Evade Negative Effects Of Shani With Sade Sati Puja
About puja

According to Vedic astrology, Shani or Saturn is dreaded by all. It is known for being malefic of the nine celestial bodies. Praying on Saturdays and invoking Saturn will help you to mitigate different hardships. It is believed that Shani bestows a benefit on devotees who pray to him. Shani is beneficial for those born under the signs of Libra and Taurus. Saturn is the son of Surya, the Sun God and Chaya, his shadow wife. As per Padma Purana, Samjana could not bear the luster of Surya and created Chaya, her shadow image.

Birth of Shani

Saturn is considered to be the slowest of the nine celestial bodies or grahas as he is limps. This is because children of Sanjana was angry with him and did him on the foot. Different literary works prove that Goddess Parvathi cursed Shani so if he wished to look straight, the effect would be ruinous. This celestial body is also referred as Manda as it affects human life the celestial body for seven and half years which is also known as sade sati. This phase happens when Shani is in twelfth, first and second house of the Moon in the horoscope. It starts when Shani enters a zodiac sign that is at before the sign of Moon during the birth of a child.

Overview of Sade sati

As the sade sati continues, the celestial body transits over the Moon sign of a person at the time of birth and two other signs after it. The graha spends almost two and half years in each sign and for crossing the three signs it takes almost seven and half years. Vedic astrology indicates that is a difficult and troublesome phase in the life of individuals. They might have to face many challenges, but the impact of this face is different based on the moon sign. A major challenge of this phase is how an individual handles it.

Different difficulties in this phase

This phase affects the individual and people around. During sade sati, all the nine grahas face a testing time. Expenditures are high in comparison to income, unplanned financial difficulties might crop up. Those going through this phase often complain of various health conditions like mental tensions, mental agony, problems of the eye and at times unnecessary traveling. You can feel this influence on both professional and personal life. Different signs that are affected by sade sati are Virgo, Libra, Leo, Gemini, and Aquarius. For these signs, it is important to remove the impact of Saturn so that they can lead a life of prosperity.


Get rid of negative effects

If Shanidev or Saturn is happy, he bestows wealth and happiness on devotees, and no negative forces can impact their life. Vedic astrology outlines different procedures and mantras that can restrict the effect of this celestial body. Sade Sati Puja is recommended as it helps in improving the strength of this graha and neutralizes the malefic effect of this celestial body. If your horoscope reveals that you are facing sade sati, then perform a puja to evade the negative effects.

Few important Vidhis

You need beetle leaves, coconut, fruits, sweets, ghee and materials for homam. You need fees and food material for donating to priests or Brahmins who will be performing this puja. For this puja, you need to

  1. For the puja, the person performing it needs to mention their name, date, place, time of birth, father’s name and gautra.
  2. During the puja, you have to face the west and chant the Shani Mantra.
  3. An ideal day for performing this puja is on a Saturday.
  4. You have to keep fast for this puja, and you can take khichri comprising of rice and urad dal only after sunset.
Benefits of sade sati puja

Saturn is known to depict the darker side of human beings. He is not just the taker but bestows on devotees who worship him with devotion. Performing this puja is beneficial in eradicating health and wealth problems. Different evil spirits that affect human lives are removed with this puja. If you want to fulfill your needs and wishes, performing this puja is a must. Performing the Sade Sati Puja ensures that you can lead a happy and prosperous life without any stress or tension.

Few important doctrines

Astrology suggests few doctrines and practices of people passing through this phase. You should never blame Lord Shani for the problems that you facing rather consider the past doings for the cause of these ordeals. It is advisable not to have non-vegetarian food on Saturdays as it is the sacred day of Saturn. If possible, fasting from sunrise to sunset is also considered good. Those going through this phase, can also light a lamp of sesame oil and sesame seeds to the idol or alter of this graha. It is advisable to donate useful things to needy and handicapped people. Performing puja of Lord Hanuman with tulsi leaves is also considered an effective way of mitigating this effect.