Ranakpur Jain Temple

About The Temple

Little introductory note to Ranakpur Jain Temple:

Located in Ranakpur near Sadri town in Rajasthan, Ranakpur temple is known for its amazing cultural beauty and greatest architectural value. It was built in 15th century and by Seth Dharna Sah, who got his aides from none other than Rana Kumbha. The intricate architecture of this temple is hard to resist.

Spiritual value to look into:

Acclaimed worldwide, this ranakpur temple is basically known for its architectural beauty, mingled well with spiritual enhancement. Dedicated to Lord Adinatha, this complex comprises of several small temples, to build up a perfect solution. This temple is located in an isolated valley, as located on the western side of the present Aravalli range. Even though, known for its splendid architecture, you will love the spiritual believe, which the natives have for this temple. The lovely light colored marbles are enough to elevate the present beauty quotient of this temple and with a 48,000 square feet basement area, to showcase its amazing interior.

The main idol presiding:

This temple is mostly dedicated to Lord Adinatha. This temple comprises of a four faced image, which mainly symbolizes four different directions, which finally ends in cosmos. The main image is surrounded by various small shrines and available domes. Apart from the main idol, the entire temple is well embellished with some amazing artifacts, which are hard to resist and understand the beauty of architectural elevation. There is also a centered altar, which is located nearer to all domes and shrines.

Details of the deity:

The jain temple ranakpur is mainly dedicated to the well-known first tirthankara adinath. Comprising of 80 domes, 29 halls and 1444 pillars, the main idol resides within the main compartment, located in the interior part of the temple. The amazing features of dancing goddesses really elevate the beauty quotient of the temple, and surround the main deity. No two pillars in this temple are alike, making it surprising enough in every move, you take while roaming around the temple.

Other shrines as located:

There are several temples, which reside the main complex. Some of those temples are of Parsavanath temple, Chaumukha temple, Surya and Amba Mata temple. Among all these examples, Chaumukha temple is considered to be the best one, among the lot, and is dedicated to Lord Adinath, also defined as first Tirthankara.

Nature of worship to follow:

Also defined as religious holistic services, there are some amazing rituals, which hover around this significant temple. Always make it a point to get acquainted with the amazing jain temple timing first, before even you start looking for the jain ritual services. Just like any other temple, you need to be acquainted with the best Jain inscriptions, which are notified by the main priest. The main priest is well acquainted with some other secondary helping hands too, which can act in your favor. Evening and morning aartis take place, to show tribute and pay respect to The Almighty, for fulfilling some of your unfulfilled desires.

Festivals for you to follow:

Festivals always play pivotal role, whenever you are dealing with Jain temples, especially the one, which is located at Ranakpur in Rajasthan. People from various corners of the world, make it a point to visit this place, whenever the right time comes. Among so many festivities, which you are likely to come across, Diwali forms the most promising one of the lot. The entire compound is well lighted up with lamps and colors, along with floral designs.

Apart from the Diwali segment, this temple is also known for decorating its look during Mahavir Jayanti, as another special occasion. People from different states also visit Samvatsari and Paryushana as some of the other festivals, to deal with. You just need to be acquainted with the timing and ritual sessions, which are focused here, before making the final statement. No matter whatever rituals you are dealing with, all these are served with complete dedication, straight from the heart.

Perfect pilgrimage spot for you:

This temple of Ranakpur is considered to be a perfect pilgrimage spot, which you can possibly ask for. This area comprises of special festive outlook along with perfect architectural notifications, making it a must visit place for people from different corners of the world. This temple has its amazing beauty, which is hard to resist, these days.

How To Reach

Reaching Ranakpur is now not a daunting task, all thanks goes to the amazing communicative sources. From buses to railway lines, and even some flight trips, you can now easily visit jain temple rajasthan, without facing any problem. The fastest way to reach your destination is through airway obviously!


  • By Air: The nearest airport as located in this arena is Maharana Pratap Airport, which is located in Udaipur. There are some daily Indian flights, available here and connect Udaipur with Jaipur, Delhi, Mumbai and even Jodhpur.
  • By Rail: If you are not quite comfortable with airways, how about trying your luck with railways, instead? Even though, there is no such direct railway connectivity, you can always choose to opt for the neatest railway station. The best option for you is Falna, located in Pali. By road, you need to cover 34 kms from Falna to Ranakpur temple.
  • By Road: The distance of Ranakpur from other places are quite low and it will not take more than 2 to 5 hours, to reach your destination. However, great bus and taxi service makes it even easier to reach your destination, on time. These are some of the amazing solutions, all meant for your needs and demands.


Nearby Attractions

After you are completely satisfied with jain temple puja after visiting Jain temple, there are some other amazing places, waiting for you to visit. Therefore, whenever you are visiting Ranakpur for Jain temple, do not forget to keep some time in your hand, as well. Some o the most promising tourist attraction spots over here, other than Ranakpur temple, are listed below:

  • Surya Narayan Temple: Dedicated completely to Sun God, this temple is primarily famous for its wall projections and with circular structure. This temple also helps in offering a sight of Lord Surya, driven by seven horses in his chariot. It is a perfect platform, in case; you are willing to pay tribute to Sun God.
  • Sadri: Located 8 km from the main city of Ranakpur, this town is mainly dedicated for its amazing group of temples. It is also known for its old Dargah of none other than Khudabaksh Baba. Some of the main temples surrounding this locality are Chintamani Parsvanath Temple and Varahavtar Temple.
  • Narlai: Defined as a small village, this is just 6km from the main Ranakpur city. It is situated jut at the base of hill and defined as a perfect place for Jain and Hindu temple collaboration. The primary temple over here is dedicated to Lord Adinath.
  • Desuri: Located 16km from Desuri, this town is mainly dedicated to three different temples, dedicated to three different Hindu deities. One is dedicated to Lord Shiva, another one to Navi Mata and the third one to Lord Hanuman. Moreover, this platform also comprises of other temples, dedicated to different deities.
  • Muchhal Mahavir Temple: Situated in Kumbhalgarh sanctuary, this is just 5km from the Ghanerao village. The main importance of this temple lies in thee idol of Lord Mahavir, with a moustache to deal with. There are two significant elephants, which are located nearer the gateway, too.


History Of Temple

It is an inevitable truth that Rajasthan is famous for its prolific art and rich treasures, and Jain temple is one such example. The architectural monuments are considered to be best, in the world. Get to know the jain temple history first, and excel in the cultural heritage of India. This temple is said to have been constructed by Seth Dharna Sah, who was also stated as Jain businessman. He got promising aid from Rana Kumbha, known for ruling Mewar during 15th century. The temple along with the Ranakpur area got its name from the Rajput Monarch. Positioned in an isolated valley, this temple is located on the western side of Aravalli range.

This temple is definitely credible for its splendid architecture, as the entire platform is constructed using light colored marbles. Moreover, it comprises of a basement, which covers a complete area of 48,000 square feet. There are more than 1400 pillars; located in this platform and helps in offering you with the best sense of spacious you are looking for. There are several temples located within the complex of this temple, and those three temples are of Surya Devta, Amba Mata and Parsavanath. Moreover, you will also find a spot, dedicated to Chamukha temple.

A trip to this temple is just fascinating and helps in offering you with the right pilgrimage value, you are looking for. The architecture along with the spacious beauty, are some of the major plus points for you to follow. The four faced image of this temple also adds more appeal to the overall outlook.