Salasar Balaji Temple

About The Temple

A little introductory noteof Salasar Balaji Temple

Salasar Dham or Balaji is stated to be a religious platform for worshipping Lord Hanuman. IT is situated in Salasar, which is near to Churu District, Rajasthan. However, there are several theories, which revolve around the legend of this platform. As per the legend unfolds, it seems that this site was discovered by Ginthala Jat, who was from Asota Village.

Religious and spiritual note:

When it comes to the religious aspect of salasar balaji temple, the primary aim is to propagate with the devotion, as related to Lord Hanuman. It basically deals with the devotion of none other than Rama. Moreover, it has been seen that thousands of visitors from various corners of the world choose to come over here on feet and show their devotion of Lord Hanuman. There are some other visitors, who plan to reach the place on prostrated movement, which shows the intensity, as devoted to Lord Balaji. There are various forms of rituals, which take place to please Lord Hanuman and seek his blessings.

More about presiding deity:

As defined previously, this temple is solely dedicated to lord Hanuman. People from various corners of the world come here to show their tribute to the master of strength and love. The idol is considered to be a little bit different from other Hanuman idols, and with a Rajasthani style with it. A visit to this place will not just elevate your devotional prayer, but can also help you to know more about ways to show your eternal love towards Balaji.

Details of deity:

The major deity is of Lord Hanuman, who receives veneration of various devotees. This idol is completely different from other idols. Unlike any other idols and projections of Hanuman, this Balaji comprises of round face and with beard and moustache. These are used to make this idol completely different from other idols of Hanuman ji. It is also believed that drinking water from the Salasar well is equivalent of receiving blessings from the direct Almighty himself.

Other shrines within the complex:

Constructed over a period of 2 years, lime mortar, bricks, stones and marbles were used for creating a final result. This temple, other than the major shrine comprises of Sabha Mandap, which is a prayer hall and Sanctum Sanctorum, as covered with artistic silver and gold works for enhancing the present look.

Rituals to be followed:

There are some important rituals, which are followed in this temple, dedicated to Lord Hanuman. For the first stop, people need to be aware of salasar balaji timing, and offer their prayers, accordingly. Coconut tying is considered to be one of the major rituals for you to perform. You are asked to tie coconuts with sacred red threads, also known as moli. Such practices are performed to fulfill any of your desire, which is waiting for some time. Some people also try and opt for Savamani as another important ritual to follow. Other than that, regular aartis along with feasting of Brahmins are always there like before.

Value-added festivals to follow

As this temple is entirely dedicated to Lord Hanuman, therefore; various forms of festivals are featured over here, which are centering Hanuman as the main deity. Among so many festivals, which you might have come across, Sri Hanuman Jayanti is the major festival, which can be seen over here. It is also defined as Chaitra Shukla Chatirdashi and even Purnima. Millions of devotees from various corners of the world are likely to take active part in this ritual, to show their love and devotion.

Other than this major festival, this temple is also likely to check the mark of Ashvin Shukla Chaturdashi and field of Purnima. This is a magnificent fair, as witnessed by various devotes. Another attractive fair in this regard is Bhaadra Shukla Chaturdashi and Purnima. Free sweet drinks and foods are distributed during this festival. The entire temple is well decorated with amazing flowers and incense sticks, to show extreme love.

Pilgrimage sign for many:

There are some amazing pilgrimage signs, which you are likely to come across, with this temple. Millions of devotees gather here to show their respect, and dedicate their love towards hanuman ji. The temple is well decorated with embellishments and sacred threads, as mark of enriching their beliefs for blessings.

How To Reach

There are various major ways, waiting for you to grab, whenever the main concern lies with salasar balaji temple rajasthan and at the quickest manner possible. There are some special commutations available for you, and you have the liberty to choose the best one.


  • By air: The most important way and fastest route to reach Salasar is by airways. Now, there are no such regular flights, which you can avail from other major cities. However, the nearest airport is Sanganeer Airport, which is 138km from the available place. You can even try and look for Jodhpur Airport service, which is again 218km from the said destination.
  • By train: Just like airport version, this place does not have any of their own train station. The nearest option is the Sujangarh, which is 26km from Salasar. You can also try and look for Ladnum railway station, which is 33km away.
  • By road: There are some regular buses services, which you are likely to come across, while dealing with Salasar road service. There are some state run buses available over here, which helps in connecting this place with some other major cities, all around the world. These are some of the most reliable ways to reach this platform.


Nearby Attractions

After you have invested time for salasar balaji puja, there are some other places, which can win over your hearts, too. Therefore, while planning for a trip to see this pilgrimage area, make way to look for some other tourist attraction hotspots, too. Some of those major places for you to visit are listed below:

  • Tal Chhapar: This place is located nearer to Salasar is a renowned grassland area. This place is mainly noted for its endangered species of Black buck, which is hard to find somewhere else. If you are looking for some natural wildlife services, this place is considered to be the best one for you to pay a visit.
  • Shekhavati: It is few hours’ drive from Salasar, and considered to be the southernmost point of Skekhavati. This place comprises of various types of temples, dedicated to different Gods and Goddesses. IT is mainly noted for Jeena Mata Temple and Khatu Shyamji Krishna Temple, as two major options.
  • Nawalgarh: This place is dedicated to the cultural and historical platform of Rajasthan. Just like Skekhavati, this place is termed as the major town of Havelis. This town is well enriched with beautiful forms of frescoed havelis or forts, which will help you to know more about the beauty of this place.
  • Mandawa: This platform is solely visited for its profound rural character. Moreover, this place is also known for its famous castle, which marks the architectural beauty of this place. The beauty of this castle is well complimented with famous magnetic artwork, which is again hard to avoid. A trip to this place will help you to know more about the beauty of castles, at that point of time.

Apart from the places, which have already been mentioned, there are some extra points, waiting for you to reveal. You can make a trip for Bagar, Alsisar, surajgarh and Jaipur, as some of the additional values for you to perform.


History Of Temple

You are always asked to take help of salasar balaji history, whenever you are dealing with this Mandir of Hanuman ji. There are so many theories, which you are likely to come across, while dealing with this temple. It is claimed that the discovery of this site was meant by Ginthala Jat, of the Asota village in Nagpur district. It is stated that on one Saturday of Navami samvat 1811 and a final miracle took place. This farmer was ploughing his field and his plough was suddenly hit with a stony thing. This creates a resonating sound. He finally dug the soil up and found the idol, which was well covered with sand. When his wife reaches the place to provide food to her husband, she saw the idol, and cleaned it with her saree.

The Thakur of this village came to know more about the idol. He had a dream of Hanuman ji, ordering him to send the idol to Salasar. This was due to the divine power of this idol, that an ardent devotee of Lord Hanuman, Mohandas Maharaj also saw the same dream and urgently sent messages for the idol. It was enough to prove the divine power of this idol, and finally the temple came into existence.

There is a rich cultural value, which you are likely to come across, while dealing with this temple of Salasar dham. You are always asked to take help of reliable historical evidence to know more about this religious shrine and some associated legends, too.