Rudraswar Shiva Temple

About The Temple

Rudraswar Shiva Temple, Adityapur, Bolpur

Founded by the son of Rudraswar Acharya, Rudraswer Shiva is noted as one of the noteworthy temples, located in Bolpur, West Bengal. It was set up in the year 1817 A.D and still considered to be one of the most promising temples, all over this state. The temple is considered very hoy and has tremendous influence.

Spiritual or religious impact:

Just like any other Shiva temple, Rudraswer Shiva Temple is known for un-ending stories and powerful historical notions, coming down from ages. Spiritual as well as religious uplift is an inseparable part of this temple. This temple is shaped like a pyramid, and you will find all sorts of Lord Shiva festivities, celebrated here with great joy and style. Grandeur festivities awake the entire city, and not a single place is left without lights or flowers. This temple is not just known for its historical evidence, but the cultural heritage, which the entire city holds. A trip to this temple is must for understanding the power of Lord Shiva.

Presiding deity of this temple:

As defined from the name itself, this temple is a perfect place for Lord Shiva. The Shiva Lingam is the major center of attraction and has gained worldwide popularity right now. The lingam is located just on top of a podium, located just in the middle of the shrine. The entire place is well embellished with flowers, garlands and sweets. Dry fruits are also placed in front of the temple for showing love and devotees for your needs. There are various influential powers, waiting for you after a trip over here.

Details of the idol:

Just like any other Shiva Temple, this platform is also famous for its Shiva Lingam. It was placed over here from the time of its construction, and remained in that manner for ages. The Shiva Lingam is well adorned with flowers, garlands and bathed in milk water on regular basis. The entire shrine and the surrounding areas are cleaned regularly and with milk water only. During the bathing time, no one is allowed to enter the temple other than main priest.

Other shrines presented within the complex:

There is no other shrine located within the shrine. However, this pyramid shaped temple has some architectural beauty over its walls. The walls are well decorated with various figures of other Gods, like that of Buddha and also a picture of Hunter man to enrich the present look of this temple.

Nature of worship over here:

It is always advised to visit Rudraswer Shiva mandir during the time of its aartis. The first aarti takes place early during the dawn time, when the sun is not exactly above your head. This is a mark of the start of your pure day. This aarti is followed by a round of milk bath, to satisfy your needs, in front of Lord Shiva. Fresh flowers, garlands, dry fruits and fresh fruits are offered to the deity, as a mark of your love. Moreover, incense sticks are burn and place all around the temple for matching your desired needs and demands for sure too.

Major rituals to be followed around here:

As this temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva entirely, therefore; the rituals are likely to evolve around Lord Shiva, the powerful deity of all. There are various forms of Hindu festivals are celebrated over here. But, there is only one time when not only the temple but the entire city lit up with lights and fresh flowers. It is during the time of Maha Shivaratri, defined as the most promising day to worship Lord Shiva. He is celebrated with his consort Parvati and it is a mark of their divine marriage, which is something unique.

The entire temple is well decorated and lit up with colors and lights, and with fresh flowers and incense sticks. Some interesting shops are also held, on a temporary basis just for few days of this Maha Shivaratri celebration. Devotees from various corners of the world gather here to see and show their mark of respect towards Lord Shiva.

Preferred Pilgrimage area for you:

Whenever you want to visit the best Shiva temples, you have to be a part of this Rudraswer Shiva as your first-hand experience. This place has now been marked as the best pilgrimage area, which attracts devotees from not just national areas but some international places too, making your great values.

How To Reach

It is really easy to visit West Bengal, just to be part of Rudraswer Shiva darshan, and enlighten your mind with new thoughts and fresh energy. However, you need to be rest assured about the ticket timings and book for the tickets beforehand, as it is really hard to get a ticket as soon as you want. During maximum instances, people make it a point to book tickets months before the D-day.

  • By air: This place is known for having both international and domestic airports. The international airport is known as Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Airport and is located in Kolkata. If you want, you can even try and take help of the domestic flights, connecting Kolkata with various other parts of India.
  • By Rail: Two most important railway lines are hovering around West Bengal, making it a complete package, when it comes to commutation. Howrah located in the west of Hooghly River and Sealdah to the eastern area are the two important notes for you to deal with.
  • By Road: When it comes to road trip, you can always take help of private run buses, state run buses, taxi, auto rickshaws and sometimes hand held rickshaws, as well. It will not take hardly few minutes of your time to board a bus or taxi.


Nearby Attractions

There are so many other important places, waiting for you to visit, after you have come to West Bengal. Make sure to get acquainted with the Rudraswer Shiva timing first and start planning out on the visit accordingly. Apart from that, you are even asked to take a look at the available places, which are now stated as some significant hotspot of west Bengal.

  • Kolkata: A trip to West Bengal is not associated with monuments, but the places. for the first step, you have to take a trip to Kolkata, the capital city of West Bengal. There are loads of important points for you to see over here. Some of those are Howrah Bridge, Belur math shrine. Botanical Gardens and even Victoria memorial. You can even take some time out and visit Shantiniketan, Mother House, Fort William and Eco Tourism park.
  • Darjeeling: After you have enjoyed your trip to Kolkata, it is time to enjoy the lovely weather and mountain sides of Darjeeling. It is a place, known for its mountainous delights. Some of the must see places around here are Everest Museum, Neora national park, Lava, Peace Pagoda and more. You can only complete this trip after taking a trip to Darjeeling Toy Train.
  • Bankura: How about a trip to the land of Mandirs and old temples, along with a mark of its cultural heritage? Well, you can easily fulfill your dream, by saving two to three days for Bankura. This place is best known for its Rasmancha, Biharinath hill, Mukutmonipur Dam. Garh Darwaja, Nandi and Ganesh Statue and more.
  • Midnapore: After all the city commotion, it is time to feel relaxed and be close to Mother Nature, by planning for ta trip to Midnapore. Here, you will get to know more about Bahiri, Shakarpur Beach, Jhargram, Chandrakona and loads of options are waiting to be incorporated in the list.

History Of Temple

Historical evidence for your needs:

Absolutely stunning experiences are waiting for you, after you have thought of making a trip to this Lord Shiva temple. Before you plan to book for your tickets over here, you have to get acquainted with the Rudraswer Shiva history right now. Be specific about the historical evidence, which make this place an ultimate winner among the lot. As already mentioned earlier, this temple was constructed in the year 1817 AD, by the son of Rudraswar Acharya.

Most of the descendants of this said Acharya family have now shifted their base to Bolpur. Prasanta Archarya is known as one of the most promising personality of this family, and he, along with his elder brother made some renovations right here, to make the temple really important. This temple is shaped like a Pyramid, and the wall of this temple is mostly decorated with various figures, like Hunting Man, Buddha and more. Loads of architectural values are always available here and a visit over here will help you to know more about it.

Make a trip over here, only when you have some time in your hand. Visiting this temple is not the end of story, as you have to be a part of this place, during the auspicious event of Maha Shivaratri. Just look into the available timings, and book your tickets wisely. The area is well decorated with flowers and incense sticks, and the entire pyramid shaped shrine will be a mark of pleasure for all. Be part of Lord Shiva and his power, and make your day a fulfilling one.