meaning in the Hindu religion. It is also celebrated as the day when Lord Rama returned to his kingdom after his 14 years of exile.

Regions Where Rama Is Worshiped

In India, Lord Rama is worshiped in every state. The deity has His temples in places like Ayodhya, Odisha, Bihar, Nashik, Jammu, Kerala, and Andhra Pradesh. Etc.