Santana Gopala Homam The Key To Conceive A Healthy Child
About homam

Your yearning for a child will come true with Santana Gopala Homam. The main deity of this ritual is Lord Krishna. During this puja, Krishna is in the form of a child. Couples, who desire to have a child, can perform this homam, are blessed with a child, and leave a contended life. Children bring happiness to the family. Often couples suffer from mental agony and are upset for not having a child. With this puja, they can get rid of obstacles, delays and different complexities that women have to go through during pregnancy. Couples without a child resort to this ritual to beget one.

Get blessings of Lord Santana Gopala

Lord Santana Gopala, the main deity of this homam or puja is the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. He incarnated on earth to bless the devotees. He blessed couples who earned for a child, granted peaceful life for married couples. The Lord blessed his devotees a peaceful, prosperous, happy, contented and healthy life with material assets and children. This puja is not restricted to childless couples, even expecting parents can perform this puja so that they have an intellectual and a healthy child. Santana Gopala is worshiped with Tulsi leaves in this ritual. Apart from these flowers, fruits and naivedyam is also offered to Santana Gopala.

Removes negative effects

Trained priests perform this ritual as per Vedic rules. Often it is conducted only after analysis of Horoscope. Thursdays and Wednesdays are the ideal days for performing this homam and receive positive results. Apart from these auspicious days, it can be performed on other days as well. This homam helps in removing different negative effects from Horoscope. Santana Gopala homam negates the influence of astrological or planetary configuration that helps in removing the malefic effect that causes delay or childlessness. After performing this puja, you will be blessed with child, property, prosperity and wealth.

Gateway to happiness

It helps in resolving different problems during pregnancy. Blessing of Santana Gopala ensures the safety of the pregnant mother and minimizes their risk while giving birth. Different powerful energies are created in the body that protects the child from threats. A major advantage of this homam is that it helps the childless couple with a child. The homam is considered to be the gateway to a happy and peaceful parent. If you wish a progeny, worldly pleasures and success in different endeavors then this is an effective method to do so. You can enrich the sanata vagyam with this homam.

Benefits of this ritual

Vedic Astrology states that different combinations in the horoscope delay childbirth and childlessness. Few of these yogas also let the person or couple adopt children. The Santana Gopala homam is the key to obtain blessing from Lord Krishna and evade different complications during pregnancy. It ensures the child is delivered in a healthy condition. It is considered an effective way of resolving fertility issues of married couples. For couples, who cannot conceive a child, this ritual is a beneficial one. Many parents also perform it, for the welfare of their children.